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A New Beginning?

By Rouge Wave On June - 22 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

With the summer vacation getting over for most of the colleges in the city, a new academic year has begun. And with the onset of it comes the eagerness to return to college, the excitement of meeting friends again, the zeal to bunk more often, the unsought baggage of complex and tougher subjects and the chaos of the first day.  A new year means a new beginning and new beginnings always lead to a whole new set of rules and restrictions in colleges, most of which, only get higher on the ‘strictness meter’. And that is precisely what one saw at Badruka College of Commerce, where the new academic year started on the 15th of June, 2009.

“Who bothers going to college in the first week of reopening? We knew that nothing important would happen and that no teacher would take a class, so a group of us decided to extend our vacation for a while. Imagine our surprise when we were informed that not only were there students present on the first day but also that the teachers had started taking classes. On the very first day that too, what were they thinking?” asks Neha, a 3rd year student, who was rather surprised that something like that could ever happen in Badruka. It’s not just the studies though, a new set of rules have been implemented with respect to attendance. Not only does the college now want the mandatory 75% attendance prescribed by Osmania University in a year, it also expects the students to maintain a 75% attendance per month. The management also plans on implementing the ‘closed gate’ system not allowing students to enter or exit the premises outside the college timings.  While there is the obvious discontent among students, there also are students, who think it’s an important step to be taken. “I understand that we are graduation students and should be given our freedom, but most of us end up misusing it. And unless the college takes strict measures, there won’t be an end to the problem. But it definitely will affect the students doing other things besides college”, says Shravan, a 2nd year student.

Crowd in the first week. Credit: Rouge Wave

Crowd in the first week. Credit: Rouge Wave

The first day also saw something that the college had never seen before. Almost 60 students were given TC by the college because they didn’t have the required percentage of attendance in the previous year.  Last year, the college had taken in writing from the said students before issuing them hall tickets that if they wouldn’t secure more than 80% marks in the annual exams, they’d receive their TCs. The authorities made good on the threat, resulting in one section being scraped from the 3rd year and the students of this section being put in the remaining sections. “The year has started on such a damp note with our class being split up and that too in the final year. We’ve tried everything we could to go back to the old section but the authorities don’t seem to be in any mood to change their decision”, says Renuka, a 3rd year B.Com (Reg) student. It isn’t the first time that such an incident has taken place. Last year, with the early morning shift being started for students pursuing their professional courses, 2nd and 3rd year classes were split up.

Not all changes taking place at Badruka are resulting in displeasure among the students though; a few things are actually changing for the better. “The first day I walked in, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My college had transformed into something very different. I still can’t believe that my ancient and broken down college is actually getting a make over. It’s still in the process but it feels great to see new colours on the walls and better furniture.” says Abhishek, a 3rd year student. The makeovers at Badruka don’t stop at the buildings alone; the college has made it compulsory for boys to follow the dress code too. While there always existed the concept of ‘dress code’ in the college, it was last year when it was made mandatory for the girls to wear salwar kameez to the college. “It is only fair that the boys have to wear formals too. Why should it always be only us who are forced to follow these rules?” questions Preeti, a 2nd year B.Com (Reg) student, who clearly isn’t a staunch supporter of the ‘dress code’ rule.

Freshly painted classrooms. Credit: Rouge Wave

Freshly painted classrooms. Credit: Rouge Wave

With it being only one week since the college has started, not everybody is aware of all the changes that have taken place at Badruka. With some students still on vacation, some just having finished their PCC exams or in the process of writing their ICWA exams and a few others preparing for other exams that are coming up, the strength in the campus isn’t to its full capacity. The return of these students, the admission of the freshers and the resolve of the management in the following weeks will decide the fate of the new rules. If the college reverts back to the old rules or continues with the new rules for a new beginning.

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