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Ragging at CVR

By Deccan Tifosi On May - 31 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
‘Ragging’… Ahem ahem!!! The word most of them dread. Most of them???  Yep! The management, the seniors and the juniors of course. Why??? The management doesn’t want to be embroiled in a controversy, the seniors wouldn’t want to tarnish their name and if it’s too serious legal hassles hover around as well; the juniors get frightened just because they hear many cases happening. “Ragging, oh really, or just friendly interaction?”, as many students at CVR College of Engineering put forward. Call it whatever you want, Ragging or friendly interaction or OP – ‘Orientation Program’, is definitely most necessary to welcome the first yearites into the college and initiate them about the system and the guidelines. The system and the guidelines, what are these? The system is the rules of the college and the professors, the guidelines are the advices given by the seniors to the juniors about how they can bend the rules or just flout them and of course sometimes moral and career advices too! The geeks do that it seems. So, what exactly is this process of ragging at CVR? Let’s find out…

Some of the seniors

Some of the seniors

First things first, “BD – bio data kottu bey”, is what most of the seniors will tell you. Don’t be hasty and start I am this, my dad’s that and stuff and I do this, etc. “Senior thope ikkada, junior should give respect bey”, said Kumar (name changed), a 3rd year guy, well that was guideline #1. Do what the senior says and nothing more, don’t screw yourself by being over excited. What was it like,  when you were in your 1st year was our question. ”Then it was worse baap, rods or danda or belts or even bottles anything and everything in our asses… it was fun though!!!” Kumar exclaimed hilariously. On being asked if this is revenge or getting back to them just because of what he experienced? The sole purpose of ragging is brotherhood and developing relations between the seniors and juniors was what he said.

Was ragging a pleasant experience overall? “My foot pleasant, I didn’t like the way seniors treated me initially like that and I was forced to do all kinds of stuff”, said a first year student. “It wasn’t that bad, except that I was hampered financially”, said Akshay, another student. “My only complaint is that juniors shouldn’t be forced to spend money on seniors, like I’ve spent 3000 bucks!”, was what another first year student said. The dreaded gangs, if any, probably there was just this one, the students coined the term “The Rapist Gang” known only to a very few because it was particular to a bus route, the news is its already been two or three years since they’ve passed out, so there’s no fear of any gang raping (sadistic ragging) in the college.

Students at the anti ragging meet convened the management

Students at the anti ragging meet convened the management

When asked what they expect against ragging from the management? “Nothing much really!”, said most of the students. “I knew the management was strict against ragging and it took efforts too, to curb ragging in the college and they have an anti ragging squad in the college”, said Sashank. “The seniors are wary of the anti ragging squad in the college because the members are kept secret and the complaints are taken care of by the management and as such there is no serious ragging in our college”, said Shruthi.

Advice to the freshers coming in now – Don’t worry about ragging at CVR because the management is pretty strict against it and over the years ragging has gone down considerably, and ragging is not what it is as it was four years ago. Interact and get ragged by the seniors, it’ll help develop relationships among people and you will get to know yourself better and others too. If you don’t intend to, probably you will lose out on good people, so at the end of the day, involve yourself in some healthy ragging and you will enjoy it as most of the other students at CVR have. Have fun while getting ragged is what most seniors have advised, they’ll have fun and you will definitely too.

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