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The day one doesn’t mind receiving calls late at midnight; the only day, which is placed high above the rest important days in one’s life. It’s the day when we came into this world… our very own “Happy Birthday!”

It’s very cute to see small kids respond, when asked when their birthday is and mostly they would reply by telling that their “Happy Birthday is on so and so date”. It’s impeccable to remove the word HAPPY from Birthday. For most of us till we were 12 years, our parents hosted birthday parties for all of us, where all the neighbors were invited to our parties and we wondered, why these uncles and aunties are torturing our cheeks and wishing us Happy Birthday; nothing seemed happy then. Everything was weird right from the fact of giving return gifts to so many unknown kids, to blowing wax (Candles) on our own birthday cake and then eating it.

Birthday in Class rooms Credit: Abhishek

Birthday in Class rooms Credit: Abhishek

The best part is that still we celebrate our birthdays but only now our parents don’t call the guests and that we have started calling it by the name of “Birthday Treats” and the weirdness factor hasn’t gone yet. We still mess up with the cake and rather than eating it we put it on each others face as a make up and pose for the camera. As if the terror of getting our birthday dress spoiled wasn’t enough to scare everyone; there is another ritual called the “Birthday Bumps” where the fun of one’s birthday is usually enjoyed by his or her friends by officially hitting the person on the most important day of their life and laughing their way to glory.

Gifts have always been very special on birthdays, especially in context with the ones we receive from our parents because we always end up knowing what we are getting and almost always it’s something which we have wished for year long and were promised to be given on birthdays; so all this makes receiving gifts on birthdays even more special. And with friends sometimes even a call from some forgotten friend suffices as a wonderful gift and gets a wide smile across the face.

PIP: Picture in Picture Credit: Dynamic Warrior

PIP: Picture in Picture Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The latest trend to catch the flavor of town is the surprise birthday treats planned by the friends; as Sonia a youngster, who celebrated her birthday last month tells us that she was surprised to find out that none of her friends wished her on her birthday and when asked to come for the party they gave lame excuses of having other work; she said that she was very disappointed and then suddenly in the evening everyone turned up to her place and they took her to boat cruise as they all booked the evening as a special gift, which all of  her  friends planned. She says she had the best time in her life on that day.

Eventually, Sonia decided to return the gesture by giving her friends a ‘Thank You’ treat the  next day. So now we have the trends of two birthdays parties. Oh wait there’s more; Saurav another Gen X dude remembers having given 4 birthday treats on his birthday last year. The amazing story goes like this: He says in the morning as he boarded his college bus, all his bus buddies asked for a treat along with the Driver Bhaiya. So they stopped at a local bakery en-route and he gave them a treat; then as he reached college, he owed a treat to all his classmates and other friends from college and they hit the canteen, he celebrated his birthday once again with them. Now as if this was not enough, he had to call in a party for all his high school and other childhood friends; so again in the evening he gave a treat to everyone and finally he had planned an exclusive dinner with his girl the same night, thus ending up with the four birthday treats. One more surprise was awaiting him as he came back home and found his parents waiting for him with his favorite Chocolate cake which he already had cut twice and his mother had specially cooked his favorite dishes on this very very special day.

Cake Smearing Ritual Credit: Aravind

Cake Smearing Ritual Credit: Aravind

Birthdays can be ruined too as one Lakshman from a twin city college tells us, how he planned to celebrate his special day in college during the lunch hours and he got the cakes, cool drinks and other eatables and in the niche of time, the college administration warned them against celebrating birthdays in college premises and now that they caught him with all the food and drinks, he was adjourned to the Principal’s chamber and given a long boring moral lecture. He says he still remembers the day very vividly as he couldn’t bunk and go out, as every lecturer knew and kept an eye on their group.

In all this fun and frolic the point, which seems to be forgotten is that in the celebrations and gala time, we often miss out spending quality time with our parents. It’s always more and more friends every year to celebrate the joy on birthdays and we forgot the most important people we love, our dad and mom, who wait for our birthdays with the same anticipation as we do all through out the year and in flick of the second the days comes and vanishes and we miss to thank them on this special occasion.

It is said ‘Work hard and Party harder’, but when it comes to birthday parties, one makes all exceptions and ensures to party really hard and enjoy to the fullest.

Wishing A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY may be few early wishes and few belated, Cheers to all!

Birthday Bash Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Birthday Bash Credit: Dynamic Warrior

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