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‘Ragging’, as oxford lexicon avows is an act of teasing or playing tricks. The word has nearly the same meaning even in our colleges. Of course it has several other definitions, which will more or less bend to a common parlance. Seniors welcome their juniors through ragging. It is everywhere. “I was making a sine, tan! No I’m not making a graph of sine or tan function of mathematics in my notes! Rather I was doing the same with my lips. I was asked to laugh and cry in sine and tan fashions, and it was only one of the several skits we had to do as part of ragging here”, says Sandhya, a student from IIT Kharagpur. “If I do a mistake! Done! I have to make a 45 degree or may be a 90 degree with my physique”, she resents!

A survey of nearly 30 students comprising of both juniors and seniors in SNIST reveals quite a good number of facts and nature of ragging in the college. Every 7 out of 10 have reconciled the fact that ‘Ragging’ is a misnomer as of today. Many say it is just for fun and entertainment. But some do reveal that there were serious incidents of derison and grave ridicule.

While some juniors try to evade the situations, but with trend and times pacing, it is very interesting to find some crazy enthusiasts of ragging! Like Naina Singroha who babbles, “I have seen my peers who used to get scared seeing the seniors around them when we have joined, but unlike my friends, I was always eager to spot out my seniors to see what really ragging is and who would really rag! Seniors ragging me!  Or myself ragging the seniors”. But there are a few, who paid obeisance to their seniors, inspite of persistent poking from them. “‘Ya pong oh pong’, ‘washing powder Nirma’, ‘Mummy, I’m a santoor girl’, were only a few of my routine lines till my freshers”, gags Deepthi, a firsty of SNIST.

Juniors be aware - GROUNDS in SNIST. Credit: Swarm Swain

Juniors be aware - GROUNDS in SNIST. Credit: Swarm Swain

Divya, a fresher feels she is fortunate for she was hardly caught by any senior. “I have seen two boys getting married, under tree with one tying an earphone in other’s neck”, quotes Divya is one of the incidents she has seen in MMS. “I heard Ragging in SNIST is nil compared to other colleges but once during the night time in college some seniors guys have come drunken and were asking the juniors to do mean things”, reaffirms Abhishiek from SNIST, who is unwilling to express them in detail. But he still reassures that the management had always been lending a helping hand if something goes seriously wrong.

Many of the juniors say buses are the serious places for ragging and even recalls of incidents evading the buses, diverting the route, when some seniors were found onboard. “Grounds will be the no-entry, or danger zones to my juniors for some months”, pings a final year student, Karthik from SNIST. He appends saying he too was seriously anxious when he faced ragging and now says, “I gave them good respect they want, which was enough and I don’t find any necessity of involvement of management for it was all the time for jocundity, as I have been just asked to sing a song”. His direct senior Vivek recalls some embarrassing situations, who bids sayonara to SNIST  from this academic year. “I remember a few. The first incident was that, I was asked to remove my shirt in RTC bus in ECIL and yes I did it. And one of the most memorable incident was I was ragged by our super senior girls near the girls loo and was also asked to sing aloud”, chuckles Vivek.

Juniors @ ADASTRA, ofcourse no ragging here. Credit: Swarm Swain

Juniors @ ADASTRA, ofcourse no ragging here. Credit: Swarm Swain

“Yeah there are always a bunch of hyperactive seniors everywhere. Like I said, SNIST is not place for ragging off charts. There are certain times they do go overboard and ask boys to strip and do some sort of pole dance. I was practically the king of pole dancing in my times. Pleasant is way too inappropriate word to be used. I did have to say it is fun and entertainment. Ragging depends on the person who encounters it! Some take it in the right spirit; some take it very emotionally and tend to commit some unforeseen steps. For me yes it did! I got to know the kind of people my seniors were and could pick a few, to guide me in taking wise decision at times in  my career”, says Avinash Sampath from SNIST.

Well, there are seniors who resent that their juniors don’t even care to give them respect because of the fact, that they were never ragged. “I felt my juniors lacked any seriousness or any respect towards us, for we had to be censured by the management for even interacting with them at times, and brought a sea distance between us”, reproaches Tharuni, who is now an alumni to SNIST. These versatile cases convey the status quo of Ragging in colleges as of today. So, can one come to a conclusion that the Ragging today is not as it was once? Is RAGGING, not a misnomer for Interaction between seniors and juniors?  So if called so, can interaction between seniors and a junior not be plausible without such derision or a mocking act?

For instance, there are many student organisations in Sreenidhi, which have a significant number of freshers as members. Seniors welcome their freshers and provide a fantastic platform for learning and sharing the knowledge they have acquired. They even assure them of no RAG in the sessions. Thus Interaction is still made possible even in an amiable ambience. This may sound rather cogent to one who is completely averse to ragging. “ I trained many of my juniors in many of the topics in electronics, when ever they came to me”, says the founder of the electronix club in SNIST. But talk of such an atmosphere, where everything goes normal, where everyone is friendly, where nothing is daunting, where no one bothers. Will someone like to talk about such happenings in life?  Will someone really like to recall such incidents of life? Is life not bereaved of all the fun and jest? Is it not short of few beautiful pages, which would have remained etched?  This definitely leaves the freaks into some thinking! This may outland in a different discourse if someone goes into an incessant or an inordinate amount of thinking into it.

Here are few suggestions from seniors to juniors:

Juniors hide here! This is a separate block for juniors in SNIST. Credit: Swarm Swain

Juniors hide here! This is a separate block for juniors in SNIST. Credit: Swarm Swain

“Lets take ragging in a positive way till it doesn’t cross limits. An unwritten MOU- Memorandum of Understanding, the do’s and don’t kind of stuff between the seniors and the juniors for a better relation”, advises Vivek. While Avinash Sampath reminds of the measures taken by the management to help the juniors in all the possible ways. “On campus board to look over firsties. Some measures were taken like changing the lunch hours of juniors an hour back, which is a way to avert a medium of interaction between both seniors and juniors. Anti Ragging Squad is present in the college buses to ensure, that juniors wont fell as a prey to their seniors. There are separate buses for seniors and juniors for few months in the beginning”, he affirms. It is also found that if one some one found ragging they are fined nearly to a sum 1000 to 5000 bucks. At times there were cases of suspension, if found guilty of the allegations laid on him/her.

So the above facts in a single college may overcast us and may portray Ragging as no big social evil. Yes, it is definitely not a grave thing in many a colleges in the cities but there are several instances of Ragging in the past, which left us numb and which made our government take some serious measures. Sexual abuse, verbal torture, dress code, drug abuse are some serious punishable acts of Ragging. So the supreme court of India has passed an ordinance to all the Educational Institutions of India. This includes Movements against such ragging acts; undertaking to be taken from the students that they will be punished if found guilty, allocation of management personnel to each and every student for interaction, setting up committees, Identifying ragging prone zones and many more. Ultimately, It is the severity or intensity of the acts that decide. So seniors! Just sense the pulse and nerve of juniors and then try having some fun, with some thinking in place, as you are also a victim of such a fun! And do give your juniors the same hale hilarious fun!

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