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A convoy of yellow buses, some sleek, some abnormally long, some that look like they are about to fall to pieces, with names written on strips across them are a common sight on the city roads in the morning and evening. Going by the mundane look of the bus, an onlooker may assume that there is eerie silence behind those sun-film coated windows. But what goes on inside is only known to the people, who travel by these buses.

Colleges in Hyderabad, especially the engineering and medical colleges, are situated mostly in the outskirts of the city. Hence the need for college buses arose, which were aimed at avoiding the time wasted in commuting to college by public transport. Given the long stretches of roads, where traffic congestion is a common phenomenon, it easily takes an hour to reach college. Such a long and continuous journey of monotony gives a commuter no other option but to look for sources of entertainment. It is interesting to know how various people waste or utilize their time in several ways.

There are different kinds of stereotypical students with extreme and obnoxious behaviours in buses – the annoyingly loud people, who have no inhibitions in letting everyone know their personal information; the ones, who sit in some corner and are hardly known to their ‘busmates’; the ones, who are inseperable from their ear phones, who sometimes even sing along with the songs much to everyone’s terror and the studious ones, who are so engrossed that it makes one wonder if they are insulated from the noise in the bus. “I freaked out at the very idea of sitting in a seat without budging, for about two hours, before i joined college. But now it is a part of my routine that I always look forward to, with interest. I am very intrigued by human psychology. Observing people behave in a bus because there are usually no restrictions, is quite interesting”, says Aditi Arora, a student of CBIT.

After holi Credit: Sir Caustic

After holi Credit: Sir Caustic

In every class there are some backbenchers, who are known for their mischief, likewise there are ‘back seaters’ in buses as well. “There is a group people in our bus, who make the bus come to life in an unpleasant way though, with their hooting and songs like ‘ringa ringa’ and ‘emosional atyachar’ in our bus. Though it’s sometimes funny to listen to them, their baritones get on my nerves most of the time”, says Rekha (name changed), a student of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Tech. “Singing in chorus with my fellow ‘backseaters’ is a great source of entertainment for us. We don’t really care about what others think of us. They may stuff their ears with ear buds if they dont want to listen to us”, says Vipul, a student of MGIT.

“I once forgot my cell at home, so I was restlessly waiting for the bus to reach college. I don’t have many friends in my bus. A journey without my cell is hell”, quips Swathi, a student of VNR VJIET. A cell phone is a must for a bus journey, given the various things one can do with a phone – listening to music, playing games, chatting with friends through SMSs and ‘bluetoothing’ music, pictures and videos. “I love clicking pics with my new 5MP phone while travelling. Also, my friends love some games in my phone so we all take turns and compare our scores”, says Vivek, who admits to being obsessed with his cell phone.

There are a considerable number of students, who prefer solitude to having fun and contributing to the noise in the bus. “I love to be all by myself, staring at the people on the road, observing the buildings and nature. I even read books sometimes. It’s the only time I get to be alone, without anyone talking to me. So I feel very fresh after reaching college”, says Alekhya, a student of MNR Medical college. Sometimes, when one does not sleep long enough at home, a nap in the bus compensates for it. So accustomed are some people to sleeping in their bus that it has almost become an inevitable part of their routine.

The exam times dampen the spirits of students and there is a very surprising silence in the buses, which is at times broken by the sound of discussions among the students.There is not a single student, who has not studied, at least once, in the bus before an exam. “Irrespective of how much I prepare at home, I prepare in the bus because I ask the seniors about the important questions and discuss with my classmates. It has proven to be very effective for me”, says Pavan, a student of CBIT. While most of the students are found to be studying only during exams, there are some, who study regularly in the bus. Occassionally, one can even find people finishing their assignments, home works and records in the bus.

Students taking a nap while listening to music Credit: Sir Caustic

Students taking a nap while listening to music Credit: Sir Caustic

On an average, a student spends about 4 hours in class everyday while speding about 3 hours in the bus journey. It is thus, not surprising for a student to make many friends in the bus. Also, since there are no restrictions in the bus, they can talk freely with their friends; discuss various happenings in college and even gossip. This helps in a good bonding between different people in the bus. “If college is the second home, the bus is a third home for me. I have many memories associated with my bus mates. The best of my friends are the ones whom I travel with. I remember the day we played holi in the bus”, says a nostalgic Divya, an ex-student of CBIT. Besides, it is always helpful to know someone from your college, who lives nearby your home for you can always ask for notes, books and other help.

However, the bus ride isn’t as joyful as it seems. While in some college buses, there are enough seats for all the students, in most of the buses, getting a seat is a luxury. Also, one gets bored of seeing the same old faces after a few months. Some students still prefer the good old RTC buses to college buses because they don’t have to wait till the college bus starts and they have the freedom of going wherever they want, before reaching home. RTC buses or college buses, the students have figured their way out of the boring and exhausting journeys.

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