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The winds change, day after day. The rains come, all sweet and sour. The trees stand still and slothful. The day arrives waiting for the sun to set and gaze upon a slew of gases surrounding us. When slogans such as ‘CO2? Kick the habit!’ were surmounted last year, ‘Unite to combat climate change’ was the official theme chosen for the World Environment Day 2009, celebrated all over the world. The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) chose every possible trail to give the locals an insight into the threatening future of global warming. The slogans have changed and so did the awareness among people. Would this day inspire us to save ourselves and the sphere in the wrecking?

The eventful day began early with the a rally that took off at the Chief Minister’s office. Various programmes were organized at the Jubilee Hall, Public Gardens which included  a seminar and a painting competition that took along  great enthusiasm from the elated kids. The best of which were awarded prizes and displayed publicly. “It’s simply amazing to watch these tiny tots paint so well for their environment”, remarks Sumanth Aeli, an entrepreneur present at the gathering.

Of paintings and wall posts Credit: Screed Hauteur

Of paintings and wall posts Credit: Screed Hauteur

Everyone from students to entrepreneurs, employees, NGOs and environmental activists were present there. The discussions intensively dwell on the chemical contamination of water, sound pollution, carbon particulates, effluents, plastics, petroleum products, hospital and household wastes. The Forests and Environment Minister, P Ramachandra Reddy spoke about the harmful effects of plastics and how we can reduce its usage. He also insisted that each and every individual take active part in planting trees and help protect the environment. Various new concepts were put forward by institutions like CII that provided information on constructing Green homes and a rather thought-provoking green paints concept. The negative effects of paints on buildings containg Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are primarily the sources of smog.

Anupama Parsi, a local resident who has been actively participating in one of the events says,”It’s exciting to work with so many people. There just too many things going around now, I’m happy people are getting more aware about the urgency to wake up and protect your environment”.

The woes of the water must be realised and this was a real sight at a nala in Banjara Hills Road no.1, where labourers were seen cleaning up as a process of remove the silt. Apparently, this was carried out at various other nalas in the city. Be it bicycling all the way that morning or a special diaplay of wildlife books at the british library, numerous events took place at every nook and corner of the city. Everyone in a fit to show their bit of concern for the environment landed themselves in their convinient social gatherings. Inspite of all this, it remains less known as to whether these people will continue to protect the environment and help others be aware of the dangers of the destruction of our own environment. Colleges have been on the roll for most of the year now and not just for the day. The NSS programmes also included a scheme for planting saplings by all the students. One such student, who is a volunteer for NSS asserts, “I joined in the NSS in first year and participated in the tree plantation programme, surprisingly more than expected number of people turned up”.

Locals checking out the exhibition Credit: Screed Hauteur

Locals checking out the exhibition Credit: Screed Hauteur

Plant more trees, quit plastics, save paper, conserve energy and don’t you forget to switch OFF! Just so that you can prevent the pollution of the water, air and land, thereby protecting yourself and others from its hazardous effects. Kick start a campaign or join up an evironmental group in your neighbourhood. Involve your friends, family and neighbours in the eco-friendly activites and help them understand the immediate need to act. “Everyone just says and I don’t believe in  merely celebrating environment days, so I decided to encourage people to discard the use of plastics completely and that would first begin at my home”, explains Priyanka Masuam of Vasavi college of Engineering.

The day eventually ends but we must continue to bring about our efforts in the most effective manner and relinquish the substances that pose a threat to our environment while the change would begin with each one of us.

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