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Ever wondered why they say, “Common sense is not common in common people”, sounds pretty confusing at the first go haan! Well, we speak of environment and the harm we are causing to it. How many of us think before we carry out our day to day chores and wonder how they affect our surroundings. In the neighbourhood of Gautam Nagar, some of the people have lost their minds, no this not a rude statement to address some one just read on and find out why.

The Protected fenced environment Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The Protected fenced environment Credit: Dynamic Warrior

A severe problem which no one seems to care about is the negligence towards their hygiene and safety, the problem is hazardous as it involves electricity transformers. About 3-4 year back the people residing in the colony used to throw the garbage at the lane end from where MCH van used to collect the waste alternatively thus ensuring cleanliness in the colony, to smoothen things further they introduced door to door pick up of the garbage but to the dismay of many things didn’t work as thought but rather the conditions worsened.

Many residents still continued to throw their garbage at the lane end and the MCH stopped the cleaning drive and they reasoned saying the garbage collection takes places from everyone’s home so that’s not required. But after constant pleading to the MCH they started cleaning and collecting the garbage weekly once. That was a sigh of relief for many but the real problem had just started.

The electricity board authorities constructed a fence around their transformers a year ago to ensure protection of the passers and the residents. But things did not work as they ought to, due to the lack of common sense because people still carried on with throwing the garbage at the lane ends, which houses the transformers too. The Samaritans in town started throwing the garbage inside the fence, thinking it a place to throw garbage, as if that was not enough the stench which started accompanying the rotten matter became a cause of health problems to many residing near the new found dump land.

Careless burning of garbage Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Careless burning of garbage Credit: Dynamic Warrior

When the dumb people got dumber, at one point the colony youth committee’s President Mr. Vamshi Krishna requested the people to stop throwing garbage inside the compound wall of the transformer enclosure and asked them to accept the door to door garbage collection method, he put up fliers across the lanes and tried to spread the message. At first they reasoned out saying yes, but later they never practiced it. Throwing liquid garbage in the fence of an electricity transformer, and even burning the waste near the compound wall and even sometimes inside the fence, are some of the foolish things carried out by the people living in the area. How much of an IQ is needed to understand that burning trash near the electrical transformer can lead to an explosion and can prove fatal to residents and passers by.

They do not realize that by only keeping their homes clean and neat they cannot expect to lead a sustainable life, caring about their surroundings should very much be a part of everyone’s life. In this context people don’t realize that by throwing the garbage in or around the transformer is not safe for other people as and when they burn it, transformer can catch fire and lead to a major accident. That’s not all, a resident, Mr. Kutumba Rao, whose house is situated at the lane end, tells us that even stray cattle, dogs, or other animals get inside the fence in search of food and get electrocuted while eating this leads, of course, to their death but also to short circuit in the supply lines. They have, once burnt their television set too.

Transformer fencing and the garbage nearby Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Transformer fencing and the garbage nearby Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Srikant, a regular visitor to the prayer hall, complaints about the dust bin situated very near to the worship place and just as in stead of the transformers, people end up throwing garbage near the compound of the prayer hall too. Another resident Priya tells us how she was affected by viral fever during her exams, due to mosquitoes breeding in the garbage thrown out in the open.

Many commuters complain that during the rainy season the litter gets spread on the road and lead to the vehicles getting skid, Raghu had escaped with minor injuries after he fell off his bike due to the trash on the road. Even those who just pass by the road once are scared of using the same road again, because of the stench which inhibits the place and its surroundings.

Common sense is not common they say and we have seen why. A quote which we are taught from our kindergarten “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is the need of the hour, we have to constantly remind ourselves in every act we take and follow to protect the nature and environment

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