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When the ink becomes self expression and confidence springs through piercing, body art is the portrayal of something very powerful, an art out of emotion, affiliation or endurance. The ink is here, there and everywhere. Be it piercing or tattoos, its an expression of yourself.

Why do people like tattoos inspite of the pain injected on your skin? Art can portray what you can see, what you want do and what you imagine. The Symbolism of sentiments, dreams, demi-gods, religion and innate emotions can be made possible through this art. When they are going to be permanent, they must mean a big deal to you; otherwise, it becomes a mere fashion fad. “I would get a tattoo done, when something very significant takes place or maybe something I cannot forget for life cause I would love to bear the pain when my feelings hold the strength”, remarks Divya Reddy, a student of GNIT.

Vikram, the tattoo artist at Hakim’s Aalim Tattoo Lounge Credit: Screed Hauteur

Vikram, the tattoo artist at Hakim’s Aalim Tattoo Lounge Credit: Screed Hauteur

A survey conducted on twenty people revealed that some of them have indulged in it to mark certain important incidents or phases of their life. Shravya Sangam, a nineteen year old affirms, “I got my first tattoo when I turned eighteen. It was an new feeling and I wanted to remember it for an eternity”. Some others got tattoos done in a fit to show the world what they are or how they can stand by themselves at times and remain dauntless. Most people get their piercings done just to show off or to say, “Dude, I give a F%$^”. Like Anvesh Kaul, a twenty-year old who relates, “I wanted to tell people that I just don’t care what they think of me. I was just pissed of people bothering me and when I got my eyebrow pierced, it looked like, it said it all”. While tattoos can be thought of as somewhat more intense. It could be just about anything from names, words to symbols or sketches. Logos of Heavy metal bands
have always been a rage. These days, tattoos of religious symbols have become a popular phenomenon. Vikram, a tattoo artist at Hakim’s Aalim Hair and Tattoo Lounge, Banjara Hills says, “More and more people have been asking for religious symbols and names”.

The Tattoo collection; Organic colors at Hakim's Credit: Screed Hauteur

The Tattoo collection; Organic colors at Hakim's Credit: Screed Hauteur

During the past few years, numerous tattoo and piercing salons have been gaining popularity to meet these creative interests of the age group 18 to 24. Apparently, its the artists who matter the most when you plan to get a tattoo. Secunderabad accommodates a few tattoo salons like Envy and Lloyd. The Hakim’s Aalim Tattoo Lounge is a popular place way back at Banjara Hills. Vikram, the tattoo artist there who has been working on a plethora of designs, with his extensive, conspicious collection says, “The price begins anywhere from Rs.2500 and Rs.3500 for a colored one, which vary with the designs”. He also explains that a complex shiva design would require around four and a half hours while others much less. All colorful yet pronounced evidently at a glance. Sameer Mehta, who runs Envy Tattoos and Piercings affirms, “We charge from Rs. 1500 onwards depending upon the design, say Rs.500 per square inch”. Seemeingly, he gives you those needles so that you could get back to him, if you need any modifications. Lloyd is another artist at Lloyd Tattoos, whose name remains familiar among many.

Allergic reactions due to piercings Credit: Screed Hauteur

Allergic reactions due to piercings Credit: Screed Hauteur

“Frankly speaking, piercings are just a means to show off for me, but tattoos are different. It’s the permanence that I seek in them. Its something deeply associated with you and it could as well be your life or a part of it”, says Ayush Shankar, who has 4 piercings without a tattoo. Ayush isn’t alone; there are many people, who might get it done when significant times arrive.

Musicians and body art seems to have some kind of association. Rarely, the ink goes untouched for them. And, once done, becomes an addiction for many. They just seem to love the ink and the pain just to show the world what they truly are from within.

The Tribal sun or the colored butterfly has its awe on the girls while the guys are mostly seen with distortions of skulls and demons. Surprisingly, both of them have found to be a major turn off among the opposite sexes. “Tattoos would suck when they’re meaningless. I hate girls, who sport them just to appear uber cool or fashionable”, alleges Ayush . On the other hand, Siddharth, a student of MJCET recalls, “I find girls with the Monroe piercing very attractive . It gives an exceptionally accentuating appeal!”.

Popular musicians' tattoo designs Credit: Screed Hauteur

Popular musicians' tattoo designs Credit: Screed Hauteur

The health risks associated with tattoos is much less when compared to piercings. “I use organic colors here, which essentially rules out any kind of risks associated with tattooing”, adds Vikram. On the other hand, piercings may affect different people differently. “Piercings, these days have become common, so it basically depends upon the skin type. There is also a possibility of various skin related infections and in rare cases leads to viral infections”, explains Dr. D.G.P Shastry, a well known dermatologist in town. Spending a pretty penny under any ideas of getting it removed should be avoided as re-grafting is an extremely expensive procedure.

Ever wondered that the ear lobe piercing was the first of its kind; it’s the oldest and most followed ritual of piercing. Body art is more than mere showing off, it’s an expression of one’s attitude, personality or even an emotional incident identified with love and mourning. It talks of our lives and often, loud enough to make a difference. A piercing could make an evident appeal or a striking statement which you would never be able to convey otherwise. It’s the skin, we choose to talk of ourselves and it’s when we find ourselves enslaved to body art. Sometimes to show off the adevnturous side inside, sometimes to remember for a lifetime, whatsoever the reasons may be, body art is the soul of extreme expression.

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