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What Is Today!

By Swarm Swain On June - 21 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Threitha Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Kali Yuga are few names of the eras our epics sermonize. Ever thought of an appellation for this era, where information flows from one corner to other at it its highest pace, where it leaves no place without its trace and where it can make us omnipotent? Can this be an era of Information for ‘Information is power!’ and this power becomes a handy vice that turns us ambidextrous to tackle the kind of multitasking we take up day-to-day. Also, it is conspicuously biased and a must agreement to which everyone concurs. Let us find out… how?

Once Newspapers and today Internet are some sources that have come to the rescue of layman for information at a price he can afford. So when information reaches the target, it is said to create awareness. Today, we call each day to recall  some notable occasion, to alert some vulnerables or we celebrate an achievement etc.  World’s health day, Worlds Aids day, Worlds Hepatitis day,  Youth (January 12) day, Mothers day, Fathers day, Friendship day, Independence day, Valentines day and what not! Everyday has its own significance. Allocating a day to recall some specific notable thing has become a prevalent practice to us.

Are these aims at bringing awareness in the masses more than issues of global concern? Is there any result to such an attempt of organizations? Can we suppose importance of the day has an obvious impact on people?  Is the purpose to pay respect ? Is the tempo sustained through out? How does a DAY change a society? These are few ques, which always linger in our minds.

A survey of nearly 28 students from SNIST has shown both facets of coin. There are some, who told they do bother about these important days and there are some who say its just another day to them. Nearly 30% saythat there are special days to them and they do put their brains to thinking about these days. More than 50% expressed that it is just another day and there are very few who not only bother about these significant days but  they do participate to bring a change around them.

“This day stands out as one of my  favourites. I had a wonderful experience last year. Myself from Hyderabad along with two other friends from Chennai and Punjab spent time at different restaurants in Hyderabad. We were fortunate to taste different kinds of food. We had a continental breakfast, an Italian lunch and a Chinese dinner”, says P.N.Anuroop.  and guess what? It was ‘World’s Food Day’ (October 16th). He even suggests. ”Every one should definitely spend time to find out a special day as such of their own and at the same time act as per their interests”.

“I have a craze for this ‘World’s Chocolate Day’ (September 4), so I gave different chocolates to all my friends”, recalls Sai Laxmi a firsty from SNIST. “Mothers day is another day that comes to my mind. On that day I spend time with my mom and make kitchen a no entry way to her”, she says. “Forgot to say, I do bother about well being of my society, I even thought, we should try to bring stay order on Retailers who are using Plastic, more than the necessity”.

“Why don’t we have Electronix Day?”, is one surprising question posed by T.Nikhilesh, the founder ofThe Electronix Club at SNIST. “I like my birthday than any other day for everyone’s focus will be on me on that day”, he laughs. “I dont support days like Mothers’ day and Fathers’ day. The reason is, in the west, children usually stay away to their parents and sometimes their relations are very feeble. So they celebrate those days to bring them together atleast once in a while. I don’t see a meaning in celebrating those types of days here in India, because we are always attached to our parents and so we relish every moment with our parents”, argues Dilip, a second year student from SNIST.

“Allocating a day to recall an eccentric issue is always a good practice for it not only creates awareness but also enhance our relations with people and with surroundings. This even makes some people, who start giving due importance to them only when somebody reminds them. This depends on the society and the way it considers and digests these occasions. To some, who feel the urge to apply the importance of these days to their lifestyles and do try to imbibe it in their behaviour and it does really mean a lot”, opines a final year stundent Chaitantya from SNIST.

“Once, when I was browsing news, I came to know that the day was Twins’ day. On that day newspapers had news and clicks of twins from world wide and I really enjoyed looking at them and even tried to know if there will be a match in the mannerisms of twins. I think this is a great practice for example lets take up AIDS patients. There was hardly any awareness in all sections of society, if we look  five to seven years back. But now, this has improved. Definitely on World’s AIDS Day (December 1st), the major part of news in newspaper will be about the victims or sufferers of AIDS. So this will make common man aware of how various people are living even though they suffer from the same disease as oneself and one will even come to know about various organizations and social groups, who are ready to extend aid”, says Divya Vani , a firsty from SNIST.

The above are a few opinions of students, who say that days do bring a change we want. But there are a few, who completely show averse to indulge in knowing things and they even argue that if everyday is important and everyday is allocated to recall some reason then each day our focus changes and each day we will just know and talk a little about other issues and hardly put to practice. But this can’t be a reason for us to preclude the change we desire to bring  in the society and  thinking in those lines can just be called as pessimism, which will help us in no way. “The usual wear of Women in Andhra used to be Saree, but now only women, who are married put on sarees and majority of girls are seen in Punjabi suits. This is a big change. So we people are forgetting the tradition and are not ready to take pride about our cultural practices. So, today we have come to a stage, where we celebrate Traditional Day in our colleges and atleast expect men and women in traditional wear”, says Rani.

Google is one place that changes its logo on the google search page, according to occasion. A click on that picture will really make us know many exciting things. But the problem is how many of us will actually try doing this and try to spend a minute on the issue and come back? SMSing is also playing a good role these days. We propagate aphorisms, we remind our friends about day’s importance. “I basically come to know, what is today i.e. the day’s significance from my friends through SMS. If it’s a Valentine day or a Friendship day, my mobile keeps on beeping with different messages all through the day”, says Ramya.

So whatever is the reason to talk about, ultimately, the constant change in the civilization and way of living is forcing us to demand for more awareness and alacrity. Hence a practice as such will definitely compel those lazy souls, who hardly try knowing whats happening around.

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