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“Yuck, don’t tell me you have to go to those stinking government hospitals and learn from doctors how to treat those irritating and illiterate patients”, said a squeamish Rohit,a student of Osmania Medical College,when a senior explained to him about POSTINGS. While for other softhearted people it was an experience to cherish. Vijay, a first year pass out says, “Wow we get to interact with so many patients? Can we try and test our little sapience on them?” Pain in the ass for few, learning experience for few and a mere time pass for few other students, no matter how one would define postings, it is an inevitable part of any medical student’s college life (if that meant anything! As except for the nerds, majority of the medical students wouldn’t agree that they have a college life).

Amulya Keerthi was very excited about her first day at the hospital. Duh! Not as a patient, as a medical student to gain some wisdom about her favorite wing of medicine “Gynecology and Obstetrics”. Lucky enough, she got posted at the Govt. Maternity hospital, Sultan Bazaar. Just a few minutes’ walk from her hostel in the Osmania Medical College premises. “I have butterflies in my stomach! Just imagine? I can see the baby coming out of the mother’s womb! I am just too thrilled”, says a visibly delighted Amulya.

A glimpse of the hospital and the mob makes one wonder if there’s some V.I.P visiting or if it is the fans anxiously waiting to get tickets for a popular star’s movie. But expunging all those thoughts, the daily scenario at any Govt. hospital would be that of innumerable patients and their relatives waiting endlessly to get a ‘Chitti’ and a  ‘Goli’ from the doctor, the carping staff of the hospital (A few of them relaxed while others trying their best to get situations under control) and of course the doctors and their subordinates regulating the treatment of patients and in parallel, maintaining their cool.

“Agle baar aaoge tho bina bathaiye operation kar doongi”, asserts Dr. Anjali Mehta, at one of the woman, who got pregnant for the SEVENTH time. Unbelievable? This is just one of the zillions of cases which drop into the hospital every single day. In spite of monetary limitations ‘PRODUCING KIDS’ seems to be a matter of pride for the lower middle class masses. And the Govt. Maternity Hospital resembles their hangout place as everything is free of cost. “Yeh meri paanchvi delivery hain aur main hamesha yahi pe aati hoon”, says Farheen, a young woman barely in her early twenties , anxiously waiting for the doctor to check her pregnancy status.

Lata, wife of a labourer, narrated the reason for her fourth delivery as the ‘Hope for a baby boy’. In spite of all the efforts of creating awareness about the population control, there seems to be a blind world, which wouldn’t mend its ways. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration referring to Govt. maternity hospitals as ‘factories producing babies’ considering the infinite number of pregnant women, who drop into the hospital every day (Pregnant not for the first or second time!). Dr. Prema  Latha says, “Every day we get so many cases of pregnant women that it’s sickening. We advice them to undertake family planning schemes but they won’t budge. The worst part is that it’s not their first or second pregnancy. Many women are pressurized to have a baby boy and for few others it’s an obsession. What is sad is that this has been continuing and it’s often the newly born, who suffer. Swathi, a house surgeon adds, “We get many cases of infant deaths and it’s only due to the lack of ability of the parents to take care of them. Give birth to a child only if you can give them a good life but please don’t kill tender lives”.

A Just Born (weighing machine in the background) Credit: Audacious Explorer

A Just Born (weighing machine in the background) Credit:Audacious Explorer

But like everything has a positive side to it, the immense joy and pride that comes with the new life is priceless. “Aww! I was frozen looking at that baby. I dint want to touch her ‘cos I was scared if I would hurt her. Pink and Pink is all I can think of. It just feels great and on top of the world!” says Madhuri, another student who had the pleasure of feeling the just born baby. Twins, fat babies, underweight babies, some very silent others crying loud. No matter which category,  ‘Just Borns’ lighten everyone’s face with a smile.

Hopefully hospitals won’t just be begetting  babies and that we could see more wise parents in the future. “I really wish there were better amenities and strict forces, which could put this whole situation under control and make our country a civilized one in true sense ”, says Dr. Namrata Reddy of the same hospital. ‘Quality matters and not quantity’ so let’s wish our country gets smarter kids rather than thousands of helpless children  found on roads. And let not Maternity Hospitals merely multiply babies anymore.

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