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Ragging Rage

By Dynamic Warrior On May - 30 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

New admissions have started, juniors have started coming in college, canteens are more crowded, buses have become unsafe to travel in and garden are filled with senior students lurking for their prey or much better you come across weird people in college corridors making fool of themselves, crazy people singing songs or dancing or even reciting unique tables called the kiss table viz.  Kiss ones are kiss; kiss twos are kiss kiss and so on!

No doubt, you all must have guessed by now it’s Ragging that we are talking about. Not for the likes of many, a student of CMEC, Abhishek Gupta says as juniors start coming to attend college, the campus has police protection for the first two months round the clock to make the juniors feel safe, the timings of lunch hour, sports or even library are never merged with that of the first years, all these precautions and many more make the seniors irritated and helpless. To add on further another student of the same college, Ashok says where there is will there is way and tells; how they still manage to get themselves introduced to their juniors, to start with, they officially enter the class rooms on the name of college projects and select their targets to Rag later.

For those who are more privileged like Dasari Ganesh, who happens to be the member of Anti Ragging Committee of the college, proudly tells us how he misuses his power to rag his juniors, he mostly goes about asking the juniors their names and branches in lieu of helping them but later uses the same to rag them.

Hotspot for ragging- The Canteen Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Hotspot for ragging- The Canteen Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Well, we have seen examples and view of those who rag. But what about those who get ragged. Do they enjoy getting ragged or do consider it as fun. Is it really the path to introduction and a long friendship is harmless unlike being projected these days? A survey conducted on 30 random students across the college of various years showed astonishing results:- 17 out of 30 believed ragging was a pleasant experience; but only 8 of them had witnessed friendly ragging and in another question asked, 18 of them believed ragging was done off limits but still surprisingly more than 50% of them felt it was pleasant.

“College life sucks at my college, no freshers party, no ragging, it’s a boring college yaar”, these are the words quoted by Simi a 1st year student of the CMEC college. Changing times we must say huh! Youngsters get bored if there’s nothing interesting happening in college which includes ragging. Management has taken all possible steps to restrict and remove all possibilities of ragging from the campus. The buses and mostly all places, but still few wannabes do wish for ragging and argue saying it’s the only way they get to build positive relationships with there seniors and get to know them better. Ironically, this fun seems to get the toll when the fine line between fun and danger is crossed and ragging incidents make headlines in the dailies which involves lives of many students or sometimes physical assaults or mental abuses.

Bhaskar recalls the most horrendous day of his life very vividly as he mentions the day, the ragging step over the board when a bunch of his seniors cornered him in the parking lot asked him to give them a treat in canteen and when he said NO to them, they threatened him and on that very day he found, his bike was punctured and petrol drained, he had to drag his bike for 7 kms to get to the closest puncture shop and borrowed petrol from his classmate. As if all this was not enough it was raining that day and he got caught in the rain, had fever for the next week and missed on his internals.

Ragging in progress- Bag Fight Credit: Dynamic warrior

Ragging in progress- Bag Fight Credit: Dynamic warrior

If that looked pitiful then wait and here is the next incident. A student who helped complain against the raggers to the Administrative Officer of the college faced a complete year of threatening and mockery in the college bus by the seniors, who had previously been suspended for a week on his complaint, but nothing changed for them, only the one who complained got into more trouble after that incident. A 4th year student, who believes ragging is stupid and nonsense, suggests to the college management not to reveal the name of the persons, who lodge complaint against the seniors. It is not only sensible but also necessary as in few cases the person who tries helping others lands into trouble himself / herself.

To quote more such outrageous incidents we came across Pranav, a 2nd year student now who told us his seniors made him steal books from library, when asked to elaborate about the incident he told us, one day his friends happen to go to the library during the seniors timings and thus found themselves cornered by 5 seniors who wanted them to flick textbooks from the library for them. Pranav got scared and so did his friends but unwillingly they had to do else would have become target for more non sense of those foolish seniors. To add to the woes of juniors during the exams, some of them are made to complete records or class notes for their seniors keeping aside their studies. Surprisingly, when these students, who once were ragged and felt bad, continue the tradition and make their juniors suffer the same wrath in the name of fun or anger, but they don’t realize that this way they are not at all helping in putting an end to this practice called Ragging.

Ragging in labs Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Ragging in labs Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Some students, who were involved in ragging were even handed over to the police station, Pet Bashirbad as in lieu of repeating the same crime: Ragging. Again their parents were adjourned and they pleaded for not enlisting their children’s name in police complaint but still it didn’t budge the Administrative Officer from making the right move and doing the apt thing by setting a strict example for the rest. Such stern decisions if made on regular basis would ensure a complete stop to Ragging and the ill effects related to it.

Sridevi, a first year student told us about a unique concept introduced for students, who are weak or delicate at heart to go thru the ragging atmosphere, as described by her, it was called the SHADOWING technique, which actually is a military term used to follow a target and keep an eye on its movements and whereabouts. Hence in this context any parent or pupil could ask the college management for shadowing to be done, where in two or three seniors students from the Anti Ragging Committee residing in near by places of the target would keep track incase the student lands into trouble from the time they start for college till they reach back home. A lecturer is appointed per student for any trouble with those seniors, who are shadowing them. It is great to see such different concepts have to be tried out to ensure safety of the students and altogether peace of mind for them to focus on studies. But even more surprising was the fact, very few students signed up the Shadowing concept. And management is hopeful in the years to come. This practice would gain popularity among the crowd and get wide acceptance to curb Ragging.

The only words which could suitably fit for the end of this article could solely be: ‘Ragging of any form is a punishable crime‘.

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