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For one, we’re all born with religion. The choice is made, the path is treaded and to follow it, we must head towards faith. It convulses the substance of the supreme being with the inner reality. The world and its religions are ever – changing; multiplying in diversity and transcendence. When the faith is lost and hopes turn evasive, the sins, the religious cult, the forbearance, everything becomes a void. Rejection of a religion is becoming a rather typical prodigy swirling in the minds of the younger contemporaries.

What does religion mean to these people? “Religion? I don’t really have one”, remarks Thanmai Sriram. Supposedly, each of them have varied views; Shrey Shukla, another student exclaims, “I don’t like the label of religion. I don’t believe that ‘religion’ is needed for spiritual growth or for being spiritual at all.” Most of the times, religion was considered as a way of escaping or facing their inner seles instead of finding out about the divine cult all by themselves. “They just blindly follow the religions that their parents give them, just another gimmick by those, who wish to draw lines between humanity, we’re all one after all” he adds.

Gates Shut to faith. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Instead of blindly following the ones they are born with, today many of them are exploring various religious practices and thus chosing the right one. Discovering your religion isn’t easy, even if you desperately intend to do it. It means, chosing the most convenient direction of spirituality, in a way that represents one’s salvation. From Zoroastrian to Christianity, each one stands out at a different avenue.

Religious views among teens has changed drastically. The otherwise existent names were replaced with the bolder, “Spiritual but not religious” or “Atheist” tags. Monisha M, a student of Sultan-Ul-Uloom for B.Pharmacy says, ” I put up ’spiritual but not religious’ on my Facebook account because, I don’t follow any religion as such, its just too complicated and I ain’t involved in religious prayers or anything unless my parents drag me to a temple”. Spirituality is an effective way to connect to yourself or perhaps your emotionality.

The inverted cross

The inverted cross. Credit: Screed Hauteur

“Nowhere in me is the presence of god! Of Wrath and eternal damnation. The prayers were unanswered, there was in-just, there was sorrow and dependence.” Believing in the supreme power is forgone for some. A survey conducted on 25 people revealed that 11 of them did not believe in any kind of religion. They considered themselves atheists. 5 of them were Agnostic, while 4 others have been religiously religious. The rest were either confused or didn’t bother much. On account of the increasing number of atheists in the city, Shrey shoots up, “It’s a choice… everyone has the free will to do what they want that’s because people are realizing that religion is not needed in order to be a good person, people use it to endorse separatism and elitism”.

When all these religions actually talk of love and oneness, the core message of all religions is just one thing. With the evolving centuries, people twisted for their own advantage and today most people consider religion as only a half-baked joke. How familiar are these teeny-boppers with atheism, Talha Ali Khan says that he thinks a lot about atheism and its principles. Interestingly, it could be how they get motivated , Jon, another student of CBIT says, ” hmm… peer pressure too affects us”. Therefore blaming people for walking out of their religions would be moronic as it isn’t possible to figure out the boundaries associated with it.

Towards Self belief

Towards Self belief. Credit: Screed Hauteur

A teenage atheist, Sudeep Raman explains, “The process of realization and awakening is a long intense process, teenagers go through phases where they just wanna rebel so they drop their religions. Whatever the reasons are, if you know what you’re doing and if you believe it’s right, then no one else can say anything about it”. Call it popularity or a gut of confidence that atheism instills in one, a number of people have begun to believe that it actually exists. Sai Kiran, a student of MRIT, “I believe in atheism and I guess most people do. I bet even thought they don’t believe they say that they believe cause they may fear that if God is there, he may ruin them”. Once they release their dependence, their confidence in themselves and self-belief improved to a great extent and the burden of sins, much lighter. Manasa Rao explains, “Since humans created religion its entirely upto oneself… personally I think life is bigger than religion”.

Temples still flood with people

Temples still flood with people. Credit: Screed Hauteur

People, who are affected by this can be prone to more sensitivity. Dinesh Rayala, a student of CBIT exclaims, “I think one’s personal beliefs depend on your family upbringing , your environment and your peers but then again, how much you allow them to influence you is up to you”. Some youth firmly believe that religion is their their way to happiness in life. Puneet Netha, a second year student of MVSR says, “I am a deeply religious person, I always try to do right things, I pray daily and go to the temple and try to help others.This indeed has made my life better”. Her mom agrees with her and says that not believeing in your religion would get you nowhere as you forget all the moral priciples that help you lead a good life. On the contrary, worshiping the evil is for redemption where the sole Lucifer, Satan lives.

A relationship with your God is lost? Well, you could be losing your religion. Save yourself from it or find the naked freedom of religion to reach sanctity. Ultimately, its you, who must make the appraisal.

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