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7th Heaven

By Dynamic Warrior On June - 20 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

“If there is a heaven on earth; it’s near our college, CMEC. It is this wonderful park, which we call ‘The 7th Heaven’”. These are the lines quoted by Aravind, a student of Aeronautical 4th year from this college. For a college situated as far as 30 odd kilometers away from city, in a region surrounded by rocks and boulders it is totally understandable what a patch of greenery would mean to their souls.

All of us have our favorite hangouts. Be it the malls, multiplexes, coffee joints or bakeries, but at CMEC, which is situated in Maissamaguda village, the closest place to unwind and relax after bunking classes is 7th Heaven Park, the name christened by the students of Aeronautical 4th year. Santosh another of the lot tells us that it has been over 3 years now that the park was opened but is known to very few students from Aeronautical and ECE groups only.

They smell as good as they look. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

They smell as good as they look. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The reason not many know about its existence is mainly because it is completely off the main road and also those who frequent there are mostly the ‘romantic types’ and do not wish to share their secret resort with others. But there are few others like Uma, who happens to love the place for its serene surroundings and beautiful landscaping. She tells us, “I like to hangout there so I could spend some soothing and quiet time in the lap of Mother Nature’’.

The only people present there apart from the regular college students are the gardener and his family. Venkaiah; who works there as a watchman / gardener or the care taker; tells us that he doesn’t mind students coming and spending time with their friends in the park as long as they don’t start plucking flowers. Apparently there are some of them who often do that. He had noticed cases of 6 – 8 couples on an average a week, who come to the park regularly. Venkaiah even tells us that he drives away all the students, who think of 7th Heavens as a place to smoke and booze. So all those planning to party the wrong way, be prepared to be chased away by Venkaiah and his cane stick.

When enquired as to, who had made this wonderful park in the middle of no where for apparently no visible reason, other than for the comfort of students to relax or to have a secret romantic hideout, at first we were told that DRS International School had funded for its development. This DRS International School lies almost next to the park and shares its compound wall. However, Venkaiah clarified this misconception by letting us know that, this park was developed by a real estate firm called ‘S V Real Estates’, which owns the neighboring land. So to attract customers, this was strategically laid out.

Flowers and Gardens at 7th Heaven Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Flowers and Gardens at 7th Heaven Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Ganesh, Hareesh, Vamshi, Uma, Prassana, Gaurav, Aravind are just some of the names of the regulars here, who love going to 7th Heaven Park. It was this group, who gave the park its name. Now famous among many and a clean place to unwind, the reason, students of CMEC sneak out to this place is primarily because there is a narrow stretch of clear path from their college to this park, which runs through the paddy fields. At the end of it however, one must jump a fence to reach this heaven. All these efforts and the trouble taken are worth it to reach the place.

This park has green grass covering the complete ground and several varieties of flowering plants which add to the beauty of this wonderful place. A banyan tree, which rests in the center of the park looks majestic and has nests for several birds. This particular tree was there even before the park was built and was included in the design during its construction. It’s not only the plants and flowers, which make this park look stunning but also the wonderful landscaping with the use of rocks and natural boulders, which were present in and around the place make it look real yet perfectly well built.

Vijay tells us that he loves the water faucet at this park as he gets to play with water in sun scorching climate to cool himself. It is not just him, but almost everyone reminisce their childhood days and the fun they had in parks with swings and see-saw. All these incidents and many more are relived and memories are flashed back once again. The joy, which they experience, is beyond doubt the best feeling one could come across. Ganesh even suggested to his class mates to host a freshers’ party in this open air hangout. According to him, this park is a perfect place to host any party.  Eventually he ended up giving his birthday treat to his friends at this park.

Hot Summer Cool Water Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Hot Summer Cool Water Credit: Dynamic Warrior

For all those, who would want to reach the heavens; no not the one, where God resides. We are talking about 7th heaven park, the route is simple – Head straight on National Highway 7, which goes to Nagpur and take a left turn from Kompally Junction, after 5 kms take a right turn, which leads to the Apparel Export Park and about 2 km from the turn, there’s a narrow road to the left leading to DRS International School from where, its just 200 yards and there you are – at the gates of heaven.

“7th Heaven” serves as a Tension Free Zone to many students and is surely the coolest and cleanest place to be around CMEC. Without any second thoughts, anyone planning to go to the CMEC; do take some time out to check this place out for sure.

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