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With EAMCET counseling closing in, the buzz around the town is to decide which course to get into; all time favorites like ECE, EEE, Mechanical are surely the first preferences followed by the recession hit IT and CS engineering, which people say are surely to make a comeback. But for all the unconventional streams like Automobiles, Bio Tech, Mechatronics, Aerospace engineering etc. There requires thorough knowledge in regard with what the courses have to offer.

Aeronautical or Aerospace engineering is one among the many streams about which students have misconceptions and wrong views. To jot down a few we have:

Myth 1: It’s difficult to get a seat into B Tech Aerospace.
Myth 2: Fees structure is different than other courses and it is costlier.
Myth 3: No experienced faculty available to teach the subjects.
Myth 4: Pursuing Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering makes you a pilot.

Here is our say to bust the myths mentioned above.

Firstly, it is as easy to get into B.Tech Aerospace, as it is to join any other course. Though the figures show that there are only 8 colleges offering the course across the state, it’s also true that if one scores a decent rank in EAMCET, one has the same chance to get into Aeronautics as for ECE, IT or any other course.

Chetak IAF helicopter Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Chetak IAF helicopter Credit: Dynamic Warrior

As mentioned above Aerospace engineering is a regular course offered by JNTU accredited colleges and the fee structure is same as other courses. Suman, a non local student from Karnataka was charged exorbitant management fee package by a reputed college in twin city. He was shocked to realize later that many of his class mates had paid half the amount that he paid to get into the same course. We inquired with colleges across the twin cities and found shocking figures quoted for the management seats, which ranged from 3 lakhs to 5 lakh rupees for the complete course and options to pay the same in installments were also available. Mr. S V Rao (Name Changed on request),  a faculty in one of the colleges tells us that the price quoted could come down to 2 lakh rupees after the counseling gets over, as the management would be keen to sell away the remaining seats then. So all the students, who wish to get in through the pay seat, a very important advice is keep your patience high and wait for the right moment to approach the management.

As per a survey which we conducted, the results showed that, as many as 60% of students, who joined with the pay seat were North Indians. Rahul, a student, who passed out this year says that the college management quotes triple the amount to an outsider, assuming them to be unaware of the rates. And the sad part is that many fall prey to this practice and there’s nothing much, which could be done. It’s advised to all students and parents to check with students studying in the colleges and acquire information regarding the fee structure to avoid getting cheated. (Applicable for the management seats only)

Wind tunnel in college lab Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Wind tunnel in college lab Credit: Dynamic Warrior

And unlike the management seats, the regular students, who get admissions from EAMCET are required to pay nearly 1.2 lakh rupees for the complete course, which is likely to get raised to 1.3 to 1.4 lakhs this year. This still is comparatively very less compared to the pay seat. Though the students join the colleges and are done with all the trouble during the admission process, the tension doesn’t get over here; now one has to deal with other troubles like the quality of studies, lecturers, attendance etc.

Even if one is convinced enough to take up the course, there are people out there telling about not finding qualified faculties to teach the difficult subjects like, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Aerospace Vehicle Structure, Space Studies etc. The truth is, once engineering studies begins, one has to learn all by oneself and it doesn’t really matter how experienced the staff of lecturers are. Speaking further on this, to a large variety of Aeronautical Engg students, we saw that those students, who scored good marks always felt that their lecturers were up to the mark in teaching them. So it can be concluded that if one has the will to succeed then nothing and nobody can stop one from achieving it.

As we undertook the survey, it was surprising to find out that many students, who are pursuing Aeronautical engineering, still are not clear on what the course has to offer to them. Prasad, a 3rd year student still thinks that doing this course would land him up a Pilot job. It’s very sad to see this situation. Students do not realize that not all the words, which have prefix “Aero” are related to becoming a Pilot or flying an aircraft. Santosh, another student tells us, he was told by his relatives that doing aeronautical engineering would make him eligible to become a Pilot. It’s an irony that information regarding these courses is not disclosed to anyone through a proper channel and students end up by taking a wrong decision.

Jet engine of a fighter aircraft in lab for display Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Jet engine of a fighter aircraft in lab for display Credit: Dynamic Warrior

We must understand that to become a pilot one needs to get his / her CPL – Commercial Pilot License; and getting a degree in B.Tech Aeronautical, won’t fetch anybody to this domain of flying, not even close. But a degree in Aeronautical opens doors to many arenas. After getting a degree from a recognized university, one could get into the Civil Airline Giants like Kingfishers, Jet Airways and Indian Airways etc., by clearing a DGCA exam conducted by AAI – Airport Authority of India. One could even try getting into the Indian Armed Forces special university entry scheme; designed to cater to the needs of Technical Vacancies of the post of officer especially in Indian Air Force.

For those, who would like to try their hand at designing a modern generation aircraft or any newer technology related to aerospace can get into HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited; ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization etc. That’s not all; there’s more – one could get into Multi National Companies like BE Aerospace, Honeywell, Thales etc and work with them in variety of fields like Engine overhaul, Avionics, air traffic management etc.

Aerospace engineering or ANE as it’s suggested in the JNTU course book is a comparatively new stream of study for the engineering students of Andhra Pradesh. The biggest problem, which a student might face is the lack of books as all the publishers or writers of the prescribed books are mostly foreign authors and the prices are really expensive, the only practical solution to which as Sheetal, a 4th year ANE student suggests is to get Xerox of the originals done. Secondly there are no All in ones for the ANE syllabus printed as yet by any publishers and thus making it very difficult for the students to prepare during the exams, for which one has to study from all the reference books mentioned in the syllabus books.

A piston engine for display in lab Credit: Dynamic Warrior

A piston engine for display in lab Credit: Dynamic Warrior

As Atif a 2nd yr student pursuing his Aeronautical Engineering suggests to us that the best way to check what a college has to offer is by checking out the labs or much better try searching for the online communities or groups on Face book or Orkut and pop in a question regarding the college’s infrastructure or staff and you could be sure to get appropriate reply from the students side as they will be always eager to answer any queries.

Though, being a new stream, Aeronautics has a lot to offer to the student fraternity. The course doesn’t restrict itself to Aircrafts, Helicopters or any other Flying Machines which includes its sub systems like avionics, airframes etc but also reaches out to subjects such as Rockets, Missiles, Space Mechanics, Cryogenics, and Airport Management etc. Thus it is now been called as Aerospace Engineering by few.

So everyone, who is interested to make a difference in the world of sky, gear yourself up to enter the world of zooming aircrafts and super sonic speeds, but be watchful in taking decisions because it is said Haste makes Waste.

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