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It was 11:30 p.m. in downtown Hyderabad. The wind was at its fiercest best stepping up its howling with every passing minute. Pravallika was sprinting back and forth in her room with the restlessness akin to a tiger waiting to ambush its prey. Occasionally, she would peep through the door to ensure that her parents were fast asleep. Normally, tenth graders her age would’ve been sleeping by then but Pravallika had other intentions; she had a task at hand. Hypnotized by a self-cast spell, she walked to the telephone, lifted the receiver and dialed a number. “Hello, whoz this?” a male voice enquired.

Couples gettin' cosy in a park Credit: Surreal Gaze

Couples gettin' cosy in a park Credit: Surreal Gaze

“Hello…..Hello Nitin. It’s me, Pravallika.” “Hi Pravs, wassup?  You, calling me at this time of the day?” Soon, Pravallika realized her body was being sapped of all its energy and her face was turning pale. Yet, she mustered enough courage and whispered, “Nitin, I….I…I LOVE YOU!” Bang! She slammed the receiver on the phone and gasped for breath. Deep inside her, she rejoiced with happiness; she felt relieved, liberated.

Welcome to the world of adolescence; a world that is characterized by tomfoolery, where fickleness and fragility rule the roost. Most of the teenagers (age group-14 to 22) are often a confused lot; undecided between the good and the bad, right and wrong. “It is these crucial 8 years when one moves from childhood to adulthood transiting adolescence, that make or mar one’s life,” explains Jayanthi, an educationist. “In this phase, teens feel the incumbent urge to enter into a relationship with the opposite sex. This makes life all the more miserable for them,” she adds.

Friendship is often mistaken for love Credit: Surreal Gaze

Friendship is often mistaken for love Credit: Surreal Gaze

Undoubtedly, the only word in the English dictionary that has no proper definition till date is- LOVE. While nerds would define it as ‘a chemical imbalance,’ fanatics call it ‘an erotic feeling that arouses desires’; others simply refer to it as ‘trash that ruins the lives of clueless people.’ Shikha, a final year B.Com student recollects, “I ‘first’ fell in love with my classmate in school. Later, we realized that ‘things’ weren’t ‘working.’ So, we decided to ‘break up’ and ‘move on’ (All the highlighted words in the earlier sentence have profound meanings and implications which may require the reader tointrospect). Blossoming of love during school is not uncommon. But Neeraj, an IIT grad argues, “Love at such a tender age is a mere illusion. Youngsters often mistake ‘infatuation’ for love. To be precise, love, infatuation and sex are the 3 most ambiguous words every adolescent has to deal with. All the 3 are mentally straining and distract the adolescent, in the process, taking a toll on his performance and behavior.”

Is it necessary to love a person?’ “In this mad, ever-evolving world where there is very little room for humane feelings such as compassion, benevolence and belonging, you need that special person who you can turn to at the end of the day; one person you can share your feelings with, to spend your valuable time, tell your woes and finally, make love to,” explains Nayan, an engineering student. ‘How does it all start?’ ‘When do you know you’re in love?’ While Krithi, a CBIT student says, “You never know when you are in love. It just happens,” people like Raghav beg to differ. He clarifies, “Shyama and I were good friends right from school. 5 years into our friendship, I figured out that I needed her for life, that I couldn’t live without her. Understandably, she also shared the same sentiments and we decided to get ‘committed’ to each other.”

Mr Ms Ms Mr Credit: Surreal Gaze

Mr Ms Ms Mr Credit: Surreal Gaze

Siddharth, a VIT student chips in, “More often than not, the whole idea of love is misunderstood in the student circles. It is just a bond that exists between individuals- be it mother-son, brothers or sisters. The feeling of compassion between a boy and a girl is always blown out of proportion forcing them to enter into a relationship accepting each other as lovers.” He further adds, “The reason behind friends turning into lovers is exactly this- the hype and hoopla created around a boy-girl relationship.” However, Raghav asks, “When you have a friend whom you’ve known for years, you cannot ask for a better person as your wife, can you?”

Though Raghav might be happy with the present state of things, Latha, a mother of two is not. “Of late, my son has been faring badly in exams. We were naturally worried as he always topped in every subject. This sudden downward trend compelled us to investigate and we were totally dumbfounded by what we uncovered. He’s been suffering from immense mental trauma because he was ‘rejected’ by his classmate. I seriously don’t know what to do.” ‘Whom does she blame?’ “Movies are having a catastrophic influence on the minds of teeny-boppers. One cannot gauge the repercussions they have. Blockbusters like ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ and the countless love stories dished out are having a negative impact on youngsters. It’s time somebody raised a hue and cry.”

“At the end of the day, it all boils down to the individual in particular because one’s life can never be dictated by others,” quotes Siddharth, rather philosophically. So, the next time you come across an attractive boy/girl and feel irresistibly drawn towards him/her, sit down and think clearly. Think hard of what you expect from life and the other person, in general; think of what outcome it could have on both your lives and all the people involved (family and friends). However cliched it might sound, real life isn’t a 3-hour cinematic joyride, where the hero wins his lady love with consummate ease. Life is precious, and so is love; both need to be treasured as they are delicately interweaved among each other. Just as the age-old prophecy goes, ‘Pyaar kiya to darna kya!’

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