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Stay with me; won’t you? I just cannot lose you too. I need you so much now. My mother looks at me with a feeling of disgust. My father no longer talks to me. My friends call up to say they’re busy. My relatives never miss an opportunity to bitch about me. I need you mama. I need you pa. I need you, to stand by me. I fear the thought of losing, I fear the thought of being hated, I fear the thought of accepting myself, I fear to face my own reality. Please don’t judge me by my sexuality, all I want to say is, my heart is open.

“Hyderabad? NO way!” shrugs Poonam Singh, a student of HCU. The ‘much ado about nothing’ scene is closer home now, leaving a few rack their brains. Sexuality is definitely one of those common terms we use very often in our lives; making it a crucial term to define one’s identity. Then why do a few people tend to ‘rediscover’ themselves, rather alter their sexuality by alleging to be one of the LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transsexual) community? “I realized that one of my close friends was gay, he never told me for the fear of losing him but his other friend told me. I just broke down because I always teased him of being gay. I didn’t know what to do then. I only heard stories till here.” discloses Shikha Gupta (name changed), who happens to be a student of VNR VJIET.

Together they fight Credit: Screed Hauteur

Together they fight Credit: Screed Hauteur

Stephanie Silberstein, author of Winter’s Silence and an activist for LGBT rights has written a novel, ‘Shades of Gay’ which deals with homophobia and its psychological impact on young adolescents. She plans to release it on May 22, 2010. When asked about the LGBT community in US when compared to that of here, she says, “I would say there is not one unified community, but many different communities throughout all 50 states. There are some cities, like Boston, where there is a large community, complete with religious organizations, support groups for parents of LGBT youth, etc. Then there are places where homosexuality is frowned upon, such as where I live, where there is a community but you have to work hard to find it. Unfortunately, there are also communities that are completely underground because of violence against LGBT persons in the area”

“Oh man, he’s gay!” The one-line that is often used as a instant cut to the quick, just to disgrace people. Even movies these days portray homo-sexuality as a means of featuring comedy that apparently stirred a lot of activists all over.

The worst hit, of course the victims being terribly discriminated, ripped of their self-respect, awfully ill-treated and abused. Social tolerance looks like a major milestone ahead of each one of them. “Society is made up of us. I somehow believe that its all in the young minds and how they accept it. And ofcourse it’s inhuman to abuse them as it wasn’t their choice” says Shruthi, a student of CBIT. Nobody ever chose it; sexuality is innate and is absolutely natural. Communities are all over, but many refrain from them. The biggest of which seems to be the one that is online so that their identity is protected. At the intersection of faith, culture and sexuality rose the challenge of acceptance among people. Social networking sites form the easiest way of interacting/opening up for these people. Even they have incorporated with various options for one’s sexual orientation.

Youngsters at 360 Degrees Credit: Screed Hauteur

Youngsters at 360 Degrees Credit: Screed Hauteur

Abuse often quarterbacks’ suicidal tendencies as, living a normal, hassle-free life is just so uncommon. They are an insecure lot and influences could vary from genetic/hormonal issues to various developmental activities.

Things apart, the facade of a reason why it is often disregarded is linked to the controversial flurry going on, in and out. Some people pretend to be one of them just to indulge in some high jinks or a part of their teenage rakishness. This could be a breakneck for the real ones, struggling to come up with it and stormed by negativity of the boisterous gigolos.

The back-fence talk spills its secrets from many parties that have been going on in the city. Apparently, a couple of them have even noticed it at 360 Degrees last week. “I came with my date, when suddenly some couple started dancing, and soon I realized it was just 2 drunken guys. They were intimate and it was an ugly sight.” reveals a 20-year old Snehita Chowdhary. Ofcourse, the fraidy-cat gushes it off as an act of embrace. Involving in such activity and not identifying oneself as a part of it what some others do. These are nothing when compared to those wild parties that take place in the west.

The much contentious Section 377 of the IPC, which now repeals after 150 years, came as a thing with feathers for various activists around. “Its really foolish that something like this is not accepted by the Law. No one chooses to be one, it’s just a natural that I’m straight and the same with someone who is not.” remarks Anirudh Reddy.

Seemingly, there is a relative term that is familiar beyond a shadow of doubt. Its called “Coming out” or disclosing homo-sexual interests. Accepting it lies ahead of them with a little support from their friends and family. Although, the first person who needs to accept their homosexuality is themselves, friends must lend a mighty hand of support.

Lets Support Credit: Screed Hauteur

Lets Support Credit: Screed Hauteur

Sometimes, there comes a point when self-acceptance is so strong that losing friends and even family no longer matters. Maybe that is when one should come out to everyone. “I think it’s important to accept and to understand as best as you can. There are organizations out there for friends and family of LGBT persons; people should not hesitate to reach out to these organizations for help. It is important to realize that the LGBT teen did not ask to be born LGBT. It may be disappointing or worrisome to a parent to have an LGBT teen, but I think they must put that aside in order to accept and love that child for who he or she is.” adds Stephanie.

Its no choice that was made, its inborn and intuitive. Its when we wake up to reality that It matters not, to cross one’s heart or hold the bag of prejudice as long as there are people to support and stand by these teens. The hard cheese will eventually melt with a bits and pieces of support.

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