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JNTU Results

By Deccan Tifosi On June - 29 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The last few days left, nightmares for some, windfalls for some, just jejune for some. Who are these some??? What are these some??? “SOME” are the hapless victims, fortunate punters, meticulous ones respectively. Well, that’s how you can classify the students of JNTU affiliated colleges, who have just obtained their results in their corresponding semester examinations. Why such a classification? Well, because of the renowned JNTU correction. With the new Vice-Chancellor in power, thought it was changed for the better, but did it actually change? The answer again is of course not, definitely yes, didn’t really matter, correspondingly. ”The devil resurfaced yet again, Sigh!!!”, exclaims Siddharth. Is this the general reaction of majority of the students? Or only a few? With the B.Tech 4th year and the 3rd year results out and rumors about the 2nd year results flying thick and fast, let’s find out how the student fraternity feels about the latest offering from JNTU.

Your credibility at the exam Credit: Deccan Tifosi

Your credibility at the exam Credit: Deccan Tifosi

“Ae Masakali Masakali, Udu Matakali Matakali…, rang the phone, I was glad to see a friend calling me, I gleefully picked up the call and was smiling. The unthinkable just happened, smiles vanished; frown and despair supplanted the cherubic smile when I heard the words, ‘Results aagaye, dekh liya? Kitna aaya?’ Holy Shit, so soon, bloody what’s the hurry”, was my initial reaction told Shruthi.  “After 3 hours, 180 minutes precisely the window finally opened without any errors or no network timeouts, and there I was sitting at the desk frantically biting my nails off, and ping! Finally it opened, JNTU EXAMINATION BRANCH, I quickly checked the extreme right column, P P P P P P P P, hurray!!!! ALL CLEAR!!!”, was how Jenny reacted. “Will I ever touch the line—70??? Thanks to the brilliance of the evaluators I never have….. damn it, saala jitna bhi likhun, hota kyun nahin?”, a pissed off student, Sameer.

The meritorious students were unflustered about their results having reaped handsome amount of marks. “Neat, good correction, valid results, I have no problems, I am happy”, said Harsha. “You write well, you get good marks, I am pretty okay with my results”, said Rekha. “I thought I could have easily scored more marks than I got, but nevertheless it’s okay.”, said Ravi. “ It is agonizing man, I am pretty close to 70 but just unable to reach that, set my foot on 70, that’s not happening, It’s like so near yet so far for me”, said Akrithi. “Tere ko kitna aaya mamu? Mera toh asal expected hi nahin hain, sexy marks dale baap, mera 74 hain kehthe, main toh fultoo khush hun, bhagwan jaane paper ke bare mein, kya toh bhi likha tha wahan exam mein”, Mohith jumping around in joy.

The marks sheets... Credit: Deccan Tifosi

The marks sheets... Credit: Deccan Tifosi

What is the secret of success? What are the ingredients that get marks? “Keywords, phrases, underlining them or highlighting the important points in an answer I guess will fetch you good marks. Writing the answers in points rather than paragraphs is helpful”, said Avinash. “Handwriting is of some real importance, it’s actually paramount. A beautiful handwriting will definitely give you more marks than a scribbled paper. You don’t have to be a calligrapher, just make sure you present your paper well and you will notice that you will definitely get more marks”, said Shruthi. “Just because my handwriting is bad doesn’t mean that I haven’t written anything in the paper, I will bet I wrote the subject there, I studied this time and I knew what I wrote but still I am stuck up at 60, this is unfair, why can’t they read the answers, they are getting paid for correcting the papers right, why can’t they be fair when correcting the answer sheets?”, laments Ananth.

These were some of the reactions, anger, anguish, despair, sorrow, disaster, joy, elation, spellbound, unperturbed, cloud 9, holy awesome that the students exhibited. A peek into a JNTU student’s life once is enough and you will learn a lot more about human emotions and how everything happens with just a click of a mere mouse button at the results window. Vicissitudes, fortuitous accidents, unexpected boons, sudden dooms, everything and anything JNTU is always ready to offer you. Do you have the heart? Try for yourselves… http://www.jntu.ac.in/results/htno.php?ecode=25032r05

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