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Traffic at Amberpet.

The city of Hyderabad is one of the busiest in India. The rate of its development in the past few years has been shockingly high. From a runway nine track to multi-storied seamless shopping malls, Hyderabad offers every luxury that is possible to its people.

But we often tend to forget that one of the main factors contributing to the development of a city is its transportation system!

People, especially those, who travel long distances to go to their workplaces, normally use public transportation. One such mode of public transportation is generally called a ‘Phat-phati’ or ’seven seater’, which is actually a share auto. In many ways, share autos have proved to be very helpful to the public. They stop where ever asked to and don’t charge the passengers much. And more than anything else, there is never a scarcity of share autos. But, lately these autos have started adding to the traffic problems of the city.

Though small, Amberpet is that part of Hyderabad, through which many people commute everyday during the peak hours. Buses, cars, motor vehicles and hire autos, all of them go by the traffic signal at Amberpet junction. But the share autos there do not have any bay due to which they scatter on to the road and hold up a lot of traffic.

The traffic police on duty says, “We cannot move them from here. People, who get down from the buses, directly board the share autos. Since it is convenient for them, they continue to do so every time. This makes it all the more difficult for us to control the traffic”.

“Agar ye kaam ham nahi karte to koi aur karta. Aur log bhi bohot chadhte hai fat-fati mein.” (If we do not do this work, then someone else will. Lot of people prefer these share autos).  Seenu, a seven seater auto driver tells us.

The conductor of a bus that goes through this road everyday says, “Roju veellani dari ninchi tappukomanadaanike ganta autundi. Alantappudu bus time ki nadavalante ela?” (It takes a long time to get these people out of the way. In that case how are we supposed to reach our destination on time?

“I travel by share auto everyday”, says a student of HPS. “The bus-stops here are very far apart from one another. It is hardly walkable after a tiring day. Moreover, the buses are so crowded that it becomes difficult to even breathe! So share autos are a very convenient mode of transportation for the public. If only the municipality would create an auto bay for them, it would become a lot easier to control traffic in this area.”

The government let the share autos run in the city, but has not provided them with a boarding place, which has led to a lot of traffic problems. Traffic jams at peak hours (Morning and Evening) have turned Amberpet into a troublesome junction causing the people living in this area a lot of problem. If the GHMC has a plan to solve this problem, then maybe right now would be a good time to put it into action.

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