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Mony Reddy is dreaming of her latest flame, building castles of fondness in mid-morning light. Vinay Vemula got his headphones on and is glad his hair rolled down enough to hide his ears. Maya .V loves the lectures; hear the noise, never look up and SMS like there is no end. Sam Sharan is busy becoming a bird watcher while absorbing the chirpy sounds and staring into the eyes of the sun. Who doesn’t love silly gaming? Hit the letter and hang the dude! Akansha Verma does just that! Play Hang-man, Tip-tap-toe and similar stress relievers with her equally bored mates from behind the scene. Nothing could stop Mony if not the chalk that had just escaped the target. Terror-struck Vinay is dumb-struck with too many questions straight from the opposite direction. The more intelligent Maya uses her note-books to help cover up. Sam! Oh yeah, is now watching the bright skies out of the class. Helter-Kelter confusion prevails with dead-man’s doodles, hovering from place to place. Confuse and survive! Meanwhile, someone’s busy sketching the angry old quant in the midst of nonsensical gossip thrown by blabber-mouths at every corner, who just doesn’t see to stop when the bells toll, damn! And the bells toll, so get the hell out of here, your time’s up! Not a minute more I’m listening, and swamp! the books shut in no time. By the way, they were all in class.

Rebellion: The strike at VNR VJIET Credit: Screed HAuteur

Rebellion: The strike at VNR VJIET Credit: Screed HAuteur

Nobody wants to listen anymore. July 6th has finally arrived and the gates open up to watch hoards of students fill JNTU campsuses.Year after year, we’re hoping to study less and score more. The very first day being the ritualistic linger-anywhere-day cannot be missed by many. Maya. V, a fourth year student says, “Huh, its gonna be the same this year again, bunking right from tomorrow but being a goody two shoes in my lecturer’s view”. Too much, and we lose it all. “Yeah, and the last few months I won’t feel like even coming to college.” she adds.

New year meaning new rules is quite a pain in the neck for many. New faculty, new class-rooms with a whole new atmosphere is surely rejoicing for some others. “There were these weird rules two years back such that guys could wear just formals and a whole lotta crap so we all were in for a strike! If we’re really here to study then why all that silliness?”, recalls Karthik who seems to love breaking rules.

The power lies in them Credit: Screed Hauteur

The power lies in them Credit: Screed Hauteur

“I really haven’t gained anything useful in these three years, I feel bad that these days nothing is taught properly in engineering colleges, we are either half-knowledged or nil; Instead of utilizing these precious years, we waste time not listening to classes for days & years and becoming partially skilled”, affirms Divya .R of GNIT. What about those, who actually listen to classes? Missing just a class or two would end it all, although insight into parts of the subject is gained, there’s nothing one knows totally either because one missed it or the lecturer has skipped it. “Fun aside; We’re not getting the kind of education we require, something that is flexible to us. Something that needs a change in the system. Sometimes, going to college might not be the best thing”, adds Akanksha.

Contrasting interests in various fields of study, which could also make more sense to those ruined by education. Again and again, there seems to be a difference in the kind of education they seem to want. “I hate computers, but now I’m bestowed upon them, thanks to colleges and parents. I’m neatly ruined”, remarks Niroopama, a first year student of MJCET. Indeed, a few of them have quit college for something else or got detained. “I don’t like anything about college except my friends, I got detained twice and now I quit college to do BBA. My HOD hated me ’cause I was one of the losers at academics “, says Nithin.

A result of mass bunking routines Credit: Screed Hauteur

A result of mass bunking routines Credit: Screed Hauteur

Seeking a way out elsewhere is the most common option in front of them. Various second and third year students have consciously made efforts to enroll into courses for computer languages and certification programmes. Using up this knowledge for the mini-projects is what they do. Popular consultancies in the town, inspite of recession blues are cashing it in through mini-projects.

Hoping to pursue dreams through the most accurate way is considerably important for anybody. The Education system today remains one of those debatable topics with unending questions that pose upon its unsatisfactory ways. Manasa Morthy, a faculty member at VNR VJIET asserts, “Although, nothing can be changed overnight, its all about how maturely a student acts upon his/her future plan, will he/she be successful”. Maybe sometimes, we don’t need ‘no education’ and sometimes we don’t need education. We need the kind of enlightening; sometimes education could just storm upon us.

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