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The very mention of the name CBIT (Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology), kindles curiosity in nearly every student in Hyderabad. CBIT is deemed by students all over the state to be the ‘coolest college’, for reasons aplenty. It is not an exaggeration to say that everyone is intrigued by the college and its students.  Every CBITian has to field a volley of questions, just weeks after his/her joining the college from their friends, who seem intolerably curious; some of the common questions being, ‘Is CBIT like how it is projected to be in Happy days?’, ‘How is the ragging in CBIT?’, ‘Do you people enjoy a lot?’, ‘Do you recommend that I join CBIT?’, then there are the more interesting ones like, ‘Are the girls / guys in CBIT hot?’, ‘Does everyone in CBIT have a boyfriend / girlfriend?’. Find all your unanswered questions answered in this detailed review.

The campus of CBIT, sprawling across an impressive 30 acres, is unarguably one of the well maintained ones in the city.  As one walks in through the palatial gates of the college, one cannot help but notice the swanky BMWs, Audis and Mercedes parked everywhere. Juxtaposing the parking lot is the main block which is the largest and oldest block in the entire campus. The entire campus is dotted with trees and shrubs with a sprinkling of weeds here and there. The library looks very appealing from the outside and is very classy from the inside as well. The one striking feature of CBIT are the very popular benches shaded by trees, spread all across the campus. They serve as tables for cutting cakes, study tables during the time of submission of assignments and records, lunch tables during lunch. One can find couples seated on these benches trying to get as intimate as they can, dodging the stares of passersby.

CBIT is one of the very few colleges that have a residential campus as well, to the relief of many non-local students. The very few local students who opt for the hostel generally feel out of place among them and go back home. So it’s almost ruled out for the locals. We hear that the food in the hostel mess is apparently getting worse year by year due to which the students prefer to eat in the college canteen during the college hours. This has given rise to the trend of renting rooms in Mehdipatnam (the nearest residential area to CBIT).

CBIT Credit: Sir Caustic

CBIT Credit: Sir Caustic

The prospectus of nearly every college includes the phrase – ‘excellent sports facility’. CBIT is no different. CBIT has two basketball courts, an indoor stadium equipped for sports like Badminton and Tennikoit. In addition to these, there is a table tennis hall in which there are 4 or 5 tables along with carom boards and chess boards. The hall is always full and you find balls flying around whenever the hall is open. Adjacent to this, there is a gym, which only a few people have had the opportunity to see, owing to it being closed for most of the time. Needless to say, the gym is poorly equipped and the little equipment that there is, is coated with layers of dust and / or rust.

The CBIT crowd is very talked about and envied by students of other colleges. CBIT is probably the only college where you would find kids from the best of affluent families and the smartest ones as well. It is this contrasting mix of students that has created a very distinct culture in the college. Another contributing factor to the unique CBIT lifestyle is the absence of strict rules which alter the behavior of a student on campus. It makes the students feel like grown-ups and it helps in a way. When there are no rules, the students don’t have any rules to break. This is one reason why CBITians love their college. While the non-locals generally shy away from the opposite sex, most of the locals are free from such inhibitions. One can spot a few couples in college here and there, holding hands, whispering or sometimes yelling at each other.

Basketball Court - CBIT Credit: Sir Caustic

Basketball Court - CBIT Credit: Sir Caustic

College (cultural) fests have, of late, become a mere display of the financial power of a college and its students. It also, in turn, determines the ‘cool quotient’ of a college. Carpe Diem is a one day cultural fest conducted once in two years. Carpe Diem has always been known for its ostentation, with its budget growing exponentially every time. Artistes like Jal, Karunya, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sivamani, Pritam have performed at Carpe Diem. It was last held in 2008, with a whopping budget of 60 lacs, in the month of December. Students can’t wait for Carpe Diem 2010. While Carpe Diem is hosted by Chaitanya Smruti, the alumni association of CBIT, the management of CBIT organizes a 3-day traditional cultural and literary fest, Shruti , every year at the end of February. Various competitions ranging from ‘vocals’ to ‘mock press’ are conducted on the first two days. The last day is reserved for competitions for the staff of CBIT, cultural performances by the students of CBIT and prize distributions. But the main reason most people look forward to Shruti is because of the month-long inter-branch sports competitions that are held before Shruti. Apart from these, different departments in CBIT, including the MBA, MCA and M.Tech departments organize tech fests in the 2nd semester of every year.

If you are a foodie then CBIT is the place you should be in. The Canteen of CBIT, painted with vibrant colors, is very spacious and can accommodate up to 300 people at once. Gobi Manchurian, Chhole bhature and ‘nooduls’ are some of the fast moving items, apart from the chocolates ranging from ‘snickers’ to the humble ‘melody’ and the ‘my cans’. There is a sweet-corn stall inside the canteen and a juice stall just outside the canteen. In addition to these options, a ‘Coffee Day Xpress’ stall has been installed near the library. Though the quality of the beverages is not comparable to that of a CCD, it’s certainly a decent substitute for it. The fruit milk shakes are quite popular among the students but they are not available most of the time. The chaat and ice cream lovers need not be disappointed for they can head to MGIT’s canteen, which is about 5 mins walk from CBIT.

Sunidhi Chauhan performing at Carpe Diem Credit: Sir Caustic

Sunidhi Chauhan performing at Carpe Diem Credit: Sir Caustic

‘What do CBITians do when they are not attending classes?’ is something that everyone is curious to know. The studious ones sit in the discussion rooms or reference section and flip through pages of interesting magazines, keeping themselves abreast of the latest happenings in the engineering world.  The Canteen, the benches, basketball court and the table tennis room are the popular ‘addas’ of most of the students. Sometimes, the students venture out of the college to head to Gandipet or the Golconda Fort.  A favourite spot for celebrating birthdays for the boys is Khanapur, a nearby village, mainly because of the booze!

It is a welcome trend that many colleges, having realized that all-round development of a student is of paramount importance, encourage clubs in their colleges. It’s saddening that there are only two such clubs in CBIT namely The Chaitanya Bharati Cultural Club (CBCC) and Communicando. The CBCC requires the interested people to enroll in it after which it’s mandatory for the members to stay back after college hours on every Saturday. Given the distance of CBIT from the city, there are not many people who fancy sacrificing the comfortable bus ride of the college bus for anything. This has proven to be a major deterrent for the people to join CBCC. While the management takes a lot of interest in CBCC, Communicando the literary and communication club of CBIT, is almost entirely run by the students. The club hosted activities like JAM, Debate and Pictionary last year, all of which boasted of a good turnout, in spite of the constraints of the club since it is managed only by the students. It’s time that the management of CBIT, overcoming its complacency, started giving more attention and support to these clubs.

With there being more emphasis laid on exposure to fests, projects and communication skills, the factors that determine the choice of a college are not experienced faculty and a high pass percentage anymore. Placements, infrastructure & facilities, fests and the college crowd have become deciding factors for a student’s choice of a college, which is the reason why this report is different from the conventional ones. The official website of CBIT (www.cbit.ac.in) and the entry in wikipedia have nearly most of the other information you would desire to know before joining the college, including information about the faculty and a detailed analysis of the placements. We hope you find this article helpful in making your choice.

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