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By Silent Screamer On June - 22 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

There are two kinds of world today. The real world and the world of internet. There is no one today, who says, “I am not a part of any social networking site”. Be it Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Hi5 or any other site you can think of, people are addicted to it initially. Going online, checking your scraps or walls, seeing if you got any comments on your photos, checking out if any hot guy or girl sent you a request and on the process of logging in and out goes. And also the process of making the owners of such sites richer. Even kids, as young as twelve join such sites. Akhilesh, a 10th standard student says, “I joined Orkut when I was in my 7th grade. It got so boring that now I switched to Facebook”.

The strangest of the relationships are formed online, when you make friends with a stranger. Even the most introvert person tends to open up online. “Asl please” might seem passé now but there still are several people, who are desperate to make friends online. Even after so many social networking sites coming up, we still have chat rooms filled up with people chatting, flirting and kidding around. Some people are vulgar, some dumb and others friendly. But at the beginning, he or she is just another person we have never seen or heard of.

People interacting at zapak.com Credit: Silent Screamer

People interacting at zapak.com Credit: Silent Screamer

The social life online sometimes tends to dissociate the person from the outside world. Sahil (name changed), an engineering student says, “I am always online. I go to chat rooms, and make new friends on orkut and facebook. And incase I have to go outside, I log in through my mobile. I can’t imagine my life without the internet”. Ramya a medical student says, “I always stay online, chatting with my friends and browsing. I made a friend online once and decided to never do it again. That guy made my life miserable. He was desperate to meet me even after my refusal to meet him. He would call me every day and cry on the phone. It was funny hearing him cry though. Thank god he doesn’t bother me anymore!”

Srujana says, “I made so many friends online that I sometimes forget their names. I go to chat rooms and interact with people. It’s a lot of fun getting to know new people. Some are very funny.” “I once chatted with a guy, who became so desperate that he said he loved me. I laughed out so loud! Then one day when I told him I had fever, he calls me up to tell me that he fasted for me. My friends and I never laughed so much after that”, says Swathi, a commerce student.

There are a few people, who are even against interacting online. Nupur, a medical student says, “I do not like making friends online. Why should I talk to someone I don’t know? I can’t trust such people at all”. Gowtham says, “Making friends online is not the way I like making friends”. But sometimes you make great friends online. Amritha says, “I made some great friends online. I share everything with them, and I trust them too. I know them too well to not trust them. My best online friend and I might even meet soon. I am so excited!” When asked, on what basis they added people on networking sites, Shruthi, a degree student says, “an interesting profile. I can’t add people, who don’t have anything written on their profiles”.

Youth stuck to Internet Credit: Silent Screamer

Youth stuck to Internet Credit: Silent Screamer

Amongst all this technological entertainment, parents are the frustrated lot. They are constantly worried about their children. Mr. Srinivas, parent of an engineering student says, “My daughter is either in front of the computer or her mobile. Sometimes I can’t help but worry about her future. As a father, I have to be concerned about what she is doing”. Another parent, Mrs. Sheela (name changed) says, “I don’t understand what makes these kids get so glued to the net. I feel they are losing on their social life outside. There are so many other things in the world than chatting and browsing online. My son is either in college, in front of the computer or hanging out with friends. I don’t understand today’s generation at all”. Mrs. Suchitra (name changed), a parent of a commerce student says, “Looking at my daughter talking to strangers online, I decided to log into a chat room once just to see what is so good about it. I was shocked. A guy asks me, ‘hey baby, how are you doing?’ Maybe I came across the wrong person, but trusting some one so easily is bad!”

Even gaming sites like zapak have people chatting and getting to know each other. In several multiple player games, people start chatting while playing Each game turns out to look like a mini chat room. Alekhya says, “I was once playing chess with this guy. He stopped playing and started asking me stuff like, where I was from, my asl and all that. I told him to shut up and play the game! I mean I go there to play games not chat with people and make friends”.

Weather interacting online is advantageous or disadvantageous, one thing which is clear is that today’s students cannot imagine a life without the internet. Like how Orkut got boring to many and Facebook seemed more interesting, one day all networking sites may become passé because of new advancements. After all, we are a world filled with smart brains.

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