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a girl collecting scrap metal pieces

It is most unfortunate to say that in the present day situation of India, it is very difficult to have a full stop to Child Labour. The basic reason for the persistence of child labor anywhere is the ever persisting poverty. Most of the children have never known how a school looks like. Most of the children work around for very less wages, which is never more than Rs.50. For such small amount they have to sacrifice their what are supposed to be, their most colorful days in  their lifetime.

The girl in the picture is just another of the unfortunates. She walks for about 10-12 Kms, barefoot everyday, collecting scrap metal pieces on road for a scrap shop owner in the local region, who pays them with less than 1/2 of the worth those metal actually are. When her parents were asked about this, they in return asked a question (in telugu) “Do you think we don’t love our kids?” It’s just their fate that’s forcing them to do so. Their family consists of four people and all the four don’t even remember the date they had a stomach full of proper food. Of course in these days, where it has been difficult for a normal middle class man to have the 3 basic needs: Food, Clothing and Shelter, how could these people have them? Many government periods have been changing but everybody showed their negligence to such people. They have been living like this and probably will live like this.

Little girl helping her sister collecting the scrap metals. Credit: Sinister Imp

Little girl helping her sister collecting the scrap metals. Credit: Sinister Imp

This kid here has never found time for himself at such a small age. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he delivers milk in about 200 flats in a colony and after that he works at a chicken shop as a butcher. At the end of the day, he ends up with very less wages not more than Rs.80. Even after all that toil, he doesn’t get to eat properly. One can clearly see what clothes he gets to wear in this rainy season. For his extra income, he sets out to clean some vehicles around in the colony where he’s been working. “There were days when I was starving”, says he. “Due to the horrible situation, at times I flick off some small change from the owner of the chicken shop.”

There are organizations like CRY (Children Organization & You), UNICEF (United Nations International Children Fund) and many other smaller organizations with a limited finance and human force but these all are helpless due to the immense population in our country. These days people are least bothered about charity so they cannot help it either.

A kid cleaning up a bike for the extra income. Credit: Sinister Imp

A kid cleaning up a bike for the extra income. Credit: Sinister Imp

This huge problem could probably be sorted out by only one organization, i.e., the Indian Government,  which is known to be the biggest running democracy around the world. It’s amazing to know that our State Government spends about Rs.20,000 each second that is Rs. Seven lakh crores per annum (Source: Jai Prakash Narayan’s Political Campaign). They have always been trying to make such kids literates by providing free school fee, free books and even food was provided by Mid-day meal scheme but they have never been able to understand the financial crisis these people have been in, once these kids avoid working, their family’s livelihood is almost impossible. About 30% of the population is living below the poverty line and almost a million starve to death every year.

If government can provide 5% of the total budget towards proper education & nutrition of such unfortunates our country would do much better. After all, people say our country’s future is dependent on the children. These children should also to be considered for the better future of the country.

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