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Be it absolutely any song, the spirit was phenomenal with energy that ever fatigued. I am talking about the dance show conducted by the leading dance institute Twist and Turns yesterday, on the 23rd of May, at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan, Secunderabad. People of all ages, took part in the show, to shake their legs to show off their spirit this summer. Spirit of Summer was a fifteen day workshop, supervised by the head of the institution, Aaryan and his co-instructors. Any body even remotely interested in western dance, were allowed to participate in it. This dance institute has eight branches situated around the twin cities. Some of the branches are located in Narayanaguda, Begum Bazaar, Sainikpuri, Attapur, Kukatpally, Ranigunj and Abids.

“I joined this institute only a month back, and I am already giving my first performance. It feels good!” says a student from the Narayanaguda branch. Another student from Sainikpuri, who has been part of this group for the past three years says, “Every time there is a show, I make sure I am in it. It is great fun to be part of this institution”.

Dancers performing the Cha Cha Cavort.

Dancers performing the Cha Cha Cavort. Credit: silent screamer

All the eight branches took part in the show, and danced on the biggest bollywood hits, choreographed by Aryan himself and his instructors. The stage looked exquisite decorated in vibrant colors and the crowd mostly had only the participants’ relatives. The music blared and boomed with numbers like Masakalli, Marjaani, hits from Dostana, and a few telugu hits. Little kids danced on the sexy ‘Shut up and bounce’ and the adults did a salsa on ‘Masakalli’. The sound system was laudable, and the audience just couldn’t stop tapping their feet sitting on their seats. There was an amazing performance by the Ranigunj team, who did a Cha Cha Cha, blindfolded! First half of the show went well, and the crowd grooved along with the songs. After a short break, all the eight branches came back for a second round of dancing. This time, the crowd seemed a little bored, since the steps started to get monotonous. Synchronization lacked in a few performances, and people kept forgetting their steps. The performances were going in a haphazard fashion and there was confusion among the teams as to who will perform next. The anchor tried hard to keep the spirit going. Nevertheless the spirit of the dancers didn’t die. They kept moving their body.

Kids performing on 'Masakalli'.Kids performing on ‘Masakalli’. Credit: silent screamer

The show was judged by none and no chief guest was invited. “This is a friendly show, for participants to exhibit their talents and have fun. We don’t want them to be judged”, says one of the instructors. And amicable they were! Dancers with two left feet danced too, with the most energy. No body cared how people found them. They danced as if nobody was watching, and were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Most dancers didn’t seem to know what exactly they were supposed to do on stage, nevertheless they relished what they were doing. Kids were being encouraged the most. Instructors came up to the stage to dance with them. Kids as young as three, danced. Most of them were only wandering around the stage wondering what to do, but the audiences liked them the most.

On the whole, it was a fun filled evening, with kids dancing, teens grooving, adults doing their jhatkas and matkas, with parents and relatives cheering for them.

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