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I want back my rights

People say Engineering is a cake walk, but it is not as easy as it seems. The main problem here is lack of attendance. To what extent is it right on the part of management to detain a student based on irrational criteria.

“Don’t do this sir please, I want to write my exams.” This was said by most of the 2nd year students at the time of their semester exams. The main reason behind this is that they were not having an aggregate of 65% attendance. Attendance is the main criteria in most of the Engineering Colleges and one among them is BIET, Bharat Institute Of Engineering & Technology. By the end of 2nd year 1st semester students should collect at least 42 credits, is a rule passed by JNTU. But many students fail to succeed and thus get detained. However, there are few other cases too. “I had more than 42 credits but still was not allowed to write my 2nd year 2nd semester exams because I had less than 65% attendance”, says Nikhil and continues cribbing, “The worst part is I paid my fees but couldn’t write all my exams. That was really demotivating”.

Examination branch

Examination branch

One of those 2nd year students, who got really frustrated said, “I paid so many lakhs to get into this college, for what? To face this today?” Due to crisis between the management and the examination branch, the 2nd year students, who had credits also were not allowed to write all their exams. “What do we have to do if their terms were not good? Bloody, we have to face everything”, said Vishal.

Engineering life is completely different when compared to school and intermediate life. In school everything was strict and tight, in inter were left a little free but still were asked to be in limits, but when it comes to engineering, students feel like enjoying life their own way, but that hardly happens here.

There are almost 80 freshers from different branches like IT, CSE, ECE, Mech and Civil, who suffered a lot and still are. “ 80…80 are detained from my batch. Horrible number this is, no less than 20%. They were detained for their attendance percentage. We have not even completed our 1st year properly, we didn’t get our results still but they all are already detained. I feel really bad for them”, says Ashok. KC from 1st year tells about his experience. “I was asked to participate in the freshers and was assured of attendance, but when I approached the principal, he says he never gave permission for practice. That was ridiculous. I just got saved by 1 or 2 %. They want us to be a part of all the activities but they will not pay back by giving us attendance. This is no way of encouraging.”

There’s lot more than studies in the world, the management has to understand. Putting limits like this will affect the students in a negative way, which is really a bad thing. Students lose hope when all such things happen and do something really worse. There’s a report almost daily saying, “A B.Tech student commits suicide because he/she was detained”. This impact on the youth is a black mark on our country, which has to be erased soon.

Examination branch

Examination branch

The 4th year students have their sayings too. “We never faced such situations in our 1st years; we were detained only according to our credits. This is really unfair. See, the ones who are spoilt have to be punished but why punish the innocent simply for no reason. This is not done”, says Sam of 4th year.

Now one must be thinking what the HOD has to say about all this as an inside man from the management’s side. “It’s simple, ask them to get the stay orders from the court, they are in otherwise there’s no chance.”  The juniors suffered a lot for all this. They had to get a stay order from the court, which is not an easy thing. The court does not sanction an order unless and until it is a strong case. Out of 80, 24 got their stay orders but the rest failed to.

Management is leaving no stone unturned to detain them but the students are not losing hope, they are still trying to get back their rights. Due to almost 400 colleges affiliated to JNTU the board has completely lost its level mindedness towards the students and have been making their own ridiculous reformation from the past 1st year, which is making a rage amongst the students, so is this the beginning of the end for JNTU?

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