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Students in the department of Electronics at Sreenidhi, harness the holidays to ameliorate their skills in their core realms. This is evident from the recent commencement of Workshops from June 8th at SNIST, by the members of The Electronix Club (TEC). The basic purpose of these workshops was to make the second yearites aware of basic electronic topics and give them the required hands on experience on the subjective topics. The workshops are organized by the Board of TEC comprising heads of different departments like Technical, Organizing, Inventory and Documentation. Workshops are not only meant for learning the theory, but they also cater to quench the thirst of students, who are craving for some hands on experience in their spheres of knowledge. The workshop commenced with an inspiring and motivating speech of the faculty advisor of the club Prof. K.S.Verma, a senior faculty in the Department of Electronics and Communication at SNIST. He advised the students to widen the realms of knowledge and to ignite the inquisitiveness in the students.

These workshops are not only theory classes, which will be taken by the student heads of the board of TEC, but  also practical lab sessions, which include designing a circuit using simulation softwares available. A course file,  which comprises of basic electronic concepts, is designed by the Technical head, which will be taught to the  juniors during this time by the seniors.

The Electronix club (TEC) at SNIST, is not as old as many student organizations already existing in the college, but only a three month old, juvenile dream-come-true to the students of Electronics at SNIST. There are many student organizations in SNIST like Vox Populi,  Nidhi club, The Robotics club, Arts club, IEEE Student club and Technical Association and now with the foundation of The Electronix Club, the rainbow is complete with all the platforms now available in the college to bring about a difference, Sreenidhians have been dreaming about.

Prof.K.S.Verma presided over the session Credit: Swarm Swain

Prof.K.S.Verma presided over the session Credit: Swarm Swain

TEC, which is an initiative taken by two final year students of SNIST has received a tremendous response, with registrations crossing almost 300. “It was an inevitable situation for us. We had to eliminate a few, as the club in its inchoate stages cannot hold a number as big as that. So we have conducted an Entrance exam TECEAT for the membership of the club”, says one of the founders of the TEC, T Nikilesh. So Now TEC has 149 members to its credit, who qualified in TECEAT (The Electronics Club Entrance and Assessment Test).

‘Learn, Share and Prosper’ is the striking line, that is chanted everywhere here. “We learn the concepts through text and we gather here, we work in a team and we share our ideas to bring emulation in the existing projects and thus we prosper”, quotes D Aditya Vikram Reddy, the Technical head and Co-Founder of The Electronix Club. “In these times of recession, when opportunities are declining day by day, we have to be to ready to face any kind of situation to survive, so a platform at this point of time will be definitely, a welcome relief to those, who want to gain perfection in their core fields”, he  appends.

The Organizing head of the club, K Chaitanya gives a different view of why such a platform evolved. “Our curriculum hardly provides any chances for us to discuss why a certain technology, why not some other technology? So this is a perfect place to have such worthy discussions which will tickle our senses and widen our horizon of thinking. Adding to this one can learn things even sitting at home, but what is difficult is working with people, interacting with people, managing things and so on”, says Chaitanya.

When asked about what is the basic difference between the existing Robotics club and TEC, the members say, “We do core exclusive electronic projects unlike mechanical bots”. “We have our Club Website (www.theelectronixclub.co.nr) , to project ourselves and our activities”, says Ch Nadiya Rani, the head of the Documentation Department. “Feed a man a fish he will eat a day, but teach how to catch and he will live all through his life, So TEC is a place where you not only learn but share the knowledge to widen the horizons of one’s knowledge. Learn, Share and Prosper is the motto of the TEC. All the Projects done in the club will be documented and are handed over to the freshers who will refer them, and emulate those projects with some value addition. The basic idea behind documenting every project done here is to ensure flow of knowledge from generation to generation and bring continuity and raise the inquisitiveness of the students in Research”, she adds.

“The basic reason why some one can be a part of this sort of club is that we give you everything, everything I mean all the components required for your project. You need not waste your time in going and searching for the components of your project. And also this will be very helpful to freshers, who are unaware of the places where these components are available”, informs K Rahul, the head of Inventory Department of TEC.

“I think the idea is great for electronic freaks. We are very thankful to our seniors, who have taken all pains to have something like this”, says K Manikanta, a student from Avionics Department. “We expect we will be learning new technologies and do electronic projects effectively”, says Sruti. Every Project done by the members of the club will be recognized by the club and will be certified when the project is documented and submitted to Documentation department. “We have framed many policies like awarding stars to the students, who are performing exceptionally well. We will even have different communities which will be differentiated based on their field of interest in Electronics, like signals, communication, Internet etc.”, says Nikilesh, who is also the Student Head of TEC.

The students are also very well encouraged and espoused for all such activities with all sort of help from Management. So this kind of initiative, from the students to change the kind of learning, should be appreciated and emulated by all and students should draw an implicit message from the founders of TEC, that we should be opportunity creators rather than hunters.

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