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‘Tell me bio-data’, ‘Sing a song’, ‘Dance’, ‘Salute’, ‘March the whole canteen’, ‘Write an essay on Why the dog’s tail is curved’, ‘Get me a chocolate tomorrow and don’t forget to wish me daily’, ‘you look good bolke attitude huh’, ‘Recite a rhyme with action’, ‘Enact a situation from any movie’, ‘Act like an actor whom you like the most’, ‘Put mam/sir before every sentence you are gonna speak to us’, ‘Sing an item number and dance on it’, ‘Go propose that fat guy’, ‘Lux soap table before the soap gets melted’, ‘Enact that Moods ad’, ‘Propose one senior in us whom you think is the most handsome’, ‘Talk to the sauce bottle’,… and many more! This list goes on… Are you still muzzy about what all these things are? It’s simply termed as Ragging. Though ‘RAGGING PROHIBITED’ boards appear everywhere in a college, it still prevails… name it ragging or interaction or any other name! It is constant and ever-green.

“Seniors talk to juniors for time pass it’s just because you get to know more juniors and their mind set when you talk to your juniors. It’s only interaction and not ragging”, said Abhishai of IT. The most buzzing and burning topic everywhere on newspapers, in television and in social groups is Ragging. Ragging has been considered a serious offense and illegal by the government and serious actions were taken against whoever practices this. “It is not much in the college and if anyone is planning to rag then ask them not to join in for it”, opines Naveen from 4th year ECE. Every college is asked to put Ragging prohibited posters everywhere in the college but still a lot of it is done on the campus. “As of now its fine and we don’t have any issues with the seniors. We came to know a lot of seniors that way. Few even became very close personally”, coins Mourya from 1st year. “When compared to other colleges there is not much in our college”, opined Pavan Sai and Harika from Mechanical 3rd year.

Heaven for ragging-the space behind the classes Credit: Morle'la Wheermy

Heaven for ragging-the space behind the classes Credit: Morle'la Wheermy

The main threat to juniors occurs when it’s their hostel life and that too mostly in boys hostels. “No severe ragging is seen in girls’ hostels. Ya it is different in girls colleges”, says Vyshali. “Ragging is not a big issue just ignoring is better as it’s not that serious in the college”, Krishna Teja of CSE. Anjandeep of IT 3rd year feels that ragging is existing in the college but mostly is in limit. Few students are crossing the limit but it’s not a big deal coz the management has taken action in many cases. There was one incident from the past five years of establishment of the college where a junior was beaten up by the seniors, but later both parties were called to apologize. When questioned how ragging is different from interaction, Harsha says, “Ragging and interaction are mostly the same. In the starting there was not too much of physical abuse and mental torture. After few years few who were brutal and take pleasure in torturing others started slowly towards doing that and now it has reached the worst heights”.

Is getting ragged a pleasant experience?  Frankly not always but at times it’s utterly fun. “I literally asked many seniors to rag me in the first year. Ragged few in the next year too but I’m not satisfied ‘coz the way I was ragged and I reacted is completely different from my juniors. Humor always matters when you’re getting ragged!”, said Krishna. The main perturb arises when the opposite genders are ragged. If one knows the limit and has a mushy concern then it’s worthy talking to seniors. “It turns out to be a havoc when the opposite genders are ragging ‘coz now a days the kids are given more freedom and they don’t consider any limits on talking any kind of topic be it studies, gossip, spicy or gross they don’t stop and carry on and I think this is where the main problem arises. When you’re not bound to something and no limits are maintained how do to think the output will be. It comes out in the form of ragging, eve-teasing, fights, clashes and many other forms of disputes and grudge”, said mother of a student (identity anonymous). Making personality comments, physical and mental torture are the extremities of ragging. The main concept of ragging turning into unpleasant issue is mainly when the topic of who’s who and who’s great starts.

“I saw few of my friends asking a junior to run in the entire college only after he rejected to tell his bio-data and started calling his dad who works with the Police. They snatched the mobile and compelled him to do more. But later they left him and warned him not to over-react when it’s just small things”, says Kiran. Rohit feels that, “Few small things like singing, dancing, bio-data are not big things rather fun doing”.  “Seniors in my college are not at all bad and mostly try to be friendly always. If someone in the seniors gets aggressive then the others cool him down ‘lite tisko’ bolke. I don’t know many of my juniors properly and in our college I don’t have any idea. But in fact the interaction that I had with my seniors was pretty frolic. So I dint have any problem”, said Mercy Prashanthi. The best way to escape ragging in the college is to be influential in the college said Manasa. “I had one of my bro’s friends in my college and mostly others used to get away when I took his name. My bro’s friend asked me to tell him us my cousin and many seniors after listening to this used to ask me to go away to class”. The best places where ragging takes place in the college are school block, parking lot, stairs between floors, canteen, Parsi bakery, ground, library, outside college. “Sauce bottle sir/madam good morning sauce bottle sir/madam” was the way a 1st year was asked to tell his complete bio data.

Juniors in the canteen...only after a few months Credit:Morle'la Wheermy

Juniors in the canteen...only after a few months Credit:Morle'la Wheermy

“I was ragged from the very 2nd day of my college. Unfortunately I lost something in the ground and had to go back to find it and was caught by the seniors. It was hell as they made me stand in the scorching sun for 45 minutes. Few things that seem very hip to speak after ragging are how and what happened. The main problem is they initially call it interaction then ragging and in middle if something goes wrong they nick name you and start calling with all sorts of rubbish stuff”, claimed a tortured student. In every college, there is now something called the “ITEM GIRLS and GUYS” and” REBEL OF THE COLLEGE” and this is decided mostly by the worst raggers of the college. The the factors that they consider to judge this title for girls are, if the girl is posh, how she speaks and her outlook and for the guys it is if the fellow does what he is asked to do or not and mainly outlook. It gives immense pleasure to many students in the college to know who the new comers into this list are. “The item girls and guys thing doesn’t come under ragging but still these sorts of things are only judged by seniors while ragging. It doesn’t make sense but that’s a bloody wacky thing”, says Alekya.

The entire survey on ragging @ SVIT reports to be less. It’s sort of more interaction than ragging. “See in the starting I won’t know what I’m doing and few people drive us to do so but later stages I recollected what’s wrong and corrected myself”, opined Umakanth Rao of 4th year. The complete ratio comes to 1/10 @ SVIT between stopping ragging and continuing it and instigate new people to do it. It’s a rational logic one has to decide by themselves. The fresher’s have just entered the college and try to dodge away in the fear of getting ragged so it’s better if the seniors try to have interaction with the juniors after a month, or go to the classes with a faculty and introduce themselves. For the juniors, if the seniors are ragging in the class hours tell them the reason and walk away or if the seniors doesn’t agree tell them that you will come back again and abide by it. Always true people are excused. The best part @ SVIT is the VSF and the anti- ragging team looks after the campus and safeguards it from crossing the limit. “If still there is a problem then the management is 24*7 at the students’ service”, notifies faculty.

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