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The ineffable smell when the first drop of rain falls on mud transports everyone to a new place altogether from where one doesn’t like to come back to this mundane world. It is that time of the year when the drizzle slowly drenches Hyderabadis and makes them desire for more. The dark clouds take over the blue sky and fill some with delight and some with annoyance. “Ah! If only I could stand forever under that rain; or snuggle up inside my home watching the rain, sipping hot coffee. Even better are mom’s hot hot pakodas and bajjis”, says Pushyami, a student of GRIET.

The monsoons are here and as always, they not just bring the water with them but a host of things. While for some it means more shopping, for some it means a ‘dirty’ match of soccer with friends. The monsoons excite the ‘couples’ as no one else for a plethora of reasons. But the bikers have a tough time this season. Monsoons are unfortunately always accompanied by the reopening of schools and colleges. We find out what everyone is looking forward to, in this rainy season.

The dark clouds taking over the sky. Credit: Sir Caustic

The dark clouds, bespeaking the arrival of rain. Credit: Sir Caustic

The reason this season is so popular may partly be due to the fact that it is a very romantic season, mainly for the lovers. All around in town at cafés and coffee shops  one can see couples cozying up to each other and just looking into each others’ eyes, oblivious of their surroundings and this rain is a huge catalyst in that love. Monsoon is unarguably a romantic season; romance in a universal way of looking at life sprouting again. What makes it all the more special and important is its arrival after the wearying summer. Mani from MJCET says tht he just loves monsoons and awaits them as it is the season of fun, frolic and love which reinforces the romantic factor in the season.

“I still cherish those childhood days of mine when we all friends or cousins used to jump on the terrace with cousins or friends, during the rains. Though the age is long gone, but those memories are still alive”, says a nostalgic Prajwal, a student of Narayana Junior College. Images in the mind about monsoons are filled with colored raincoats and even more colorful umbrellas. Occasionally there is also a frog jumping along on the road. When asked about the monsoons, Akram from CBIT says that he associates it with the re-opening of college. He adds, “I hate getting wet while going to college but I don’t mind it  when I’m returning home. But the one thing I love about the rains is that I can play football with my friends and have fun”.

No one can deny that it is at this time of the year that the air is so fresh and free of pollution after a rainfall. The city looks green everywhere you go. A lot of people will agree that one of the best places to get drenched at or just look at the rain would be ‘apna’ necklace road. With the Buddha statue in middle of the cool Tank Bund, and the waves moving so beautifully, no one can stop looking at the pelting rain and the very beautiful Hussain Sagar. Says Delsy from MVSR, “This is definitely the best experience of getting wet and I don’t even mind it!” The whole necklace road and people’s plaza is a very picturesque place to be at when it is raining. People swear by the “butta” and the food at eat street as a plus to the rain!!!

A soiled tyre, after travelling through the muddy roads. Credit: Sir Caustic

A soiled tyre, after travelling through the muddy roads. Credit: Sir Caustic

Monsoons are probably the messiest of seasons. Harrowing moms have to wash off the stains of their kids’ merriment in the rain. Puddles of murky water are found everywhere. Not to mention, our city roads which are already in a bad state. The rains only make them worse adding to the traffic woes of the people. Bikers are the most affected as dirty muddy water gets splashed on them while driving in the traffic, so they need o be extra careful about driving during this season. The roads also get a lot slippery and bikes can even skid if not driven properly. And early morning rush to workplace, tackling the puddles is quite a task. But the rains are also the perfect excuse for not going to college. Many a student give the excuse of rains as the reason of not being able to reach in time or not go to college at all that day!

As the mixed bag of reactions continues about monsoons, it is indisputably the only season when even adults can turn back into children without any qualms and get dirty in the rain. Swathi, a self confessed introvert (from VNR) tells us that it is during the rainy season that she enjoys as she loves the weather and everything else about the monsoons. It is the only time that she morphs into extrovert nature and pulls her friends into the rain!

Though the monsoon is just one of the four seasons, it is the favorite of many. It is undeniably that time of the year when the city looks its best and people are always smiling and enjoying the weather. People long for the arrival of monsoons and when they do, the entire city lights up and grooves to the rain.

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