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Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Puma et al, these are not found there but what you can find there is comfort, style and fashion! Yes, we are speaking about the one and only footwear industry – Nacharam Chapal Factory. Nacharam area is very popular for industries, but there is another speciality of this area and that is footwear. There are nothing less than 65 footwear shops present at this place. People from different areas walk in to the place to get themselves a good pair of footwear.

The owners of footwear shops have formed in to an association. This association is called Nacharam Footwear Association. Saleem Siddiqui is the Joint Secretary of the association and speaking to him brought into light, many interesting facts related to the market. Saleem bhai says, “There are sixty five members as of now in the association and the association is looking after the welfare of the shop keepers in the place. Any controversies in the market are solved in the association meetings”. Association is also taking special care in providing facilities like ESI and insurance to the shops and shop owners. Also, owners association is now planning to open a school for their young children.

Nacharam Footwear Factory Credit: Cool Conqueror

Nacharam Footwear Factory Credit: Cool Conqueror

According to various shop keepers, at least seventy five customers walk in to the market and a revenue of about Rs.Twenty Thousands is generated in this market daily. Shop keepers themselves manufacture and sell because of which the prices here are very cheap and comfortable. Saleem tells that on an average when compared to other markets, 40% variation is seen in the prices because of the transport and mediator charges. “Special care is taken in selecting the raw materials and all the materials are imported from various places”, says Krishna, an employee in the market. Anwar an employee of local industry says, “Nacharam is the best place to shop for footwear because this is the place where lot of variety is available at comfortable prices”.

Saleem says, “The market is very popular in the locality and people from many places like Secunderabad, Uppal and Kukatpally come all the way and shop for slippers, sandles, boots, shoes, socks, polish and what not!”. “Everything related to your feet is available here”, says Rehman, another shop keeper.

Customer is God Credit: Cool Conqueror

Customer is God Credit: Cool Conqueror

Special shoes are designed and manufactured for the physically challenged people and specially designed matching foot wear is also available in the market. Special care is taken in designing the bridal wear and shoes are specially designed for people who possess uneven sizes. Market also receives bulk orders from various industries for safety shoes and special wear for the workers. The range of sandles available in the market varies from Rs.150 to Rs.500 depending upon the quality and in the case of shoes the range is from Rs.250 to 1000 bucks.

Special care is taken in designing heels and sandles for ladies. There are also special shops available exclusively for ladies and kids wear. Funky offers are introduced in order to attract the customers during the seasons. Special offers like ‘one pair of socks free with a pair of shoes’ are always there in the market during ‘back to school’ season.

Rahul and Vinay two friends pursuing their graduation say, “We would prefer purchasing at nacharam than any shop because the quality is too good and the prices are very much affordable”. Saleem also says that this market has constant customer flow. People from different colonies like military campus and Alcazar come all the way hiring buses and shop at this place. Around 75% of Osmania students shop at Nacharam.

Footwear shops in Nacharam Credit: Cool Conqueror

Footwear shops in Nacharam Credit: Cool Conqueror

Nacharam chappal factory is a very good source of employment too. Two hundred members are filling their bellies with the help of this market. Both men and women are present and share their work. On an over all view if comfort and cost is taken in to consideration keeping brands and brand names aside, Nacharam chappal factory will be a better place to shop for footwear. Shop keepers here are very cordial in receiving the customers and providing them with the best available in the market.

A perfect footwear haven, where one must go!

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