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Post June 10th, it has been stressful times indeed for the undergraduate students of Osmania University! Results as such have never been an exciting affair to look out for as far as students are concerned, especially if you were one of those fun-loving grad students with a devil-may-care attitude for studies! As Anirudh, a 3rd year commerce student of Bhavan’s, rightly agrees, “The guy who invented this whole concept of exams and its results deserves to be shot dead! Results bring cheer only to those boring nerds and first benchers, who have no social life beyond their text books. To others like me, it only increases mental tension and pressure at home and college”. But the recently concluded March-April, 2009 exam results came as a mixed bag of surprises (and a nasty one at that!) for most students of OU. The ones, who were expecting to flunk, ended up clearing every paper of theirs with flying colours, while some others, who had nurtured the topper dream ended up with less-than-satisfactory results and what’s more… some even ended up flunking!!!

Students waiting patiently to complete revaluation formalities

Students waiting patiently to complete revaluation formalities

OU through all these years has never been known for evaluating examination papers too well anyway, but for most students, the deviation of anticipated marks to the actual marks received has probably been the highest this time round. Says Srivatsa, a commerce student of Aurora’s, “One of my friends was expecting to score a 100 in Quant… he was the topper in the first year and had been doing extremely well in the 2nd year college exams too. But thanks to the OU corrections, believe it or not, he got only a 30! All of us are so shocked by this… there’s no way he could’ve flunked!” His friend, Rakesh, quips in, “Yeah… even I was totally shocked! Infact what shocked me more was the fact that a girl in my class, who never knew anything in Corporate Accounting and who approached me in the last minute to teach her the basics so that she can at least pass the exams ended up with a 90! I was the one who helped her in the exam hall by showing her some of the answers and in the bargain she ended up getting much more than me!”

There are several other students, who share similar opinions and one common feeling binds them all together. It’s one that runs through all of them and that is… a feeling of disgust and helplessness. While the ones, who expected the worst aren’t really cribbing nor are the ones, who were blessed to get more than what they expected, it is the ones, whose expectations met a dead end, who are crying their throats hoarse. Some of them are even finding it difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Says Kavya, another one of those victims of the OU valuation, “Although I’ve given almost all my papers for revaluation, I doubt if it’ll yield any returns at all. I’ve heard from a couple of my seniors, friends and even a few lecturers that revaluation is nothing but mere recounting of the papers. If the original corrections itself were that bad, I really don’t know how authentic the revaluation is going to be”. Some people are skeptical in the sense that they feel that this is just another one of those exploitative techniques of money making, at a government office! Madhuri says, “They purposely give less marks to the students who aren’t expecting it because they know that those students will definitely give their papers for revaluation. The fees is Rs. 150/- per paper and there must be so many aggrieved students, who would want to give their papers for reval. Plus the last date for submission of improvement forms ends before the reval results are out. So those students, to be on the safer side, will pay the improvement fee also, which is Rs. 350/- per paper. So if we look at it logically, this whole thing seems to be a money making strategy… at least to me it does!”

OU Results online Credit: http://www.osmania.ac.in

OU Results online Credit: http://www.osmania.ac.in

Grievances of the OU students isn’t limited to just whining and complaining about their bad marks in the valuation of their answer scripts. Another concern that most students are worried about is the 10% rule in revaluation, according to which, a student’s revalued marks will be taken into consideration only if there is an increase of 10 marks or more in the paper after recorrection. Now how unfair is that! Zainab, a student of Bhavan’s says, “Suppose I’ve given 6 subjects for revaluation and I manage to get an increase of at least 2 marks in each subject, then my percentage would automatically go up by 2%. So that means if I have a 68, then I can propel myself to a 70% with ease. But now with this rule in place it’s going to get increasingly difficult or maybe even impossible”. Agreeing to what she says, Pooja adds, “The biggest loss, because of this rule, will be seen at the time of placements. So many competent students lose out every year because they don’t manage to clear the required cut off percentage and fall short by a mere 1 or 2%”.

This isn’t a problem that is faced by just one or two students. Every college has an ample number of such students, who are looking for their woes to be redressed. But most of them are unaware of a mechanism in place that could be the ultimate solution to the valuation problems faced by them. All that the students do year after year is whimper, fill up the revaluation and improvement forms with clenched fists and gritted teeth, snivel about the ridiculous amounts being charged as fees, and then move on to doing what they do best… bribe the Lord to shower them with blessings in the form of marks and show them the hope for a better tomorrow! While some blame the bad correction to be a consequence of the high-tension election drama, and some others call this a regular feature of the OU correction system, at the end of the day not many people really know the answer to this issue. Most of them are expected to be contented with a mere hope of their marks increasing in revaluation or to labour it out once again in that almost god-sent thing known as improvements!

But not anymore! Time has come to bid farewell to all those tears we cried only because we got lesser than what we deserved. It’s time to fight back against the system, which makes a mockery of our efforts and denies us what we rightfully deserve. VidYouth has discovered a mechanism, which can help to empower the students to counter the evaluation systems governed by OU and JNTU. For those of you who felt unaided and misunderstood by all, here’s that long-awaited solution that can put an end to all your valuation-related anguish. Find out more about this in our forthcoming edition…

In the meantime, for those of you, who haven’t checked your UG results yet, here’s the link – http://www.osmania.ac.in/ug2009.htm

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