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Established in the year of 2004, CMEC is a comparatively newly established college, situated near Kompally and a part of the renowned Malla Reddy Group of Institutions (MRGI). it is run under the guidance of Dr. Talla Siva Prasad, the principal of both engineering and management colleges of CMEC. The college has brought many laurels to MRGI in a short span of 5 years since its creation.

Without beating round the bush and coming straight to the point, the college has 5 engineering branches to choose from viz., ANE, CSE, ECE, IT and  Mech. Engg. It’s really interesting to note that all the branches have their own technical association and have come up with individual branch fests, competitions and other fun activities all round the year . The Aeromaniacs, Mavericks, Sinequenon are some of the technical groups, the students of ANE, IT and CSE have respectively started to encourage participation. College fests like Renaissance by the Aeronautics students or the Regnantz by the ECE were hit last year.

Every year the college hosts its Annual day ‘Triumph’ and also a Traditional day; wonder so much time is spent in a semester for celebrating fests and other fun events? But don’t get misled because it is a complete effort from the students’ part to initiate and carry out all events except the Annual day where the whole college comes together to make it a great success every year.

Main Block- CSE, ECE, IT Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Main Block- CSE, ECE, IT Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Now, for not-so-good news, the Fresher’s party or even the introduction sessions are not allowed and talking to the juniors for about 2 months from the time they join the college is also banned. To add to the pleasure of the 1st years, the canteen timings and the buses which take the seniors home are also never merged with the 1st year. In terms of ragging and discipline the administrative officer, retired Col. Sita Rama Rao, is very serious about the rules and severely punishes those who try to bend or break them.

Speaking of the alumni as they have one batch of students passing out this academic session, there have been quite a lot campus placements in the 4th year outgoing batches, the placement officer Mr. Sashi holds the record of all the meritorious and talented student of the college and keeps updating the firms and people on lookout of the talent available with the college from time to time. The college is also a JKC centre which also helps in training and placement of the students.
Its surely is worth mentioning that few outstanding students have made a mark in the college walk of honour, which includes Yamini and other students who started an NGO by the name of AKANSHA and have successfully carried out several blood donations camps at college. It has been a joint effort of the college trust and the Akansha team to come up with the special fest which aimed at charity.

Students performing during TRIUMPH- the college annual day celebrations Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Students performing during TRIUMPH- the college annual day celebrations Credit: Dynamic Warrior

One more student, Surya Kiran from IT had opened a group named VOIS which stands for – Voice Of Ignited Souls, which currently caters to a wide variety of its members across the state, it is one of its kind organization which involves students from such diverse domain, what makes it more special is the membership of VOIS ends up getting the members with several amazing discounts in many stores across the twin cities.

The list doesn’t stop here another student; Bhargav Ramana from ANE has opened FAST – Forum of Aero Space Technocrat, one of its kind student’s forums primarily to share talent and resources for carrying out projects concerning mostly the Aeronautical students.

And for some inside stuff from the mouths of the students; one of the students told us that the Principal gets very mean and never considers pleading cases, he even added saying that especially during the final exams if someone gets late by 10 minutes due to uncertainities he doesn’t allow them to sit in exams, or even while considering attendance the chances of convincing him are very scanty.

But all said and done the college has great Mechanical and Aeronautical infrastructure which includes remarkable labs and a wonderful lab assistants to guide through the teaching part. All the latest softwares and other instruments used in the Computers and Electronics labs are updated time to time.

Library, which houses many books, always lacks the correct time to introduce them especially for 1st batch of Aeronautical students and now the Mechanicals also, the books are never available. It’s only after constant urges to the Principal and Librarian that more books are got. By the time they gets these books, it always gets late and the students don’t get time to read.

Students walking the ramp on Traditional Day Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Students walking the ramp on Traditional Day Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Speaking of some weird rules one of the girls tells that celebrating birthday parties or distributing sweets or chocolates is not allowed! Cell phones as we all know can be confiscated upon being found during the regular checks which the admin staff conducts. Helmets are compulsory for two wheelers.

A female student of CMEC says that she likes her college the best because of the gardens and lawns where they usually hangout after the classes get over, she prefers them over their canteen as she says the canteen gets crowded, unlike others. Varun, another student of CMEC shared with us a little secret, by telling us about the sacred bunking haven which he and his friends use to escape and puff there way to glory under the magical tree, they call it their second home.

Lets just avoid the portion which involves the lecturers and their teaching skill etc, it doesn’t weigh much because almost all the colleges have similar staff, but still if we would generalize the opinion of the students who undertook a small survey, we came to know that 70% of them hated their lecturers for the fact they didn’t give them attendance and only 30% for their incapability of teaching properly.

Furthermore there are only 38% of experienced faculty and rest all are rookies and new to teaching field. But for the students it really doesn’t make much difference because all the lecturers are sweet enough to give them study material for exams to prepare from.

On whole if we summarize CMEC, we can say is one helluva college where co-curricular activities are very much a part of their schedule and sports is also given equal importance keeping the studies always a step ahead than the rest.

The best place to be after the summers and personally the coolest one too.

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