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Red Alert

By Silent Screamer On June - 11 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

It might be the oldest profession in the world and life must be complex being a part of it. It is pretty easy to identify them. They wear revealing outfits, excess make-up, carry vibrant colored purses and mock men on the streets. The sex workers are sometimes at remote places searching for clients or in the bars dancing. But irrespective of their age and the discrepancies shown by the government, the prostitutes dwell in several locations in the city, which are famously known as the “red light areas”. These red light areas have become increasingly annoying to the families and residents living near by.

Many public places act as headquarters for prostitution in the evenings. Common women on the roads and houses near by, feel uncomfortable and take offense by the presence of these sex workers. The youth are the most disconcerted of the lot. “I see them at the Secunderabad station everyday, when I get back from college. Sex workers stand at bus stops, staring at people and embarrassing the general public, especially women. Every street vendor and auto driver knows their whereabouts. The police in that area know too, but as usual they do nothing. The prostitutes run their business in lodges around the station”, says Bhanu Kiran, a medical student and a resident of Bowenpally. Abhishek (name changed) works as a night receptionist at a lodge in Secunderabad. “Prostitutes have connections with the lodge owners. Several non-locals come to our lodge from outside the city and stay here. The prostitutes are allowed into the lodge though it is illegal. This area is like a mini red light area. You find many sex workers around. Many engineering and intermediate students get affected by this since they board buses from the station. Many teenagers get attracted. I won’t be surprised if they have diseases. The only reason I work here is that I get paid well!”. Ramya, a paramedical student says, “I live in Chikkadpally. I have heard from many of my friends that the crystal palace hotel here is a red light area. Many prostitutes are seen on the road in the evenings. Young guys come and pick them up on their bikes. It is very uncomfortable to walk in that area”.

Deepak theatre in Narayanguda also is said to have rooms at the basement, where the sex workers run their business. Srujana says, “I did my intermediate from a college located near Deepak theatre. Reporters of a local news paper had once come to our college to collect information on prostitutes there. Many guys from my class said they had seen the basement of the theatre. Even now I see many call girls in that area. It looks shameful”. In some cases, escorts take their clients to small lanes at night where they practice fornication. Many families get awfully disgusted and embarrassed. One of the residents of Koti says, “I was once studying till 2 am, when I suddenly heard voices and shrieks out side my house. I peeped out of the window to see a woman, who must have been at least forty, stripping, for two men in a lane right next to my house. After that they ran into the adjacent lane. My dad had to call the police that day. I was very abashed”.

“I see many sex workers early in the mornings while driving to the bus stop. Ranibagh area at Koti has many of them”, says Nidhi, a student. Swathi says, “It’s a personal choice to take up prostitution. But the police are being very irresponsible. They know what is happening, and still choose to do nothing. Imagine standing at a bus stop with prostitutes and men around you. We women feel very uncomfortable. I wonder when some one will take some action against this. It’s high time now”.

The above mentioned areas are just a few examples. There are many such places around the city that have not caught much media attention yet. According to the Human Rights Watch report, prostitution is not illegal, but a sex worker can be punished for sexual activity at public places. But here an act of confiscation can only be taken if the police realize what they are doing, which they clearly are not. And even if they do, they don’t care.

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