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“I’m so happy that I can finally watch Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and John Abraham on the big screen. My friends and I couldn’t watch many Bollywood movies in the vacation and it was such a disappointment. The fact that they’re releasing now, after the colleges have reopened doesn’t matter, as long as I can watch them. I missed going to the movies so much and I can’t wait to start my movie-watching spree”, says Nidhi, a 19 year old, who shares the same excitement as many around her. The absence of movies from the theatres for over two months has left the crowd starving for new movies and with movies starting to release again; they’re being welcomed with more just than open arms.

The said absence was due to the almost two month standoff between the producers and the multiplex owners over profit distribution of movies. The strike meant that, for the first time, Bollywood went without any major release during the summer. One of the very few movies that was released during the strike was the comic caper 99. But the theatres were bare and the audiences bored due to the absence of the big movies. After a lot of negotiations, the standoff has been called off with both parties working out an agreeable revenue sharing system. As a result, movies are finally hitting the screens. “Movies, to an average Indian, are much more than just entertainment. We live through them and to not have them for so long was torturous. The weekends were getting boring and we were fast running out of places to hang out at. Whatever the differences between the producers and the theatres were, they should have sorted it out behind closed doors without affecting the release of movies”, says Vineeth, an ardent movie buff.

Some of the upcoming movies. Credit: Rouge Wave

Some of the upcoming movies. Credit: Rouge Wave

So what did people around the city do during the summer? “It isn’t fair saying that there were no movies. It was only the Bollywood movies that weren’t out. Telugu movies weren’t a part of the strike. That’s not saying that the movies that were out were great. Only a few movies like Kick and Prayanam were worth watching. Hollywood didn’t particularly have much to offer during the summer either. The biggest release was Angels and Demons. Terminator and Transformers 2 released only last week”, says Sravanthi, an engineering student. Renting and downloading movies fast became alternate options. Quite a few people caught up on movies they’d missed in the last few years.

And for the sport lovers, this summer saw a lot of major events happening, with IPL taking away the cherry on the cake and the T 20 World Cup following closely. “You couldn’t possibly miss Bollywood; the stars were all over IPL. I thought that, in the initial stages, it was the actors that got more media coverage than the cricket itself. I was so glad when none of the Bollywood-backed teams made it into the semis. Bollywood or no Bollywood, IPL had enough drama and it made up for the lack of movies. The T20 World Cup just wasn’t the same but it  filled the void”, says Prashant, who had his hands full with cricket to have been bothered about the strike. It was also the end of the football season and the French Open also took place around the same time. “This time around, there were more places to go out to. Watching the matches on TV was old news. My friends and I went out as much as possible to watch matches on large screens. We hung out at Xtreme Sports Bar a lot during the summer”, says Dhruv, another sports fan.

Movie info in the newspapers. Credit: Rouge Wave

Movie info in the newspapers. Credit: Rouge Wave

But now that the strike has been resolved and with movies back in action, there’s no stopping people from watching them. “I watched Kal Kisne Dekha on the second day. Beat that! There hasn’t been a moment since where if haven’t regretted it but I all I wanted to do then was watch a Hindi movie in a theatre because I hadn’t done it in forever. Even if the movie sucked, being in the theatre and enjoying my popcorn with friends felt great”, says Neelam, a graduation student. The excitement and enthusiasm seem to be pretty contagious. “The last week was awesome, I was on a roll. I watched three movies in three days. I ended up watching Terminator, Transformers 2 and New York on consecutive days. The rush I felt was amazing and I can’t wait for Kambakth Ishq to release”, says Sameer, who plans on watching New York again, this time with his girlfriend.

With over 100 films scheduled to release in 2009 and with less than six months left, movie lovers are in for a treat. A lot of them being big-budgeted, hyped films only makes the situation better, a compensation of sorts for the dull summer. “I feel like a kid in a candy store. There’s so much to choose from and I want it all. With so many movies lined up for release, I’m raring to go. I can’t wait to get on a movie-high”, says Sanjana excitedly. Here’s hoping all of us get our share of our beloved Bollywood masala movies and that we won’t have to suffer through another strike any time soon. Happy movie watching!

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