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Abuse of abusive language

“Where the hell do you think you are going?” Aditya snorted through gritted teeth to his friend Vineeth, who was 10 meters away. Vineeth replied, cool as ice candy, “I am going f***ing no where. And how does it bother you?  You dumb ass”. Listening to this, Aditya growled. It was so loud that one could mistake it for a bomb explosion. Welcome to the new age India!

The Youngistaan, where verbal abuse has become part and parcel of biological systems. The favorite pastime for a fifth grader in any of the urban schools is to find from his friend new ‘words to use’ that have been posted most recently on the internet. That, which starts as a new found hobby, grows in multitudinous proportions and by the time this boy reaches university level, becomes a part of every vernacular sentence he speaks.

Flipping to the other side of the coin, one cannot help but notice the high stress levels in the present day education system, which has had profound effects on the persona of students, speech included. As Prathyush Kulkarni, a student of BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad campus rightly argues, “In our college, the competition is so high and cut throat, that frustration is bound to creep in. The easiest way to beat this is to speak and act in a manner that the society at large does not accept. Also, ours being a hostel, there are no parents to spy or check on us, making the use of abusive language all the more easier”. Kishore, from NIT Warangal seconds this. As he puts it, “It is completely agreeable that use of abusive language in normal circumstances is not right, but WHOSE fault is it, anyway? The trend started by a few, catches up like a contagious disease. A disease that can seldom be cured.”

Many students, however, point out that while the usage of such language may not have any negative effects on the user, it disturbs the general social environment. As Timsi, who was born and brought up in a conservative house hold in Delhi says, “The very sound of some words gives goose bumps to many. So how can the use of such language in public places be taken for granted?” To this Rajitha of St. Francis retorts, “Language used is as involuntary as our senses. Once developed, one has absolutely no control over it. So when un-parliamentary things are said in public, it is just the spur of the moment. Please don’t read anything into this”.

Credit: Blabber bullet

Credit: Blabber bullet

A section of the youth rightly point out the influence of rock music, wrestling matches on television and peer pressure as factors that add up to this trend. Kishore adds, “Irrespective of the cause, the reason that such a trend persists is because the perfect intensity of the emotion can be portrayed  only with the ‘right kind of words’. And the right kind of words, irrevocably include verbal abuse. Also irrespective of the denial, the soothing feeling that accompanies the use of such words cannot be ignored”.

What has to be added is that while in the west, where this entire culture originated people are looking towards other milder ways of living, the youth here are still happy leading the same life. Sangeetha, who is pursuing MBBS says, “Maybe this trend will not persist. May be it will pass like a passing cloud. But as long as it persists, we have to accept it – maybe even with a pinch of salt. There can be no beating around the bush”.

Therefore, after these varied opinions, to reach a zone of conclusion seems as a herculean task. But on one aspect, none would disagree. That being, the freedom that youth have today, which invariably transcends into language that can be used, cannot be taken for a ride, whatever may be the circumstances.

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