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“To get something or someone fresh, is to catch it young”, said a local celebrity. Though it sounds weird it’s true. In the correct local lingo it’s called a ‘Double meaning statement’. One can always think about the above statement in two ways: One ‘Oh how weird’ and the second ‘Oh how logical’. To know what’s so logical and what’s so weird in the above statement read on and know how.

Firstly, the first thing that one would get into their mind, between reading the intro and clicking the link for more info is; may be this article is all about young girls, young boys and their relationships. Instead it’s not just that, but also about the high end marketing tactics and main cashing plans instilled into the market by some superior brains. Have you ever thought about ‘Does all that being telecasted on television make sense or not?’, ‘Why students are asked to organize events outside the college?’, ‘How is it so that an 8th grade student talks about getting ditched or dumped by their GF’s and BF’s (boyfriends and girlfriends)?’, ‘Why is a child put in the ad that deals with a car?’, ‘Why a student does the branding or promotion of certain product, which is not related to him?’ a survey on how, what, why and where by VidYouth revealed a few opinions, pros and cons about these questions.

Kid in a car ad.

Kid in a car ad. Credit: Esteem Ad

The ad(d) cash affect:

The main epitome of this topic is mainly to show how the markets are cashing on the small logic – ‘Mould the Iron when it is hot’. This mainly changed the complete scenario these days. Almost all the ads related and unrelated are being made with kids. “A less-than-10 year old kid can never draw a differentiation between good and bad. He/she believes that whatever is told to them is the correct and perfect information”, opines Shamala. Even they are cashing upon the stubbornness of kids. They put a kid in the advertisement showing that the boy hit a six in the cricket and that B___t is the secret of my energy and many more kids, who watch this ad consider that it’s true.  “The younger mind doesn’t think about the price and quality of the commodity. All they know is that they want it at any case”, opined Deepthi, another student SVIT. The system of relating and calculating things with other things is less in youngsters and children. So if you even show them something glittery they want to buy it. This is the point, where the ads are doing a non ethical business. Depiction of the original wants or need for any product is not shown in any ads these days.

How correct is this?? The advertisement affects the children, the teenage minds and the youngsters so soon. In case of children of age group 3 to 10 years its mainly for chocolates, biscuits. For teenagers and youngsters the interests, exposure and even the ‘I think my parents can afford it for me’ feeling is more. In order to just cash is it enough to corrupt the ethics? One has to think by oneself and act upon it accordingly. “The advertisement departments of the commodities should be enough logical in script writing. An idea can change one’s life for sure but the idea has to be a good one to get good output, as everyone wants mostly only good things”, averred Kalpana. And when it comes to the reality shows almost all the channels are filled with at least one current session of program about children. “If you want all kinds of viewers it’s better you portray correct things but for cashing you may fabricate it but not falsify it”, said Kalyan, another student of SVIT. “The shows are organized for children. It’s an excellent idea but better avoid children under the age group of 10 years as that is too tender age to take defeat in a positive way”, told Shilpa.

Earn while you Learn:

The earn while you learn has almost got into every student’s mind. Whether small job or big all the youngsters are interested in working for their own pocket money. When questioned why few zeroed on the following. “The main thing is the problem with pocket money, I know how hard it is for my parents to earn and spend on my studies and other expenditures about me. I don’t want to ask them money for each and every small and big thing”, says Venkat. “I know what my dad thinks – ‘where is the need to spend?’, times were different when they were kids. Not this much of technology existed then now, many things changed; we have to spend on movies, music, bikes, our friends, food and all. As we grow up so does our tastes rite? How do you think we can make justice to everything with just some 500 bucks”, questioned back Aman. The small firms as well as the big ones have started cashing even on this mentality of children. “I am paid 400 rupees per 4 days work at Genpact, all I need to do is check their accounts and then its good ‘coz I can get more knowledge as I am a Commerce student”, said Narmada. The skill, talent and knowledge that the students possess are far more and better than the employees and elders. A student is exposed to all types of fields. “The markets are cashing on the general mentality of it by less expenditure. Even an average student can do the work of 2 elder employees in any way if he / she is given better outlook of it”, said Chetan (name changed), a young Entrepreneur.

A Student of SVIT organizing an event.

A Student of SVIT organizing an event. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

There are few other things by the companies like if they want to advertise the product they call upon young, bold beauties and handsome hunks to promote their product. “All they have to do is go the place told and tell the customers and other people in that place about the product. Many of my friends work like that and they have to lie a lot as they won’t use it. They are paid 400 to 600 rupees daily and food is provided”, rants Namrata. Some other things that students usually do for earning is host shows for various events. Anchoring, emcee the events, promotion of the products, or even the talent hunts that are organized are mostly promoted at the local levels by students. “The amount that we get in these jobs is less. But we have no other chance. All won’t get the internships and in some small companies the work doesn’t matter even if you work. The sole reason being money we work even if it is small”, said Kritika(name changed) another from SVIT.

Most of the times it may be for money but many even told that they work for something related to their own studies. Like Genpact most of the time calls a Commerce student to check accounts that makes students gain the industrial knowledge even. “The thing of bitching about a job, which one left is generally the worst with students. When you have tried very sincerely for getting inside the job, then why blame it when you leave it. The two reasons for you leaving it will be either you were not capable or you were not able to work properly, both of which are concerned about you”, opined Priyanka Tadipatri, student and works part time. On the whole the students working are not wrong, but whatever you work for take is seriously and then work for it. “Doing random jobs are not at all a bad issue. You don’t need to stick to your field of study. If you’re a Medical student but interested in learning Oracle, do that! May be if you work more on it you may have more chances of maintaining databases or you can even write few programs that can be used by the medical students for dealing with the cases or maybe even can maintain a database for students”, said Chandu, a software engineer. On the whole many students, who are working these days have a feeling that they are being paid less and more work is being extracted from them.

What do parents think about it?

These are just marketing skills. In case of students mostly it’s the parent’s responsibility. “The parents spend a lot on their kids. Whatever the kid asks for they can’t say a no. In such cases the companies are too badly gaining. They take these people in the name of industrial exposure and other fashionable words and attract their attention. They work for less and the markets can use these student’s looks, skill, talent and knowledge easily by paying less”, said a retired teacher. Not just this many parents opined that the global market is gaining on the student part time work concept.

Glorious and Glamorous:

When inquired on how many students are in committed in their colleges for 40 different college students, more than half of the replies were maybe 10%. Known 10% and unknown more than 35%. How many are successful? 10% of all the cases in complete Hyderabad were the reply. The statement “Catch it Young’s” weird side is this. These days the age of starting a GF and BF stage has come down to less than or equal to 13 years. “I do live caller shows on the television and my show is mainly about love life and its problems. To my surprise most of my callers are youngsters who are in schools, colleges and just into job people. I was awestruck by the statement made by a 8th grade student once that ‘Even her 2nd boyfriend ditched her and is going around with some other girl’. When I asked what she wants to do, she replied, ‘I will search for a new one and then I will make that old one feel jealous about me’”, said a VJ.

Committed youngsters

Committed youngsters. Credit: Surreal Gaze

When oppugned on the statement “Catch It Young” to few well established employers and elders the reply was, “These days all the young girls and guys are getting committed by school age. They go around with the other genders every regularly. Few call it friendship when questioned by the parents. After you tell everything about you to someone, no more you’re a topic of interest. You will have to search for another human, who will be interested in knowing about you. In this process the other counterpart takes an advantage and uses you for whatever they want. Not just the cases of physical entertainment even the ideas about various things. But unfortunately most of these days’ cases are noted about physical entertainment.

When it comes to the thing of fresh previously in olden days being a virgin till marriage was a must. These days even that changed with more acceleration these youngsters are committing the mistake of losing their virginity.”  Fresh doesn’t just mean virginity as the gals and guys are watching too many much of romance, flirting, infatuation, attraction, lust and over exposure of other means of love feelings (as all these are called symbols of love in movies), the youth think that is love. And they are to imitate it. And that’s wrong. Absolutely 100% wrong. All these people are moving towards a interest in just things and give it the name of commitment or relation. And how many days this will long for no one knows”, said a student.

To get something or someone fresh with ideas, thoughts, skill, talent, knowledge and for relationship is to catch young people. They are the crowd with lots of new ideas and thoughts to implement. New skill to show. Mainly a versatile nature of learning. A student has always an opportunity of learning and doing too many things. Better be careful from being use or getting out of resources and fuel before you enter your real carrier. Enjoy life.

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