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Ragging MITS

Ragging – according to English thesaurus is defined as an act of teasing or making fun of some one. Coming to ragging in Murthy institute of Technology & Sciences, the college is very much known for its anti ragging activities. There have been no big ragging scenes in the college and ragging is considered to be just an act of enjoyment in the college.  The college appoints an anti ragging squad every year with students from different branches. Special meetings are held to control the ragging in the college. This particular squad is organized under the guidance of the Principal, Dr. Appala Naidu garu and the other Heads of the Departments.

Ragging in the college is very formal and has its own limits. Just two complaints have come to the notice of the Principal so far in the college. Sanjay, a student of CSE department says, “I was continuously asked for parties and I almost spent six thousand rupees (Rs.6000/-) on seniors’ partying sessions”. He also says that on one particular incident he was even asked to remove his shirt that made him really feel bad and awkward. When asked why he had not complained on this issue, Sanjay said that he always felt conscious about his future and never wanted to involve in controversial issues.

Nischala,  another student from Computer Science department says, “Ragging helped me to showcase my talents”. Confused??? Nischala is a good singer and everyone, who finds her in the campus during her first year asked her to sing a song and this had brought her great popularity in the college and from then on, fests / functions in the college did not end without her song.

During the survey, many students like, Swetha from Electronics and Communications department, Phani from Information Technology department and Niharika from Electrical and Electronics department said that they don’t have that great experiences to share, all of them were just asked to give the bio data or just asked to sing a song.

Rachana (name changed), a student from Computer Science department says that she has faced certain situations which

Say NO to ragging

Say NO to ragging

were off the limits. Rachana says that the overall experience of getting ragged was seriously painful. This is because she was ragged by certain idiotic seniors, who came drunk and commented on her dress (as told by her). When asked to reveal the names of the gang, who did this stupid act, she refused to admit. She says that these type of acts have to be taken into serious consideration and serious punishments have to be imposed on them.

Suneel another student from Electronics and Communications department shares a similar experience as that of Rachana. Suneel was made to stand in the hot sun and was asked to dance. He was forced to perform the pole dance in front everyone say some of his friends. When we asked Suneel about not complaining, he said, “I never felt that bad! Instead I enjoyed it!”. When we asked Kalyan, an active anti-ragging squad member during 2008-’09 batch, about this incident, he says that these type of acts have never come to the notice of anti ragging squad and he also adds that the freshers should always feel free to communicate with the anti ragging squad members. He says, “From this academic year, the college management is planning to place a complaint box in every first year classroom, so that they can overcome the fear of complaining. Principal, Dr. Appala Naidu garu says that Murthy Institute of Technology and Sciences will never have a mark in the case of ragging.

Bhavani, Prabath, Sushmitha, Vishwa, Shivaram, Sandeep, Sarath, Chaitanya say that ragging helped them to trigger their friendly relations with the seniors. Sarath adds, “Ragging not only improves  relations with the seniors but also make us move close to them. We could just go hand in hand after that!”. “On the whole the college supports healthy relationship between the students but never allows crap things to go on in the college”, says Babitha – ARC (Anti Ragging Committee) member. Sree Vani, another ARC member says that posters are stuck  up on the walls of the college premises in order to educate the freshers  and honk on the evil minds.

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