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Teen girls are so susceptible to messages about weight-loss and ‘Die’ting. Magazine headlines entice teenage girls with the promises like, “Get the body you want!” or “Hit your dream weight now!” It did not seem to matter whether the girls were overweight when they started reading about weight loss, nor whether they considered their weight important.

The most effective way for a teen to lose weight is to go on a diet. Unfortunately, the definition of a diet for some is so extreme that the person would rather starve to achieve the desired results. To Simran a graduate, “The word diet immediately conjures images of deprivation and hunger”. Dieting is an often misunderstood word and that is partially because it can take on many meanings. There are few, who equate going on a diet with some form of torture. And others consider a diet, their means for a happier life and Daily Intake of Essential Tonics.

Most girls probably don’t even give much consideration to their habits until they realize they are struggling to fit into their clothes or their health begins to suffer. Surely though, it is better for individuals to get on top of their eating habits before they gain weight, rather than simply using diet to fix the problem once it has already become established. Seventeen -year-old Maya Rao says, “I envy Deepika Padukone’s physique and would like to achieve a body like hers by several diet control programs, which I usually read in the newspapers”.

Niharika, a dietitian says, “Cutting down the food intake will not make the teen lose weight. The best combination for any diet plan is exercise. It may involve walking or jogging a few miles a day to engaging in a sport or yoga is finest form of stretching, which keeps our muscles flexible”. Quite a few girls turn to vegetarian diets in their mid or late teens. As a way of eating, vegetarianism has a lot to recommend it. Ragini says, “I am a vegetarian and I am extremely particular about hygiene. My diet mantra is very simple-small meals that are spaced across the day. I never count calories that I intake and just follow a healthy diet”. Radha, a  graduate says, “I don’t believe in diet and I drink for  about 3 litres of water everyday which is absolutely calorie-free to clean my internal system and at least 40 minutes of brisk walking is must to burn those extra calories this is how I maintain my weight constant”.

A common-sense approach to staying healthy means that people have to eat a balanced diet and eat on a regular basis. They also need to monitor the number of calories they consume in relation to the number they use. It is also important to consider where those calories come from. There are people, who stay slim, as they practice calorie control, but still eat a poor diet consisting of too much junk food packed-full of salt, sugar, and fat. It is therefore wise for individuals to avoid junk food, or at least limit the amount they eat. Eating junk food as an occasional ‘treat’ is fine, but when it makes up the majority of a person’s diet it is not doing their health any favors.

girls intaking calories while hanging out

Girls hanging out eating junk food

Ultimately, weight gain and loss is governed by people’s approach towards calorie control. Individuals, who give little consideration to the number of calories they consume are more likely to end up struggling with their weight compared to those, who adjust their calorie consumption according to their needs. Some people find reducing the number of calories consumed difficult when they are trying to lose weight, since it not only means eating the right kind of food, but also less of it. Portion control can be difficult to put into practice for people, who are used to eating large quantities of food. It is essential though, for those, who want to lose or maintain their weight by doing some physical exercises everyday and burning the extra calories that they intake.

A common-sense approach to staying healthy requires individuals to establish what they want to achieve and to find what the best way of achieving it, is for them, since everybody has different health and fitness goals and their own ways of reaching them.

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