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First KPL match

Cricket lovers finally find their fantasies come true at the KMIT (Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology) grounds, with the KPL being organized since the 11th of July, 2009. Pranav, a student of the same college came up with this cool idea of forming a premier league, just like the IPL. The idea was then put forward to the management with all its particulars and in no time, the whole idea materialized.

Pranav, as mentioned, the mind behind this fabulous idea and one of the major person arranging and handling the event, talks to us about how he managed to get things done. “The daily cricket matches and the usual play was getting dull day by day. It was time to invoke that zeal and enthusiastic spirits among ourselves, so it was my friends and me, who thought that some competitions would do the job. We then discussed the different issues regarding it and then we thought to name this event as the KPL. I then approached the management and put forth my idea. The management was very much pleased with the basic idea of these cricket matches. I guess the name KPL fascinated them more than anything else. The Principal asked me to present all the details regarding it so that the next semester could begin with a bang.”

The news about KPL and what it is, spread like fire among the students. Students dicussed more about the advancements in KPL, than discussing about the exam papers just after they were out of the examination halls. When different people were asked about whether KPL could actually make it to reality or if it would just be in air, a very diversified reaction was seen. Nikhil, an ECE junior says, “The  idea of having these matches is a fantastic thought. I appreciate the seniors for coming up with it. If we can approach and convince the management for it, then I surely look up for some fun and entertainment this semester”. It was a very tough job for the organizers as they had to figure out the budget and then convince the college management for the approval.

Teja, a very good player, on the other hand presents the hard facts and the bare truths. He says, “Baigan ki, college management kucch nahi karne wali hai. The idea seems very amazing but how do we expect it to be such a big hit? Have you even seen that ground? They call it the pitch! A hell lot of developments have to be done on it. I don’t think the management will bear any financial issues. It would just be great enough if we could implement a basic idea of a competition. Its no use thinking this event would take the shape of some 20 -20 matches”. It took a week for things to finalize. Things took their turns. A very exorbitant budget was presented, which had to be later modified and made reasonable.

The modifications were followed by the approval of KPL matches. All branches had to select one team. Each team member had to pay a cost of 150 bucks as an entry fee. Eight such teams, 4 from juniors and 4 from seniors, are competing for an award of five thousand (5000/-) rupees. The runner up team also gets an award of three thousand (3000/-) rupees. Special rewards of thousand five hundred (1500/-) rupees are to be awarded to the most-scoring batsman and the person, who takes the largest number of wickets. The college management agreed by implying a condition that matches should be held only on weekends, i.e., Saturdays and Sundays so that it did not tamper the regular academics.

The first exciting KPL match. Credit: Coherent Cody

The first exciting KPL match. Credit: Coherent Cody

The efforts paid off when the matches actually began just in a week as the semesters started. Money was collected, the pre – requisites were taken care of, a plan was made and it was very soon in action. The whole college geared up for the matches on the second Saturday of this month. Pranav and his team of organizers did an excellent job. Some of the lecturers joined hands for umpiring so that the game could be played on fair lines, others decided to cheer up the teams. “I was looking forward for this day. The matches actually began. KPL is in action. It was fun watching the matches and being in the audience. It was no less than the  20-20 matches we see, the only difference being that its 12 over here”, expressed Mathur.

Overall, three matches kept the KMITians busy in college on Saturday as well as sunday. Teja, now looks quite satisfied with how things have shaped up, says, “It’s good to see that the college management has put in efforts to improvise the pitch. Although its not completely done with but the efforts are quite visible. And thanks to the organizing team that we are having so much fun. Now, its my prime duty to entertain the audience by hitting fours and sixes”. The matches will last for about 4 weeks. The final match will be on the fifth weekend.  This is the biggest and most happening event in the KMIT campus at present. Students are looking forward for a whole month of entertainment and joy, waiting for the final match to begin and having the wild guesses about who that winning team would be.

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