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After being the most interesting ‘fodder’ for media and an inseparable part of the deepest desires of several young women, the size zero fever finally seems to be done to death and healthier, more proportionate sizes are back in vogue. Size zero is passé and Gen-Y seems to echo the same.

During its period of existence, the size zero fever managed to create quite a stir but still didn’t go down well with many. “I was not for this size zero thingy ‘coz I was never interested to get into my niece’s clothes”, quips Tannavi, a student of Bhavans. Talking about the hype surrounding size zero she adds, “Most of the things are hyped these days. Be it Genelia’s tic toc clips in Jaane tu Ya Jaane na or Victoria Beckham and Kareena flaunting size zero. C’mon lets face it, whatever these celebs do becomes the ‘in’ thing”.

Size zero received a lot of negative publicity for being synonymous with the likes of anorexia, starvation and obsession but some still feel it is very much prevalent but is known in much basic terms. “The term ‘size zero’ has not sunk in, but the concept of thin, anorexic looking figures definitely exists. Just look around for proof!” says Nivedita , a student of St. Francis College.

Size zero? Who cares?  Credits: Miss Tick

Size zero? Who cares? Credits: Miss Tick

Whether its size zero, Aamir Khan’s 8 pack abs or Shahrukh’s 6 pack abs , fitness fads seem to have lifetime of a bubble but apart from the media the others, who have benefited immensely from these fads are undoubtedly the gym owners, nutritionists and fitness instructors. With so many gyms mushrooming in the city it wouldn’t be very difficult to find a couple of them in your area boasting of high end equipments and expert instructors.

However, one cannot deny the positive impact of these fads. “I think its good in a way that people are at least making an effort to stay fit in the whole process”, says Rahul, an engineering student. Be it college goers, home makers or the working class, everyone seems to have succeeded in overcoming their inhibitions and choose a fitness regime that fits their bill (quite literally).

Also, most schools and colleges’ prospectus are incomplete without the mention of well-equipped gymnasiums. After all nothing beats working out in a place where students spend half of their day. “We started the gym last year and a whopping number of 200 students enrolled themselves for both group and individual training”, says Ms.Geeta, the fitness instructor in St. Francis College. “It’s all about identifying your body type and working on reducing the fat percentage in your body. Only if your weight becomes a disability, you should start worrying”, she elaborates.

The gym in St.Francis College Credits: Miss Tick

The gym in St.Francis College Credits: Miss Tick

Apart from gymming, people have found many interesting, fun ways to stay in shape. Salsa classes, kick boxing, martial arts and other related etceteras are gaining popularity like never before. Kravmaga, an Israeli form of martial art is becoming popular amongst the city youngsters. Indranil, a degree student and a Kravmaga enthusiast explains, “The best thing about Kravmaga is that it does not have any rigid set of rules unlike other martial art forms. Joining the classes have improved my stamina and fitness levels. I think its one of the best self-defense training one can take”.

Of course the good old morning walk / jogging trend have still not lost its appeal and why not when there are numerous reasons to support its likeability. “My friends often joked that I would turn ‘size -1’ if went for jogging (laughs) but I still decided to go regularly. The fresh air, the pleasant weather and the whole early morning setting was so inviting that I got addicted to it”, shares Minisha, who also feels the roads of cantonment area near Sainikpuri are tailor made for jogging.

Playing a sport too tops the list of favorite activities amongst youngsters. Soccer, basketball, cricket and badminton are very much in. “I take out time to play a match of soccer or basketball with my friends at least on weekends. There’s nothing like playing a sport. Its fun, de-stressing and always makes up for the junk I feed my body with”, says Rohit with a smile.

Whatever be your choice, the bottom line is , fitness fads will come and go but a balanced diet, exercise and being slim will never lose its importance and ‘Before and After’ pictures will continue to lure many.

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