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Just like the lip-smacking, hot and tempting ‘Biryani’ is the signature dish of  Hyderabad, ‘Vada-Pav’ and  ‘Dhabeli’ are a matter of pride for the people from the bustling city of dreams – Mumbai and the Garba land – Gujarat respectively!

“I love the patty (Vada) in the Vada pav; it’s mouth watering. It reminds me of my Mumbai days, where I used to practically live on it. I never thought I’d find my soul here. I could not have done without it. The guys here know the trick of this Pav magic. I love the Vada Pavs. I can actually go on and on!”, quips Apurva Gokhale, who is a new resident of this city and a regular customer.

For Vada pav freaks and enthusiasts, who want to try it out Bombay Chat House is the place to go to. Though it draws many locals for the famous the Vadapav, it is equally popular for Dhabeli, which is very similar to Vadapav. The only difference is that Vada pav has the patty, which has the aloo filling and Dhabeli has another kind of filling, that is Dhabeli ka masala, a mixture that has peanuts-pomegranates and the secret ingredient, which the owner would not reveal.

The owner. Credit: Tweeter tinuviel

The owner. Credit: Tweeter tinuviel

Amjad(name changed), the owner, has been in this business since long and loves it here. He  fondly tells us the history of the chat house, “Mei jab Hyderabad aaya, Mumbai se… mei chahtha tha ki yahaan ke log Vadapav ki jadoo jaane, wo jo… saare mumbai ko hillaya raka hai. Aur mei safal raha!” (WhenI had come to Hyderabad from Mumbai, I always wanted people of Hyderabad to see the magic of Vadapav, that which has already enchanted Mumbai. And I have  achieved it!), he says with that winning smile. And sure it did.

“Did you try the other items listed things on the menu?, the Pav bhaji and Alu bajji?!”, questions Anuj, a locale. He further adds with excitement, “these guys are TRULY amazing. To make a dish an absolute hit, it is a must to have that love and dedication when you make it. The owner seems to have figured it out and the magic works.”, he giggles. And when you ask him about “other” dishes he says,”hmmm…the alu bajji is good and of course, it is in no competition for Dhabeli or Vadapav. It is a lot better than the angrezi dishes. I drag my friends straight from college; they love it here too” . Now if you’re wondering what the angrezi dishes were on the menu card, it’s the sandwich – the cheese and grilled ones. His sister,  Neha says, “We’ve grown up in this area, we’ve been to posh restaurants which serve good food, but this road side chat bandi makes us feel Desi. We are proud of it. We come here every day. Youu know, it is become a ritual; the die hard one.”

The vada pav and dhabeli. Credit:tweeter tinuviel

The vada pav and dhabeli. Credit:tweeter tinuviel

When Amjad bhai is asked about the shop and its whereabouts and about making it accessible to the readers, he told that the shop opens from 2P.M. and goes up to 10P.M and the details of the location: Land mark is – the Wesley College for Boys just opposite Anand Theatre, the lane that leads to Food world and adjacent to Sind bank. Further when you ask him about his average earning he shyly smiles and says, “Hum ek din mei 2500-3000 tak banathe hai, ab barish aur sheetal ka mausam hai tho, bahut log aate hain(we make an average of 2500 to 3000 a day. And now, that it is rainy and winter seasons, so we have many people hanging out here). He aims on expanding this Vadapav saga to major business areas, like, Ameerpet and Koti. He delights his consumers the way he plays with the Aloo masala ball before put in the batter and then the shining little golden delight comes out. Bhoomika Rana (name changed), who chirps in saying  “Aww… those golden balls give me happiness and suprises my eye and everytime we happen to be here, bhai makes sure that the patty is fresh and hot… irrespective of who the customer is”.

This place has that charm, the smell that is a head turner and instantly makes you say ‘YES’. You’ll never have to worry; this place is clean, neat and HYGIENIC. Namitha testifies it, saying the food here is ’swasthuh aani masthuh(cheap and best-in marathi)’. It is quite surprsing to know that they use paper plates, for they believe in using eco-friendly items. You can even get the food parcelled from here and  you feel hungry just grab this one. It is sure economical and is a answer for recession. Vada pav and Dhabeli cost you around Rs.10 and the other items are priced between Rs. 15 and Rs. 25.
Having read all this, one might be curious to know about the location of this amazing place. It is very easy to locate. The road connected with Wesley College for boys, there is a lane which leads to the Food World, you’ll spot them there!

That’s all for now folks! Eat well and live life king size. Happy eating!

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