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Be it a four seater or a seven seater auto, the minimum  number of people sitting in are at least ten. This has been the trend of the autowala’s in the Nizampet (Kukatpally) area.

The auto rickshaws in this area (a four seater or a seven seater) are carrying  far more than the permitted number of people standardized by the government,  violating the traffic norms. Due to the lack of the required number of RTC buses and bus-stops, the people here are bound to take other means like these, no matter what condition these autos are in and no matter how many people are travelling together with them. The bus frequency is fair enough and this are is well connected with the major parts of the city. But there are quite a handful of buses from the different residential areas to the major bus stop (at Housing board). Hence students, housewives and the other people, who don’t own a vehicle are compelled to take these autos to reach the bus stops, which are far from their respective residential areas. This turned out  to be a boon to the Autowalas with almost no competition either from the RTC buses or the Setwin services.

Seven seater. Credits: Einstein Reloaded

Seven seater. Credits: Einstein Reloaded

The minimum fare is about Rs.4 for the seven seater and Rs.5 for the four seater per head, which is double the fare of the local RTC busses. “It is very inconvenient and sometimes very dangerous  to travel in a four seater with about eight people in it”, says Anand, a resident of  Nizampet X roads. Inspite of being such a menace to the passengers, this infact has improved the life style of the local autowalas as it earns them a good sum every day. “We earn almost Rs.50 a trip carrying 7 to 8 people”, says Ramulu, a four seater auto driver. With most of the people preferring the autorickshaws to the buses, the demand is reaching heights. Infact this has become the profession for the youth of this area.

Credits: Einstein Reloaded

Credits: Einstein Reloaded

Even though the auto’s are very congested, they assure a seat and the waiting time is just a few seconds which is far better when compared to the regular RTC services, which keep many of the passengers waiting and are always packed to maximum. “I prefer autorickshaws  to buses as they are swift and always offer a seat, which is fairly comfortable”, says Swamy a local employee. Leaving  aside the positives they have failed in the safety and are not so popular among the female passengers. “Sometimes it is very uncomfortable to be seated among men, who are strangers to me”, says Sailaja,  a resident of Bachupally.

Credits: Einstein Reloaded

Credits: Einstein Reloaded

Taking the safety part into concern, they are not at all recommended, as many of the drivers are not adults and are not professional and do not posses any of the legal documents (licence, R.C etc). More over the roads they drive are narrow, two way and are in a very pathetic condition. With almost three people sitting along with the driver in his seat and absolutely no space for the driver. This obstructs the free movement of the handle at sharp curves and turnings. “It sometimes is very difficult to atleast hang onto the auto and there is always a danger of being hit by the other vehicles”, says Harsha a passenger. The drivers do not abide by the traffic rules and create a traffic jams by stopping their vehicles in the middle of the roads and even the traffic department is least bothered about them. “These autowalas are very unpredictable and they, themselves have no idea where to stop and where they are likely to take a turn making it very difficult for the vehicles behind them”, says Anuragh a motorist.

Thus there is a need for the government officials to intervene into this  and take necessary steps without taking the either sides (neither the autowalas nor the passengers).

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  1. siri.frens says:

    its very useful article. well written.used simple and effective language

  2. Beyond Boundaries says:

    So true, being an alumnus of Sri Chaitanya, Kukatpally. I know all that pain of traveling from Bowenpally to Kukatpally. Good 1. Hope it reaches out far and wide and brings about some changes!!!

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