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X-men Origins, Terminator Salvation, Transformers – Revenge of the fallen, Bolt, Ice Age 3, New york, Kambhakht Ishq, Pista, Kiss and many more. Go to a multiplex and the choice one has is limitless. There are so many movies to watch and so less time left in the holidays. One must have already watched a couple of movies in this long list and now must be feeling the urge to watch a couple more. Young guys go to the ticket counter and ask for the tickets to the latest flick, its all right till then but when the wallet is out, there is nothing but cobwebs and flies stuck to the cobwebs in it. Most of them, stuck in such an awkward situation, give the counter lady a smile and say those three words that terminator said all those years ago “I’ll Be Back” and bolt their way out of the queue to save face. The students would have realised by now that its almost the end of the month and that they are broke, besides there are so many movies to watch that one would get bored anyways. To catch up more on the movie front, read this. Now one must be thinking that almost all the holiday activities that an average jobless Joe does in holidays are done. But, not really! So how to pass time, do something productive, loose weight and save money??? Read on to find out.

The rocks Credit: Major Payne

The rocks Credit: Major Payne

The war between the producers and multiplex owners may be over but it has left many casualties in its wake in the form of bored youth of the city. “I have already watched all these movies on my PC. Haven’t you heard of the Internet dude?”, asks Vikhyath, an engineering student. “Who’s stupid enough to pay and watch movies on the Big screen when you can watch it for free on the PC”, says he. Valid point but still illegal. Now there are so many movies to choose from and no money to watch all of them and also if parents are told that their children were going to a movie almost every other day, they would not leave them without giving a long lecture, much more boring than the ones at college and the catch here is one cant bunk these. Nobody can laze around the house always eating packets of potato chips and watching TV ‘cos either the Dads will nod their head in disgust that their kids in such a pathetic state or the Moms will scold one away from the TV as she has to watch her soaps. Ultimately, most of the students return to college on the higher side of the weight scale and thinking what productive work was done in all those long summer days.

The View  Credit: Major Payne

The View Credit: Major Payne

So some youth of the city fed up with this situation, tread a different path to pass time and have fun at the same time. They now have a new form of entertainment, i.e., going on long drives and trekking or hiking whatever one may call it. Hiking to remote parts of the city that still have some greenery and  hills left is fast becoming an attraction to the students of the city. “Its a fun way to pass the time and also great way to spend time with friends. Movies, Pubs, Pool, Bowling etc, are more of I’ve-been-there-and-done-that kinda things, but nothing comes close to trekking and climbing hillocks”, says Utkarsh Gupta, another bored half engineer.

Trekking is different from other sorts of travel for a few different reasons. It tends to be less-structured than other sort of travel, as weather conditions and topography help influence travel paths more than anything else. As travelers move on foot through rural areas (often), trekking gives travelers an up-close view of incredible scenery. Many trekkers travel through isolated areas, giving them an experience much different from that, which they are used to. It often allows them to interact with nature, doing anything from climbing a rock wall to navigating through urban forestry.

Quarrying taking palce near the airport Credit: Major Payne

Quarrying taking palce near the airport Credit: Major Payne

“We had recently gone to a trekking trip near the airport area and all the planning was done on Google Earth. The hillock we climbed was 647 feet and gave us the  perfect view of the airport. We could see and hear the planes land and take off, it was a unique experience”, says Prasham Jain, an engineer studying in NIT Kurukshetra and here in Hyderabad for his holidays. There are many points in and around the city, where one can go trekking, all one needs is a computer and Google Earth installed in it. Bike trips can also be planned in and around the city using Google maps that will take you to unknown places and new experiences. It’s real fun.

Trekking spot near Shamirpet Credit: Azazel Eyes

Trekking spot near Shamirpet Credit: Azazel Eyes

Trekking in and around the city helps in many ways. Most importantly, one gets close to nature and attain an inner relaxed feeling, with every breathe of fresh air that is taken. “Sometimes it’s better to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be with ones own self. Gives you a lot of time to think”, says Sid, another avid biker and trekker. Trekking with friends might be a real good option if there is a large group and all are interested in nature. All one needs is some mode of transportation and a fair bit of planning. The best part is not much moolah is spent on such trips. It’s just like a picnic but not like kindergarten years at the zoo park. Discovering new places within the city limits, looking at picturesque sceneries that nobody ever realized is present in your city, biking through villages & back roads, finding out new shortcuts to known places, all of these will be rejuvenating. These short trips are not only entertaining but also help in strong bonding with nature.

Offroading challenges Credit: Major Payne

Offroading challenges Credit: Major Payne

So, to decide on a trekking trip here are a few things to keep in mind before going ahead:

1. Carry a lot of water, around 3 litres per person, as dehydration is common and keep hydrating your body with fluids regularly.
2. Make sure to have a back pack as carrying a lot of stuff becomes easier.
3. Never go on a trek unplanned, like said before check out the maps and routes online before going ahead.
4. Carry a basic first aid kit always on treks.

And the most important of all.
5. Never go on a trek without informing someone before hand and always carry mobile phones in case of emergencies. Safety always comes first.

Happy trekking and remember safety first!
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