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You cannot escape ragging if you are studying in a country like ours. No matter how freaked out you are, how well your academic performance has been or how powerful your father is, fun and humiliation in the form of ragging is always a part of college life. Seniors say it is a way of interaction, and juniors endlessly complain about how they cannot stand the embarrassment. But then hypocritically, the juniors end up ragging their juniors in future. The myth about the intense ragging in medical colleges, is to an extent true. MNR Medical College is no exception. There have been stories of no serious ragging at all and also stories of torture. Out of the five branches in MNR, viz., MBBS, BDS, BPT, B.Pharmacy, and Nursing, students of every branch are ragged by their seniors and also students of other branches. Out of the survey of eighteen students, around, ten were mildly ragged.

Prakash, an MBBS second year, day scholar student says, “They ragged me the most out of my batch. They asked me to sing, dance, propose. I could do all that. It was not difficult. And at the end of the day, we were great friends with our seniors. They helped us out a lot”. When asked if ragging was the only way to be friends with seniors, he replies, “Yes! Of course. Ragging is fun and you get to learn a lot from your seniors”. Two students out of the survey were badly ragged. Sandeep(name changed), a day scholar, from MBBS second year says, “One of my immediate seniors slapped me in front of all my classmates, that even includes girls. I felt very embarrassed. I don’t call this ragging at all. This is mental torture”. When asked if he ragged his juniors, he says, “Yes I did. But I didn’t cross my limits. It was fun ragging. I asked them to sing and dance”. Bhanu Kiran, a day scholar, from BPT 3rd year says, “I had fun getting ragged, and didn’t in anyway take offense. But I didn’t become great friends with my seniors. It is superficial. Initially I was very apprehensive about ragging, so I bunked college for a long time. But then I realized it wasn’t that bad. But I think there are better ways to get to know your juniors than ragging them. That’s why I didn’t rag my juniors”. When asked what he was expecting ragging in MNR to be like before he joined it, he says, “I thought ragging would be vulgar, with stripping, pole dancing, etc. Nothing of that sort happened!”.

The corridor where most students get ragged Credit: Silent Screamer

The corridor where most students get ragged Credit: Silent Screamer

Out of the survey, the hostelers were targeted the most and the nerds the least. Rama Devi, a topper in BPT stream says, “I didn’t get ragged much at all. They just asked me my bio data and asked me to sing. That is it”. Day scholars mostly got ragged in buses. Ramya, a 3rd year BPT student says, “We were made to stand in the bus all the while. They would make us recite baby rhymes, and enact them. more than the boys, the girl seniors harassed us more. They would throw attitude, scream at us. One of my friend had to dance in the bus till her stop came! It was pathetic”. Hostelers and students staying in the local areas of Sanga Reddy had been targets of debasement. Sowmya, a hosteler says, “Seniors would ask us to go their rooms after 10pm when the warden fell asleep. Then we were asked to sing, dance and do things we didn’t want to do. They wouldn’t let us sleep at all. During exams, they would ask us questions and force us to study even if we didn’t want to. It was like hell”.

Most hostelers are generally ragged by their immediate seniors. Rameshwar, who stays in Sanga reddy says boys get ragged the most and that the first batches of MNR were ragged badly. One of the worst cases was, when a girl was asked to expose one of her breasts, which she did, and guys shot a video and circulated it all over the campus. The name of the girl and the boy is unknown. Many seniors claim to have heard of  it but only students of the first and second batches apparently have seen the video. Guys were asked to go naked and walk around with socks in their mouths. Two years ago, a student was ragged badly, by his immediate seniors and they even talked against him with an anatomy professor Miss Banu, because of which he has been consistently failing in the subject. Seniors even ask them to buy cigars and whiskey for them. Sudheer, a dental 2nd year student says, “I spent 1200 bucks after the seniors. They were after my life”. In the dental college, the 2007 batch was ragged the most. They had to do everything they were asked to do. Sometimes they were not even allowed to sit in the college buses.

Sanjeevani College of Physiotherapy Credit: Silent Screamer

Sanjeevani College of Physiotherapy Credit: Silent Screamer

There are a few anti-ragging squads in the college, but they are of no use. The MBBS students refused to talk about their anti-ragging members. The other branches do not have active anti-ragging members. The management does generally involve itself  but only takes strict actions if there are complaints of serious ragging. Most students nonetheless think ragging is fun and part of college life. When asked if ragging is necessary, 85% of the students out of the survey said yes. When asked if any rules were imposed on them to avoid ragging all of them said, “Management always warns us. But we don’t care. We still rag, in the buses, hostels, canteens and library. We have fun and so do the juniors!”. When asked what they had to tell the new batch that would come in a few months, about ragging, they said “Join the medical college you want to. You will get ragged for sure!”.

The first year students just have to be careful. If the seniors cross their limits, you have all the rights to contact your respective Principals. The MBBS first year students can contact the anti-ragging members of their college. The college principals generally take strong actions against the seniors who rag. This year there has been no report of ragging from the BPT college, because of the rigorous actions the Principal has taken. Once the second years were caught ragging, and they were asked to hold placards in the corridor which said, “I will not rag my Juniors”. They were made to stand all day. Any student seen ragging in the campus will be fined. But you can’t be sure of no ragging in buses and hostels. Make sure you complain if the seniors cross their limits.

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