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CVR College of Engineering (Accredited by NBA) was established in 2001 and its fifth batch of successful students has just graduated from the college. The Cherabuddi Education Society sponsors the college. The society aims at creating a state-of-the-art engineering institution in association with leading NRI professionals and well known academicians of Andhra Pradesh. The society aims to harness technical excellence and financial power of NRI’s in making CVR College of Engineering a pre-eminent technical institution. The college is the only one in the Osmania University area that is promoted by NRI technology professionals resident in the US. The NRI promoters are associated with cutting-edge technologies of the computer and electronics industry. That’s what the prospectus of the college says. Now, for some reality check.

How do students at CVR define CVR??? Well, you have to ask them and when quipped about it, pat came the reply ‘C#33*!#3 V33!! R#!*&$‘, that’s what they ‘educate’ their juniors during the ragging season. Good things about your college? ”Good things???!!! Sorry, repeat the question, you must be joking mate or you have no idea about this college”, was what a group of students shot back. We posed the same question to a couple of other students with textbooks in their hands and hurrying to a classroom and they replied, “The college as such is fine, pretty good lecturers, good labs and stuff but its kinda boring with rigid rules, flexibility with the rules would do a world of good to the college”. What’s to hate in your college? ”Everything, everything”, was the stern reply by a bunch of students in the canteen. ”No freedom, some bloody rules, no sports activities, no proper sport facilities, acads is a pain in the ass after sometime”, when posed to another group.

During the college day function Credit: Deccan Tifosi

During the college day function Credit: Deccan Tifosi

What do you do in the free time? “We, first years have no free time, the seniors generally have it from 3:15 to 4:00, but there’s pretty much nothing to do in the college, some of the guys are found in the playgrounds, the girls in the canteen, the lounge (the guys don’t have it) or near the buses”, verbatim by Akhila. How’s the infrastructure in your college? “The labs are really awesome, good support by the faculty as well, I wish I had labs every day, kaam jaldi ho jata and I can finish everything and go out to play basketball”, said Akshay. Tell us more about your college, let’s say extracurricular activities. “Extra balls activities, yeah right!!! What do you expect, this is a crazy wacko ass college man, if you want to hone your skills, forget ‘Honing’ even if you want to show your skills, search elsewhere ‘coz CVR is not the place”, replied staunchly by Vijay. “Let me think!! Oh yeah!!! I forgot, the college has a cricket team, a volleyball team highly favored by the PTs, and this year they allowed the basketball team, the football team to participate in various other college tournaments”, as replied by Sameer. How about something for the girls? “Ah!! We have a throwball team and we have participated and we have won too”, told Archana gleefully.

Fun activities in your college, or any hangout spots in the college? “Not many really, the-can’t-really –ignore canteen, the buses, and… That’s it!!! All these places only after the class hours, during the classes they are strictly prohibited. There’s no proper shade or trees in the college, you are better off sleeping in your class rather than roaming around, if you are found wandering, then you have put yourself in jeopardy”, signs off Shruthi. How would you paint an overall picture about your college? “The academics is fine in the college, other activities are really sporadic, bunking and having fun in the college is a strict no-no, no play during the lunch hours (but still, we play), college buses are neat, canteen as always is kinda bad (wish there was more variety, and cheap too) and you will learn about other nuances once you end up here, the seniors will impart ‘gyaan’ and of course you will gain ‘knowledge’ (not the bookish stuff, mind you) as well, so that’s the picture”, explained vividly by Chaitanya.

Bustling with activity.. Credit: Deccan Tifosi

Bustling with activity.. Credit: Deccan Tifosi

That’s the story about CVR (affiliated to JNTU) (Accredited by NBA), yet another college in and around Hyderabad. Details about the college, the big four departments ECE, CSE, IT, EEE each with 120 students and THE Department (pretty famous) in their College, EIE with 60 students. That’s the courses offered for the B.Tech students. For the graduates there’s MBA, MCA and M.Tech (VLSI, Software Engineering) . The college has its own transport facility, with buses plying from everywhere in the city, and of course the RTC buses too. The college has good infrastructure and well equipped labs, less sports facilities though, good academics, but lacks the image of a well known college to the denizens living in the city.

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