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By Screed Hauteur On May - 25 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Some signposts were attractive, some were staid, some intriguing and the others, mysterious. Maybe the one on the left was made for you, or maybe the one on right. Could it be the one you just passed? Look back again and again, you may find it. Or maybe you should look further. The new ones are most watched, often overshadowed by the older signposts. Nevertheless, all of them are enigmatic; as if waiting for us to unravel their secrets. The signposts lead to the speeding roads, each for a new outlook. The apocryphal glimpses of the intersecting roads past them induce not just a tornado of confusion but also a reverence of forsaken will. At one point of our lives, all our prospects seem to have skied out and we merely lose a sense of direction. We’re waiting at the crossroads – crossroads of life.

It isn’t around the bend for crossroads to hit our lives. All of us have to wait, sooner or later. “Crossroads? They seriously freak me out. I’ve gotten there thrice till now, like most of us do – after my schooling, after my inter and when I completed my graduation”, admits Rakesh Kumar, a member of VNR VJIET Alumini.

Do these signposts lead us to our destiny? Everyone needs to make their journey. More than often, we are independent, searching for ourselves through a road of purpose. Hence, we contemplate, we foresee and await the perfect choice of a journey, where our choices govern our lives . Few of us are holding aces with a mere insight into the future.

 Lucrative Summer crash courses. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Lucrative Summer crash courses. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The landscape of confusion surrounds us, as the loneliness leaves us stranded, lost while we bail out from the reality. “When the options are plenty, the confusion doubles so as to chose the correct one”, remarks a fourth year student. Either there are too many voices that you tend to hear or absolutely less that guide you through your goals. The ones who are unsure of everything find it fatiguing for making decisions. “This is the worst hit time, I’m so confused now as I don’t understand what to do after my engineering”, confesses Bhargavi Gutta, a third year student of VNR VJIET. What matters isn’t just merit, it has to go with a sense of direction or a precise goal. “All my averages are good, but what is the use if I fail to put them into the right domains”, she sums up.

Few of us are holding aces with a mere insight into the future. Pre-planned goals that exercise upon sheer passion and a compelling will form the fodder for greater endings. Sometimes, it so happens that the obstacles prowl about to test the traveller, often interrupting and ceasing to subside. Self-reproach is what many of them seem to fall heir. While the few others who cannot stand through it call it quits once for all. Due to the recession, a large number of students have changed their plans of studying in the US for an MBA degree. “I thought I’ll study abroad but eventually, I dint write GRE and started preparing for CAT as it appeared more fruitful”, confesses one such MBA aspirant, Deepika K, VNR VJIET. The VISU consultancy which aims at helping students study in the US has seen a decline in the number of students who enrolled in the course. Where is your destination? “huh I don’t know yet, maybe MS or MBA”, remarks Divya Reddy, a student of GNIET. The chasms of fluctuation are outstretched. Various MBA institutes  like IMS and TIME have sprung up.  Asim Akhtar  who teaches at TIME, has provided beginners with an insight into the most reputed business schools and he also says, “We motivate the students and help them realize their dream”.

 Chosing the right path isn't easy. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Chosing the right path isn't easy. Credit: Screed Hauteur

About three out of every eight students have made up their minds regarding their future. All the others are swarmed in the confusion, unable to decide for themselves; struggling to associate others’ opinions with those streaming voices in their heads. Alternatively, some do get through the place, hurriedly, without the downtime period. However, their choices eventually affect them at a later stage when they regret having done something else. “I always thought I’d get into the computer stream without blinking an eye, had I thought once more then I’d end up elsewhere and I wouldn’t  have been worried about the no-software-jobs backdrop”, states Neha Edem, a stuent of JBREC. Avoiding this can be made possible by choosing to wait at the crossroads. Going with the flow, where the waves lead you to destiny is ardently a niche for those who stand mid-ways. Waiting for the roll of the dice, biding time and watching the wheel of fortune is what many of them undertake. But do these people merely scrounge around? “Certainly not, its a way of looking at things optimistically and following them ideally”, defends Divya.

Some of our dreams may turn totally pointless over a period of time. That is when chances of failure arrive. The more-hesitant journey begins and that can often be unsuccessful. Counselling students and providing them with an apt overview of oppurtunities and interest areas comes to the rescue of those at sea. Shailender, one of the student counsellors at Visu asserts, “Before beginning any course, we provide a detailed information about it, its future and ascertain all the possibilities of getting them into the best of universities”.

 Visu International Consultancy, Saifabad. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Visu International Consultancy, Saifabad. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The light at the end of the tunnel, we seek. The paths past us, we oversee. The future we await, at the intersecting beelines of reality.It could get terrible sometimes, without a single way to barge out or settle upon. Yet, we outlive the fears and stumble upon realising our purpose and make outright headway into the future overcoming ripples of negativity. Mridula Mohan, a student of NIIT divulges, “I’m planning to study in the UK and I’m applying through the Overseas Education consultancy. Hands may grab me at every end. But this is my destination and I shall stand by it”. The signposts, the roads, the obstacles that inspire and the choices, all conspire to end the wait and continue the enthralling race.

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