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No sooner than the fancy ads give us a Sugar-Spice-and-Everything-nice kind of an impression that the perfection of the concoction blows up with the addition of the most dreaded “*”. Considering the fact that it equips the seller with some supernatural abilities to sell his product, no wonder it plays Chemical-X!

With the competitions raging at full throttle in the markets, the players seem ready to even kill to get to the top, and hence, the “*conditions apply” tag has grown to become an integral part of their propaganda for the goods and services rendered. So how fair is it on the part of the sellers to use this legal, yet, a sly tactic? How much does the jargon used in the Terms and Conditions listed contribute in actually “hiding” the truth? And, how relevant is the debate itself? “It feels disgusting at times when it comes to discounts, offers and sales”, says Nikitha, IT- 2nd year SVIT.

Branded things and big brands have offers for complete year but conditions apply*.

Branded things and big brands have offers for complete year but conditions apply*. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Brushing aside the hypermetropic eyes for a while, many of us do stumble upon the asterisk almost everytime we come across an advertisement, but egged on by the glamour oozed by the ad, we almost never care about the ‘Terms and Conditions’ that are attached. There is hardly anyone, who scrolls and reads through atleast half the list of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before clicking on the ‘I agree’ option while installing a software or creating an E-mail I.D. It’s just this apathy that the big guns are cashing on. It’s you who is prepared to go on a blind date knowing, very well, the intricacies involved. So you better ask yourself about who is to be blamed. Then there are who overlook the phrase altogether! But at the end of the day, we are all human. And, it is a well known fact that the sellers don’t hesitate to tap this, let’s say, “inherited imperfection” either.”Everything is Okay with me. But still at times I feel as these sales and offers  are organized once in a year, the companies  should decide to have minimum budget from these than just planning for a huge amount altogether”, says Poonam Jain, a regular shopper.

Few Standards Terms and conditions to buy more and win bonanza.

Few Standards Terms and conditions to buy more and win bonanza. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Even if we try making ourselves familiar with the Terms and Conditions applied, it’d only result in more alienation, thanks to the jargon used. Some of them are so obscure that the points listed don’t make slightest of sense in the absence of some good aid from a legal practitioner. So the “*Conditions apply” tag is only a cunning tactic of feigning transparency. In lieu of this, the berserkness of the buying spree would be brought down, with every chance that the demand for many goods and services hitting the menopause stage. So this is not going to be a passing cloud, and hence, we need to remember to stay awake before getting carried away by the excitement of buying a dream product. “The terms and conditions are different for branded stuff and local stuff. It also differs when it comes to glamour things, electronic goods and even household things”, said Ashok, Store In-charge, Fresh. And when questioned about the excess stock in their store he said that they put it at a corner and send it back to main control center.

Offers valid till stocks last.

Offers valid till stocks last. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Few shopping mall people rant that in this corporate sector T and C’s are common. It is to attract the shoppers and most of the times used to launch new products. The terms and conditions are different in case of grocery stores, shopping malls, and local markets. “Many times in case of local markets it just two conditions, ‘No Bargain and No Exchange’ it’s better to shop in the local markets than big malls which cash your interest for shopping and new things for their hidden motives”, orates Arniya. But still there are few who don’t look at the T & C’s and just carry on with their shopping. “I hardly look into it. Well normally you know what you are buying so T and C’s are also known”, says Vaibhav Modi, another student from SVIT. And Harideep of the same college opines, “If I feel there is some underneath conspiracy, I will call them up and find out about it and then if I’m satisfied then I will buy it”.

And, when the question is about the relevance of the whole debate on whether or not the “*conditions apply” tag is ethical, the answer is simple, we are a democratic nation and we are free to question anything and take any side; like or hate anything. You are even free to hate democracy itself*

*Conditions apply

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