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July 11,  A.I.T.U.C hall, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, 5:00pm, people saw, what can be best described as a congregation of Mozilla geeks. Occasion: the official release of Firefox 3.5 by the Mozilla community at Hyderabad. The event kick started with the meeting of all the internet buddies, who mostly hadn’t met till then. Coming to the real event, a presentation on open source and Mozilla was given by Sireesh, a regional leader, Mozilla communities, Hyderabad, outlining all the features of the software and the potential in the idea of open source.

Following this was a seminar on Firefox developments, new added features, code line comparison and practical demo by Sreekanth.S.Periculam, Change Manager, Infosys, Hyderabad. This seminar threw light on the early stages of Firefox and how it changed the world of internet. Comparisons were made with other browsers giving out a straight message of how efficient Firefox is over all the other latest browsers.

The firefox cake. Credit: insouciant procrastinator

The firefox cake. Credit: Insouciant Procrastinator

Bhuvan Krishna, the head of AP chapter of the free software foundation, which has its localized operating system named ‘Swecha’ (a Telugu language based operating system) was one of the main guests at the event. He gave a seminar on open source and the free software movement. There was a very interesting illustration of the extent of Firefox’s reach into the open source. The message that usage of add-ons can make Firefox a more powerful tool than one could have imagined was clearly received at the end of this seminar.

The chief guest of honor, Dr.D.Sudhakar, General Secretary of All India Peace & Solidarity Org, passed on supporting comments to this event and also added that support must and will be given by the government organizations for these activities.

Videos of Firefox made by the club were played following the cake cutting ceremony launching Firefox. There were many interesting questions raised related to internet activity, usage of Firefox at different levels and the add-ons provided by Firefox, by the participants of the event, which were aptly answered by the guests.

Foxy souvenirs. Credit: insouciant procrastinator

Foxy souvenirs. Credit: Insouciant Procrastinator

As the official website says, ‘We’re a public benefit organization dedicated not to making money but to improving the way people everywhere experience the Internet’ – many efforts were made since its start in 1998 to give a stiff competition to the corporate competitors and make internet a better place. The fact that Firefox is one of the leading browsers on the internet and added to that their code is being used as a platform for some of the Internet’s most innovative projects, speaks for itself the influence it had over several years. They have been encouraging efforts made towards this motive, however small they were and took the idea of open source to a different level.

Mozilla Corporation decided to fund this event themselves after watching the effort made by this community towards promoting Firefox. And an ad was made by Vineel Reddy,(http://www.vimeo.com/4954909) which attracted the attention of the people at Mozilla. There were many give away gifts sent in encouraging their effort, which were given to the interactive participants. Linux Ubuntu 8.1 DVD’s were distributed along with badges, pens, bags, stickers and other stuff. All the participants were given Mozilla goodies for attending the event.

Please dont hurt the web! Credit:insouciantprocrastinator

Please dont hurt the web! Credit: Insouciant Procrastinator

Participants thoroughly had a great time learning more about Firefox than they had previously known, meeting their internet buddies, getting the Mozilla goodies and the Himayatnagar K&C’s specially made cake for the event!

Finally while leaving, as a perfect conclusion to the event people had a line quoted by mozilla stuck to their mind and looking at the banner one will stop wondering why. “Please don’t hurt the web. Use open standards!

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