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Summer holidays for students are synonymous with parties, movies and lazy summer afternoon siestas. While most of us do give in to these little pleasures that we so yearn for during our semester months, there is a group of students in MVSREC, who believe that summer is just a waste of time. They rather do a lot of productive work for college than spend time at home watching friends or soap opera reruns.

We are talking about the dynamic student cabinet of the MVSR campus connect or better known as the MCC. Even as the entire college has just begun to warm up to the summer these diligent students are hard at work striving to make the college atmosphere and infrastructure a beter place. For those of who you dont know what MCC here is a short refresher course. MVSR Campus Connect(MCC) is a service for the students of the college that is run by the students of the college. They are a non profit and an unofficial project, whose sole purpose is to unite the college as one and make the campus life better for the common good of all the MVSRians. Some services that MCC provides to the student community of MVSR are the SMS alert service, Event organisation, Environmental awareness, Rag aware campaign and many fun clubs. All run for and by the students.

The Annual  general body meeting of the cabinet was held on 1st of June. This meeting was a very important one, as it was the first of this academic year and all the seniors, who will be passing out this year had to give all their peers some words of caution and advice. The meeting was supposed to start at 10.30 am at the student activity centre (SAC) but was delayed by one hour as all the persons had not arrived. The meeting began an hour later than the scheduled time at 11.30 am.

First on the agenda was the announcement of a fund collecting drive for Ajay, a first year student of ECE, who had met with a serious accident at his residence slipping and falling in the bathroom and injuring his head seriously. He is in a coma and on ventilator support. The doctors had performed a a major surgery and the cost of the operation was around Five Lakh rupees. This being a huge amount the students had decided to pitch in and help in any way possible. Some students approached corporate companies and funds worth 50,000 rupees were raised on the very day. As first year students were busy with their exams a decision was taken that some students would go to the exam centre i.e Deccan college to collect donations. A group of 10 students, who had holidays went to collect the money. Around 80,000 rupees were collected.So far donations worth Rs. 1,50,000 have been collected from the staff, students and the management. The donations are still pouring in.

The principal with members of the new student cabinet. Credit: Cynosure MCC

The principal with members of the new student cabinet. Credit: Cynosure MCC

Second on the agenda was the allotment of the posts by the Seniors to all the cabinet and all the students were allottedposts according to their capabilities judged by their performance in the group discussions and personal interviews. Around forty high level posts were allotted to students from first, second and third years. All the selected members took the oath to strive for excellence in all projects they take up and  swore not to let the unity of the college fade away.

After this all the Founding members of MCC Advait, Rohit Reddy, Rohit Ahuja, Priyanka and Amit gave thier words of advice and shared all their experiences with the newly elected cabinet and encouraged to take this organisation to new levels. Juniors like Joy, Sahiti, Santosh and Suharsh thanked them for all that they had done and making a change in the college.

Last on the agenda was the new list of projects to be taken up by the Student community.This list included:

1. Renovation of the student activity centre.

2. Makeover for the canteen.

3. Organisation of a technical fest.

4. Setting up a Coffee Day kiosk in the gardens.

(since the date of the meeting and the publication of this article significant developments have been made in the first two points of the To-do list.)

It is a well known saying that where there is a will there is a way. Students of this college have shown a will for change and they are working really hard  to achieve what they desire. Santosh puts it aptly, “When we want something we have to work for it and we are prepared to sweat and toil. No pain no gain!”, with a smile on his face.

VidYouth wishes this young and energetic team all the best in all its future endeavours. For these students sky is not the limit… it is something beyond that!

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