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They said, ‘Live And Let Live’. But when it came to letting us live, there seems to be some unclear friction coming up. Is it a simple misunderstanding that they wanted us to live, like they had lived… or is it an entanglement of unexplained rules that cheats us into believing that they meant it? Whatever it is, whichever form… Generation Gap definitely leaves youngsters disappointed with life and frustrated! Change; whether be it from saas-bahu serials to FRIENDS/ Heroes… or from the household Roti-saag to extra cheese burgers, change and adaptability to a changing form vary from person-to-person and age-to-age.

“If given a chance, my grand dad will curse everyone of the younger generation today, to be forgetting our culture. He hates western music, western clothes and anything even partly western. I always thought of replying that even he, as a young man did let go of some principles that did not suit him. I didn’t afford to say it for the fear of getting slapped. But sure as hell, I love Metal and not a single week passes without hanging out at Pizza Den!” says Murli a fresh graduate from OU. Change is inevitable. Every animal tries and adapts to its changing environment and so does man. Survival of the fittest, if were defined for gathering of food… for a social animal that man is, he needs to change as and when the social structure changes for mere survival.

When asked if the social system today hinders progress of youngsters as individuals, Dinesh a student of CBIT says “Yeah. One of the main problems with Indians is that nearly every question has the almost the same answer-’it is against our culture’. Though this does not hamper the growth in any way, it does curtail the freedom of a youngster. Inspite of that, at home, I never had any trouble talking about my friends (girls). Some of my (girl) friends even come home and my parents are absolutely fine with it”. Jaiyesh Rao, speaking about the same says, “The laws grant us all the freedom we crave for. It is the society that misdoes its implementation. It is the social scenario that is the culprit. They can’t stand new hairstyles, new clothes, new music, new life”.

While, this is what Dinesh and Jaiyesh think, Karthik Thumu thinks right otherwise. He says, “Our system is absolutely free. It is in no way troublesome for a youngsters to grow and develop. Even I, had never faced problems at home discussing girl-friends; may be more because my timing was perfect! But even otherwise, I don’t think there is anything that ll worry me from freedom at home”. Manasa Reddy of SVIT says, “I make it a point not to talk to guys on phone, after 9 pm. Not because my parents have a problem with it. Just so I know my limits. And I can’t really think of matters that cannot be discussed the next morning. I know of friends, whose parents complain of they crossing limits, which I don’t want to indulge in”.

youngsters at a pub in Hyderabad; Their idea of fun, hanging out with like-minded people!

Youngsters at a pub in Hyderabad; Their idea of fun, hanging out with like-minded people! Credit: Azazel Eyes

Introduction of a Dress-code at colleges with a claim, ‘to remember our culture and tradition’, is another pain for young men and women. When asked about how well introduction of a dress code at university level is justified, 13 among 20 students said that they would hate looking stereo-typical. While the remaining 7 opined that it would be easier to choose what to wear. “When we are at school, we are all almost similar, though not 100% alike. Putting us in clothes of the same kind, is probably justified because as kids, we shouldn’t worry about our choices so much and be troublesome to our parents. But once we are grown up, we are all different individuals, and so is our choice of clothes. If we are forced into uniforms even at this stage what is the system trying to achieve? A stack of copies of what they consider ideal? What do they achieve, a better culture of a bunch of dumb asses?” questions Chandu of NMR Engg. college, which holds a system of uniform clothes for engineering students, in the name of equality and culture. One thing remains a fact, whether students detest it for a lack of style, or for the force that is used to impose them… there is surely no one, who likes to wear uniforms, excepting lazy lateefs!

It doesn’t end there. We keep seeing our parents enjoying quite a few newer tracks still complaining, “Music in our days was golden!” They enjoy every form of Indian Food, but “the Pizza tastes aweful…”, though they’ve never tasted one. It isn’t whether they change their tastes to suit novel varieties or no. It is not that we want parents to keep eating Pasta every morning. But, it also isn’t justified if they say no food is better than Dal-Makhani!

“What THEY consider IDEAL”… these are the words that most youngsters scream aloud when asked about what are the difficulties they face as a result of the generation gap they experience. “Who is anyone to decide what is right or wrong in culture. If they think pre-marital sex is bad, let them think it is. They don’t have to impose it on us. By what right?” exclaims Vijay, a student of Gokaraju Rangaraju College of engineering. While Reema Satyam, a final year student of Mallareddy College says, “Premarital Sex or otherwise is absolutely the choice and liberty of the people involved. I believe such people are not sinners atleast, although I may not indulge in any such thing. My idea of marriage and sex is quite different”.

Surprisingly, 14 out of 20 students surveyed upon, expressed that the taboo on pre-marital sex isn’t greatly justified, and 5 of them admitted that they wouldn’t mind if their partners in marriage had had a sex-life before marriage. And, 17 of 20 were sure their parents would kick their butts if they got to know of their ideas. We also enquired people about their night-lives, and a disappointing 14 of 20 spoke of not having any night life at all. While some of them do not want to bother asking parents for permission, the others do not have an active pubbing- circle of friends. Hence, the results. The remaining 6 are socially active and enjoy dancing and drinking. “It is fun to meet like minded people. 50% of this world might consider me a weirdo, but 50% of it does know why I am one! I enjoy social drinking and hookah-ing. My parents don’t totally agree with it, but they trust that I know where to stop. Also, drunken-driving being very dangerous, elders insist that drinking is bad”, says Nikhil Kumar. Considering the (assumed / actual) restrictions of parents, it does seem the low percentage of students having an active party-culture is self-explanatory.

The other way round; in picture is Biel... an Ethiopian student in India. Loves Indian food just because he loves it! ;-)

The other way round; in picture is Biel, an Ethiopian student in India. Loves Indian food just because he loves it! ;-) Credit: Azazel Eyes

But then, inspite of all these differences and imbalances, Hyderabad seems to have some of the most rocking parties and dance pubs. “Young generation of Hyderabad do have lively places to visit. I would say night-life is rather welcoming and thrilling in Hyderabad,” says Kushal Teja, a young IT professional. “It is not a question of whether one adopts western culture from Indian or no. It is not a mere implication of a change in the wardrobe or eating habits. It is a struggle of modernism against age-old fanaticism that objects any change. It is a battle of change against destructive stillness of the mind. It is not whether one listens to rock bands of Indian classics, it is about how well they do what they want to do, and in turn allow the rest in peace of their own choices,” says Priyanka, a student of MVSREC.

Well, this is how the growing young population of Hyderabad is taking the change in its culture and getting on with new standards in life. Live and Let live; they are willing to… but what they expect to get in return for their favour ins’t half as interesting. Some of them plan to handle life this way for a while, before they get their own jobs and fly their own heights. And Trust us, the results would be worth the wait! ;-)

And if you ever thought, you were alone in the struggle against native-culture, trying to open-up, mingle and learn new lifestyles… see the last picture for the surprise of your life!

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2 Responses to “Culture, Change and Civilization”

  1. blabberbullet says:

    hey azazel eyes nice work but i beg to disagree.In this age where we are invariably dependent on many people,without the guidance from somebody who has seen the world a lot more than we have,we would be going nowhere. Well, new lifestyles,atleast health wise aren’t doing anything good to us.

  2. BeyondBoundaries says:

    I agree with blabberbullet, but I also agree that I can’t break the habit!

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