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Are you an engineering student? Do you want to carve a niche for yourself, in the cut-throat world outside? Are you interested in designing and programming the machines which manufacture all components built or produced by men? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ then… Central Institute for Tool Design – CITD is the place for you to be. One of its kind of an institute in India established back in 1968 with full support from the Central Government. Its key purpose was to create pool of technically qualified people in India and to cater to the growing demands of the Manufacturing and Production Industries across the Nation.

Hyderabad was chosen to setup this facility and an area of more than 5 acres was allotted by the Government of India to Ministry of MSME, the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. Experts from across the globe, mainly from the then United Soviet States of Russia, the United States of America and Japan were called in to establish CITD and train the Indians to run a design and training facility to help other interested candidates to achieve their dream.

Class in session Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Class in session Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The project CITD was initially a huge investment on the part of Indian government and was established with the help of United Nations, International Labour Organization with the assistance of the UNDP – United Nations Development Program. The institute has various training programs to offer to a large group of audiences ranging from SSC Certified students to Post Graduation level Engineers. The institute also conducts M. E. programmes in collaboration with Osmania University. And the institute also offers International Training programmes in Tooling, Automation and CAD/CAM Courses.

CITD is located in the Industrial heart of the city at Balanagar, which is just 7 km from the railway station. The locality has several hostels and lodges for out station students. Though CITD has an on campus hostel to facilitate up to 100 students, still there would be those, who prefer to stay outside in private places. Even they would have no problem to commute, as ample public mode of transportation is available round the clock to help reach CITD from any nook or corner of the city.

As CITD is a Government run organization, the fee structure is designed by keeping in mind all sections of the society. On the whole the fees are comparatively less than half of what the private institutes ask for. Say for example a design course in CATIA and Uni Graphics softwares, which costs anything between Rs20000/- to Rs25000/- is available at CITD for only Rs. 6000/-. Thus ensuring that no one with the zeal to learn; stops himself / herself in lieu of financial trouble.

CNC Room Credit: Dynamic Warrior

CNC Room Credit: Dynamic Warrior

CITD has first come first serve system to cater to the needs of the students, who wish to join for the courses. Though there are no exams as such for the entrance or to obtain a seat, a student’s academic record is considered at times to prefer them over others. The course durations vary, like summer special courses are only for 1 month as students join them during their holidays unlike the regular courses, which go up to 3 months. The lab hours increase from 2 hrs per day to 6 hrs a day. Many other courses such as the CNC training or ME certified courses run as a long as 10 months to 1 year too. The certificates are allotted to the students based on their performance in labs and regular classes, sometimes lab tests are also conducted to categorize the students and grade them accordingly, attendance is to be maintained above 85% for receiving the certificates, which are granted by MSME, a Government of India’s undertaking and thus are valued a lot across the nation and also in other foreign countries.

The institute opens its labs for the students at 7 am and the theory classes start from 9 am onwards, sufficient systems and well equipped multimedia class rooms come as an added advantage for better understanding. The Assistant Director, Mr. Vijay Kumar Reddy proudly tells us that labs are open for hostel students as late as 2am in the night, as the designing of any component requires hours of hard work and dedication. He tells us that he does not want any stone unturned in making his students’ dream come true and is always working for their betterment.

Early morning lab class at 7am Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Early morning lab class at 7am Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Mr. Uday, a faculty member of the institute currently, tells us that more than 500 technical students from various regions like Kanpur, Pune, Nagpur, Sikkim etc. come to CITD especially during the summer break to undergo the special courses which cater to the students’ community of technical breed. For those, who like to do their mini projects. This place is no less than ‘Heaven’, you name any design software, be it Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automobile, CNC etc. Just anything, for example: CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS, ANSYS, AUTO CAD, MASTER CAM, HYPERMESH, SOLIDWORKS, PRO-E, DELCAM and CNC programming, it has it all. Anand Deep, a student who has recently joined a summer course, says, “I was much intrigued by the Institutes’ massive library and documentation centre, which houses enormous collection of books, literature, journals, quality standards and papers submitted by fellow students”.

Mr. Krishna Swamy, the present Director of the facility at the Hyderabad institute, tells us about the CAD/CAM centre and also the Automation centre at CITD which is equipped with various simulator training kits like Hydraulics Trainer, Pneumatic Trainer, Electro- Pneumatic or Hydraulic Trainer, Cut section model and various other transparent working models of hydraulic elements etc. Mr. Vijay Kumar Reddy, the Assistant Director at CITD, who is concerned about all his students, ensures that all the labs are working in the best of their conditions and also that the students lead a disciplined attitude in and around the campus. He constantly urges everyone to practice more and more of lab work to get acquainted with the Softwares they are learning. His strong team of faculty members includes Mr. Srinivas, Ms. Keerthy, Mr. Babu Rao, Mr. Narasimha and others. All are highly qualified and experienced. To have extremely qualified and skilled faculty is not only a matter of pride for the institute but a boon for all the participating students, who enlist themselves for various courses here.

Ved Prakash, an engineering student, who is learning two design courses tells us, “The institute provides the student fraternity with hands on exposure to the latest softwares and hardware, used in the modern business of CNC machines, automation and metrology. The computer labs have Pentium work stations, all with VLSI and embedded systems. It is a great experience to work on them”. He adds, “These are the best any institute has to offer across the nation”.

Not only does this place offer training but it also carries out significant research and design work for Defence projects. Mr. Srinivas tells us that considerable amount of design and drafting for several parts of the ISRO’s – Indian Space Research Organization’s recent CHANDRAYAN projects were done by a team at CITD. Many other Public and Government firms outsource there work as projects to CITD .This gives the student community an opportunity to work on live projects and be a part of ventures with likes of HAL, BHEL, BDL etc. To miss an opportunity so magnificent would be very foolish indeed; the centre welcomes queries from students regarding any technical issue and round the year.  Institute is open to help students gain awareness of the concepts of designing. It’s indeed a great effort on parts of many to help create the massive pool of technically qualified people and give them an edge above the rest in this nation of more than a billion.

CITD has recently opened smaller branches at Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Jalandhar and Ludhiana in Punjab, to cater more number of students to learn and implement the knowledge they acquired. There are very few institutes with such offerings in our nation, which is filled with talent. CITD is a must visit for every student atleast once, which would serve the purpose of sharing the knowledge.

For more details log on to www.citdindia.org or contact 040-23772747 / 2748 / 2749 / 6178; Email:- citdcadcam@citdindia.org.

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