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Summer Holidays!

By Azazel Eyes On June - 6 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
As the two month long season of exams for the OU – afiliated engineering colleges finally came to an end, we set out to capture emotions of satisfaction, disappointment and relief from the students of MVSREC. “The last exam always leaves a feel good factor, whether or no we perform well. It is the freedom which makes a significant spot, even from within the feeling of disappointment of a screwed-up exam. The happiness cannot get any better, if the last exam goes well”, says Sindura, Civil Engineering student of MVSR, who appeared for the 3rd year exam.

True, the words ’summer holidays’ do have something really sweet connected with them always. Be it fond memories of the school-days’, or the hectic April-Mays of the junior college days, students sure have something nice to share about the ’summer holidays’. “After having faced the exam-fever for so long (the second internals, lab internals, lab externals and finally the external theory exams!) we really seem to deserve peaceful no-work days”, says Swathi, a 2/4 student. We agree, these holidays are definitely juicy fruits of the patience and hard-work.

“I grabbed a trip to Mumbai and Pune, did some adventuring, had fun and got back for my supplimentary exam which was on 5th June. Since this was my first supplimentary exam, I sure was worried about how it would go. I wasn’t sure I would have enough time to finish the entire syllabus. And the paper was one of the toughest subjects of the Production Engineering course – DME (Design of Machine Elements). But I risked it because, the schedule couldn’t fit any better with mom’s schedule. Surprisingly, the trip tremendously increased my concentration ability and focusing power and left me full of enthusiasm. My exam went really well,” says Priyanka, another 3rd year student from the same college.

Vacationing with friends is Priyanka.  Credit: Azazel Eyes

Vacationing with friends is Priyanka. Credit: Azazel Eyes

Sharath, who is also into Production Engineering at MVSREC doesnt seem to have any set plans for the summer. “I might start blogging; something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Matter of factly, holidays are meant for complete relaxation for me. So, I don’t fix goals as such. Above all, holidays are when I manage to grab a few extra hours of sleep than usual. That is what I am going to do, this time too”. Well, it is a sure thing, holidays are times when most students sleep more than they generally do. There is so much to do with college on – Bunking, roaming around theatres, impressing girlfriends/ boyfriends, waiting for results, waiting for freshers, trying to catch hold of them, whiling time away at the canteen / sports room et al. All the insomniac night-out online chatting sessions definitely added to our sleepless schedules!

When asked about where he might like travelling to during the holidays, for a vacation Jaiyesh Rao says, “New Zealand! Err… but that doesn’t seem very possible right now. I might limit myself to the loads of movies on my computer, that I haven’t watched due to the exam pressure!”. Also, he doesn’t want to mess with others’ time, so isn’t taking up any new courses now. His only goal as of now, is to “get into a good shape, before the summer ends”, his words. We wouldn’t believe all his words about not being seious towards studies, Jaiyesh has had the reputation of being the top-dog of his class for a couple of semesters already. Blame his modesty for all the biased answers!

Ha Ha... Last minute exam preperation!  Credit: Azazel Eyes

Ha Ha... Last minute exam preperation! Credit: Azazel Eyes

While these were some of the freaks of MVSREC, there are indeed a few students around there, who are genuinely working towards making a neat career. Swaroop, who claims to still be ‘a good boy, who vacations only with his parents’, speaks about his plans during these holidays. “Not really great plans this time. Just want to take up some project in the city. Probably an Automobile Training program, that could help me with the BAJA event, that is going to come up soon. This I would do for a learning experience. But if you ask me about serious goals, I’d rather place ‘putting down weight’ as my prime immediate goal!”, he jokes.

Nadia Akhtar, a passed out student tells us about all the things she would miss about the college, ” I have had a really cool set of friends here. I would definitely miss all my times here. I know, it was just a phase of life and it had to pass, but however, this feeling that it is an end doesnt vapourise so easily! These holidays before I move on to my next college, would be very memorable”. Most students of the recent passout batch, we are sure would share these feelings about the college. They were instrumental in bringing the whole mass together, under the name of MVSR Campus Connect, and have together faced times of contentment and dissatisfaction together. They would miss the college-canteen not for the freakingly – unhealthy food it serves, but because of the wide set of smiles that were shared across those flies-infested, dirty wooden tables! Also, the first years aren’t yet done with all of their exams. Thanks to the mighty load of subjects they carry. “My last exam is on 6th July. I have atleast 6 days gap between every exam, and I’m kinda enjoying holidays in between them!”, exclaims Sai Kumar Reddy, a now-first year student of the college

While many 2nd and 3rd year students too are yet to be done with exams as such, (supplimentary exams don’t end till the last week of June), those done with exams are surely cherishing the wilderness of childish summers. Prickly heat doesn’t anymore, disturb young minds set on refreshing themselves. Adventure camps, college-activity groups, vacation – tours, GRE/ CAT/ GMAT/ GATE coachings, motor-driving tutions, guitar classes, are some of the many favorite jobs that students are opting for. If not anything, sleeping for long hours, and not waking up to realize they are in the examination halls, leaves students with a happier mood during the hottest season of the year!

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